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Friday, May 11, 2012

Funny Foto Friday: Mother's Day

With mother’s day around the corner, dads everywhere are scrambling to figure out exactly what the kids will ‘get’ mom for the big day.  I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve (pine tree scented candle anyone?? Dipping my kid's hands in paint and putting them on.....ANYTHING??).  Fortunately for both myself and my son, my wife just wants a day to herself.  That, I can accommodate for sure.

So, in the spirit of mother’s day, here are a few funny pictures to help get dad’s creative juices flowing. Happy Friday!

The look of pride on this guy's face is AWESOME

Can't DAD drink too?? (Actually, I do indeed prefer gifts in liquid form)

So, while mom is out on her "day of mom" my son and I will be hanging around doing things that guys do.....

Living dangerously with my son while mom is out doing stuff
No clue what we were watching, I'm sure Mickey Mouse....

Finally, I'm not sure if this video will work, but here is a quick one that I took of my son "playing" on a lawn mower at my dad's house while we were back in Iowa. That is my voice that you hear and my dad making lawn mower sounds.

Obviously it wasn't ON, so no need for child protective services yet.  Well, maybe after you watch the video (with sound) you'll disagree.  Happy Friday!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Funny Foto Friday: Sleeping Baby = Kick to the Face

I recently ran across the website that is a collection of hilarious, witty, and I'll be darned if it isn't useful information for and about Dads.  So, while females/moms have the runner-mommy, blog her, stroller moms, etc etc etc....we've got this.

In a series of recent posts, they posted what it is like to sleep with a baby.  We've only done it once for an hour or so when I was too tired to drag my ass out of the bed, but my son seeded to bounce back and forth between RoundHouse Kick and "the stalker".  Ugh.  Happy Friday!

Bonus!  Along the same baby lines.....  I just found this one hilarious. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Running Year In Review

Before I look back at 2011, I want to schlep a few things point you to a few awesome things to make sure you've seen.

First, my virtual race is still on!  Check out this post for the details, but basically if you're a runner you should be running 3.1 miles on January 28th.
Also, check out my previous post and ask elite marathoner Trisha Miller some good questions! I've had a lot on twitter, but the blog peeps are slacking.

2011?  Success!!  I kept my son alive. Parenting, for the win!

I like looking back at the years gone by.  If you don't look in the rear view mirror once in a while, you never know if you're about to back through the closed garage door. The past is there to help us to not make the same mistakes twice (or three times, or four times).  So here is a look back at my original goals and where I ended up!

2011 by the numbers:
Miles ran: 2,277
Marathon states added: 3 (Oklahoma, Iowa, Georgia)
PRs set: 3 (Marathon - 3:19, Half marathon - 1:29, 4 mile - 24:58)
Running shoes used: 7 pairs

Run a 3:15 marathon Grade: C- (Ran a 3:19)
This was probably my number one goal for 2011.  In an effort to hit this goal, I nearly doubled my mileage, sacrificed running races and sacrificed too many other things than I'd like to count (Read: the layer of skin between my thighs).  I had previously been working towards a sub 3:20 and decided to skip past it and just run 3:15 instead.  The result? 3:20 and a 4 minute PR.  So, I'm getting faster, but not quite fast enough to head to Boston and lick the street where the finish line is painted.
Even my son was exhausted at the thought of a 3:15

Make one attempt at a 3:10 marathon.  Grade: B+ (Tried once)
Did it! I tried in Savannah. Although, Yoda would say that trying is bullshit (I think that is a direct quote), but like I said in my goals post, unless you put yourself out there you'll never do it.  So, even though this was almost an "automatic" goal, I still like having goals that say that I will at least TRY to do something.
I'm running AND racing!

Run a sub 18:10 5K. Grade: D- (Didn't even THINK about this goal)
FAIL!!!!  Complete FAIL.  I didn't focus on the 5K distance, I didn't even TRY for a 18:XX time.  Although, I suppose I did run a 4 mile race in 6:15 pace, when it was 80 degrees out.  I think that is one of the few things that kept this one out of the F range.
Ughhhhhhh.  Soooooo sticky

Do some form of core work after EVERY training run. Grade: F- (Nope)
FAIL!!!  I don't even think I did this for a week.  I don't even have a good excuse.  Can I blame this one on politics?  It is probably the 99% fault.
Ummpa, loompa FAIL

Volunteer for at least one race. Grade: One of those crappy participation ribbons (Maybe??)
Did I do this?  I can't really remember volunteering for a race - but I did host two real races and two virtual races - so that has to count for something, right?
I received a LOT of those in elementary school track

Eat healthier. Grade: A+! (Success!!  I did it!)
Finally!!!  A goal that I knocked out of the park.  While I certainly still eat like a 30 year old guy, I made a specific effort to make sure that all 3500 calories that I ate a day were MOSTLY healthy.  But, let's be honest, when I'm eating that much, I'm not eating 3500 calories of kale.
At least cake doesn't make you fart

Monday, November 21, 2011

1000th post: A look back and a giveaway!

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another. - Walter Elliott

Alternate post title: “A Narcissistic Celebration of Me!”

As I press “publish”, this will be my 1000th post on this little blog that I started in October of 2007.  (Well, sort of. It is actually 1,004 but I don’t think that those 4 “tabs” should count)  When I started, I didn’t set out to create a website that has certainly become a part of me.  I like to think of my blog like a tapeworm.  Every so often I have to feed it or else I shrivel up and die.  But, in spite of my intentions - much like the Walter Elliott quote above, I didn’t write 1000 posts at a time.  I wrote each and every innuendo laden, toilet humor, irreverent post one at a time.  And here is a look back.

My blog started out as a collection of random thoughts that I had during my travels as a out of town management consultant.  The blog honestly didn’t have a focus, nor an audience for the first 2.5 years.  In fact, the tagline of the blog was “I am Boring: But if you are reading this, so are you!”.  The old URL (still active) was  It represented my first name: Adam, my last initial: R, and my alma mater: Iowa State University.  I’d post about things I saw in the airport, or things that were going on in my life, and (even back then in those formative years) I’d blog about my running.  For example, here is a post within the first few months of my blog that talks about my training for my second marathon in Olathe, KS:

…..I am in week two of the training. So far it has been going pretty well. The interesting thing is that I am trying to pick up my speed. I ran the previous race with a pace of 9:07 min miles. I would LIKE to pick that up to around 8:00 min miles. We'll see how that goes - I have been able to do it for 6 miles so far, but I was pretty gassed at the end. Ironically, the issue isn't that I don't think that I can't do it, it is just that I am having a hard time getting my internal speedometer set to 8:00. I may just have to get a good treadmill after all.

As my life evolved, so did my blog.  It went from nearly all personal posts to posts that were 50% personal, 50% running.  I’d post HORRIBLY boring posts about each and every run that I did.  Not surprisingly, no one read them. June 17, 2008 a post titled 6/17 Run.  Snooooooze.

Switching to morning runs. They are much cooler while being much more humid (due to the cool moist air). Overall I had an OK run - 8:17 min pace, which is actually a bit faster than I wanted to go. I would have liked to stay a bit slower than that to give myself time to rest up. I'm going to try extra hard to take it easy on the Thursday run - which is another 3 miles. Gosh, I never thought that I would have to keep myself from running TOO fast......still very early I suppose.

Those horribly dry posts morphed into what my blog has now become:

The extra 7% is due to the fact that “candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker”
Bonus points if you know what movie that is from

So, what horribly dry running posts couldn't capture, butterscotch ripple does.  Now I post about whatever is on top of my mind.  Sometimes that is running, other times it is about annoying things that I see around me, and more recently it is about family and how it is forever changing my life.  In short, my blog has morphed into what my life has become. An internal struggle to wear pants as little as possible. That is, it only has a few very selected filters and is a reflection of what I am doing - or rather what I am doing that I want to remember.

With that, I thought that I'd pull out a few favorite posts, Oprah style, answer some of the top questions I get asked, and give away some of my favorite shoes.   They're not even used!  My readers are soooo lucky....

Top 5 favorite posts: (Actually, 6) 
I’m a dad!    The first post after my son was born.  Why didn’t everyone tell me that having a son would change every aspect of my life?  Oh right, they did……. And I didn’t believe them.  Dang.  Next some moron will tell me that the edge of the world isn't on the horizon.  Idiots.

ABC easy as MEME  Most fit-fluential award, mommy top blogger, sugar on top award. . . . There is seriously not an internet meme that I have seen that I haven’t liked.  If you’re looking for someone to tag (and link back) tag me and email me!!

Mcmillian Race Calculator: Boston Marathon edition:  Just when I thought that a 3:10 marathon was within my reach, Boston changes it to 3:05.  Bastards.  Whatever, their race, their rules, my obsession.

Operation GYAMA:  During the Rock and Roll New Orleans marathon, I strained a ligament in my foot which put me out of action for 6 weeks.  This post was ALL about not using my foot as an excuse and getting in whatever workout I could.  Get Your Ass Moving Anyway.  GYAMA.

Bikram Yoga:  Hot, sweaty, sultry, bendy, yoga.  I literally sweat’d enough to wring out my towel – and I have the pictures to prove it.

Fitness Magazine:  If there is one post that I go back to and laugh at, it is this one.  I actually still get Fitness Magazine.

Top 5 questions I’m asked about my blog:
Where do you get the ideas for posts?
Most people THINK that it is on my runs. It isn't though - anything that I think about while running I always forget.  So, I normally try to think about as little as possible while I run.  Most of my really good blog posts come while in the shower.

How long does a post take to write?
Ugh, I swear to god THIS post has taken hours....  Normally a post takes around an hour by the time I steal find all of the random pictures online, etc.  The one thing that most people get wrong is that they think I go back and add all of the strike throughs and "that's what she saids" after the fact. I usually just sit down and start typing and they flow out of my brain like everything else.

Who takes all of those pictures of you on your blog? (and then after finding out it is my wife) HOW do you actually convince her to take them?!
My wife takes 75% of the pictures that are posted of me on my blog.  Just like in our marriage, I've used repetition and bribery to get her to take the pictures that I couldn't figure out how to take with the self timer. "Come on, just take my picture and we can go to your crappy girl movie tonight"

I have a blog/tumbler/twitter/facebook fan page, how do I get more readers?
You want the truth?  The REAL truth!? There are two options here (as I see it).
Option #1: Dive in heads first.  Be that guy/girl that posts 3x a day, updates twitter every 10 minutes, and most importantly comment on other people's blog's / twitter.  How are people going to find you if they don't know who you are?  Honestly, I've seen VERY popular blogs that are VERY uninspiring/boring with huge followings.  The above is the only think that I can think that got them there.  Oh, giveaways don't hurt either (see below!)
Option #2: This may sound horribly simplistic, but write/tweet/post what interests you.  There are at least 12 (maybe 13) people who are on the internet.  Odds are if you are interested in something then someone else is interested in it as well.  Don't try to be all things to all people, focus on a niche and milk it for all it is worth.  (This is the option that I'd like to think that I used. I used the irreverent blogger, but VERY serious runner route.  Yeah, I like to have fun and mock things on my blog, but I also run my tempo runs balls out, ran 70 miles per week twice during my last training cycle, and have ran 14 marathons.  So, there is that.)

Why is it called The Boring Runner?
Simple.  Because running is horribly HORRIBLY boring.  Seriously, think about it from a non-runner's perspective.  It is honestly just falling forwards very quickly  Left, right, left, right... over and over.  Basically, this blog is my attempt at proving (to no one in particular) that you can indeed talk about something that is simple and make it interesting.

A few Injuries:
I was recently chatting with a friend who was amazed at finding out that I was previously a very VERY injury prone runner.  I ran my slow runs too fast and ran through wayy too much pain.  I did a 10 min search on my blog and was able to find just a few examples of the issues I've had.  Honestly, I just didn't want to read through any more of those dull daily run reports - there are LOTS more out there!

As promised, as a thank you for getting this far, I'm going to give away (completely self funded, non-swag, I have no ties to Brooks what so ever) not one but TWO pairs of my favorite brand of shoe ever.  BROOKS!

There are a few running brands that I am loyal to, and Brooks shoes is one of them.  Here is an example of what I mean to the right.  I took this picture of my closet 10 minutes ago.  Right now, I have no fewer than 8 boxes of Brooks shoes.

I know what you're thinking...  "Blah blah blah, how do I win??"  Well, HERE is how!  Multiple ways to win, just post a comment for each way you enter. (What would a giveaway be without some WORK)

  • Follow my blog +1
  • Follow me on twitter +1
  • Post about my 1000th post on your blog, twitter, facebook, etc +however many you want.  If you post it on twitter - make sure to tag me @TheBoringRunner
  • Let me know what your favorite part of ANY running blog. Mine, someone else's, whatever! +1
I'll pick a winner from all entries collected through Sunday Nov 27th.

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "press on" has solved, and always will solve, the problems of the human race -Calvin Coolidge.  

With that, I’m not sure what my blog has solved, but I’m willing to take the next 1,000 posts to trying to solve something.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Babies are like inmates

Since I'm still getting back up to speed with my running, I thought I'd venture into "dad life" a bit....

In the States, there is a show on the normally financial geared cable network MSNBC called “Lockup”.  During the show they send (what I imagine is a group of film school interns) a film crew to a prison and capture what it is like to be an inmate.  I’m not sure what prison has to do with the stock market, but I don’t ask questions.  **cough** Ponzi Scheme **cough**  As sure as I am addicted to putting energy gel on pancakes, I am addicted to this show. They tell stories of gangs, toilet brewed wine, and shanks.  Lots and lots of shanks.

You see, inmates have 23 hours a day to think of essentially 3 things:

  • If I was to have sex with the dude who wants everyone to call him Jamie instead of James, would my wife find out?
  • I swear to god, when I get out of here, I’m going to kill the guy that ratted me out.
  • How do I convert this toothbrush/mattress/toilet paper tube into a shank and stab “Jamie” for giving me the herps.

As I was watching my son crawl, walk, and stumble his way to chew on my laptop’s power cord (stopped him before he got it. . . . over and over and over again), I thought to myself: Being a baby must be a LOT like being an inmate.  Every single second is spent towards one purpose: trying to devise a way to stick something in your mouth.

When you think about it, babies DO spend essentially every waking moment either eating, pooping, or devising ways to stick stuff into their mouth.  When he’s not being tossed into the air by me, my son is sucking on whatever is close by.  I’ve been told that “babies explore with their mouths” so this is a totally normal thing to have happening.  All that I know is that if my son tries to put the remote control in his mouth one more time while I’m trying to change the channel away from Judge Judy, all hell is going to break loose.

For that matter, the longer I am a father, the more I’m finding that my responsiblities essentiallly fall into four categories: Roof over head, food in belly, try to teach him something, and make sure he doesn’t kill himself.  It is almost like I am a prison warden.  The little guy screams, I tell him to shush.  My wife and I schedule his meals and get frustrated when he doesn’t eat.  We even have a “lights out” time.  I think that I’m going to have to grow a pot belly and have everyone start calling me “Boss Hog”.

But, at the end of the day I love my son and I wouldn’t trade being his “warden” for anything.  That is until he starts brewing wine in the toliet.  Then all deals are off.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winner, Werk, and How I Missed my Race...almost

I’m alive!!  In spite of what many people have thought, I did not die of herpes an acute case of taperits, instead I’ve been horribly horribly busy…..

Winner winner!!
The winner of the FinishSafe ID is: Kelly @ A Journey to a Better Me! (I’ll spare you from the screenshot of the random number generator.)  Shoot me and email and I'll get it mailed to you.  Now, I know that there was a collective groan / slam fist on the desk at even the thought that you didn’t win the contest.  However, what is the one thing that is better than a way to notify your love ones when you get hit by a car?  A free Back To the Future Delorean!  Of COURSE!

Best. Picture. Ever.
FinishSafe is giving Olympic hopeful Jeffrey Eggleston a DeLorean DMC-12 (the "Back to the Future" car).  If you are a registered FinishSafe customer and you beat Jeffrey at the Lost Dutchmen Marathon (in the Phoenix area) on 2/19 next year, the car is yours.  If Jeffrey is the first FinishSafe customer to cross the finish line, then his car will be raffled off among EVERY FinishSafe customer who entered this contest!  So, you’re basically wasting time reading this if you want to win a sweet sweet back to the future car. Go enter here!

Race Day Date Mixup
Do you remember that race that I’ve been training 6 months for?  The race that I’ve canceled running other races for?  Ran 70 miles per week for?  I about missed the F’ing thing!!  Rock and Roll races are 95% on Sunday.  That gives them the opportunity to have the expo on Friday and Saturday, have lots of time to prepare, etc.  Well, not in Georgia.  Thank god I received a facebook message from the GeorgiaSnail telling me about the Weather on Saturday.  I honestly can’t make this stuff up.  Check out the messages:

I know I’ve said before, but during the workday, I’m an IT consultant.  Basically what that means is that I run around screaming things like “synergies!” and “value add!” and then proceed to make a power point presentation that contains 80 slides with lots of pictures. (For the “office” people who read my blog, that line above was Hil-arious)  As you can tell from my 4 day blog hiatus, I’ve been BUSY at work. I’ve taken on another client that is taking on a lot of my “free” time. You know, the time between 2am and 4am that I "wasted" sleeping before.

For the first time in many years, I wasn’t able to put together my own Halloween costume. (Previous years have included Napoleon Dynamite, Super Mario Brothers, and the Oxy Clean guy)  For that matter, I didn’t even get to see any “sexy” witch/hobo/vampires.  One might think that Halloween was all but wasted!  But, wait! We did dress up my little man in a giraffe costume. (What sound does a giraffe make?  I was telling him that it makes a sound very similar to a sick or dying elephant)  Fortunately for you, there are two things they teach you in parenting prep classes:

  • You will get pooped on. Some of it might even get in your mouth at one point.  Just deal with it
  • Make sure to shove pictures of your kid down everyone’s throat at any and every given opportunity.  People will smile and say “cute”, and it never gets old

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Intervals with Adam: 1000th post, 25,000 calories, and kiddo updates

Last week of build
This week is my last week of ultra high mileage for the Rock and Roll Savannah marathon.  Starting next week I’m officially tapering, drinking hand sanitizer, and eventually **gasp** giving up beer/wine for the last week.  6 months or so ago, I made the very deliberate decision to pull back on my racing and focus on ONE fall race.  Quite frankly, I’m more than a little scared about having no excuses for a perfect race on November 6th.

1000th Post
This post will be my 989th published post.  Ever since those crazy Romans (in-between decimating most of the discovered world) invented the decimal (10 based) number system, we’ve been obsessed with everything that has a lot of zeros.  So, in celebration of my extreme case of literary diarrhea, I’d like to do a BIG (self funded) giveaway.  The hitch?  I have no clue what to offer up.  Shoes?  Garmins? Race Entries?  Those seem to be some of the most popular ideas that I have in my head.  LET ME KNOW what you’d like to win.  Everyone needs shoes – does anyone need a Garmin?  A spring race entry would be nice, but it almost seems a bit like a gift card (which I am not a fan of).  Based on my post frequency I have two weeks or so to figure it out…… let me know!

23,000-25,000 calories
I was chatting with RunningLaur about food and realized that I eat a LOT.  I had never done the math before, but when I am running 70 miles/week I have to eat somewhere around 23,000 to 25,000 calories/week.  And that is just to maintain my schvelt gaunt 150 pounds.  I’m going to do a pictorial “day in the life” of my pie-hole, but I’m thinking about experimenting with just eating them all in two sittings.  I could turn myself into a food camel!

Kid pics!
Finally, a quick update on my kiddo. (Read: Unapologetic picture posting) He is crawling at approximately a 21:00 pace and pushes around chairs, end tables, and anything else that is not strapped down.  This means that we have to be on our TOES!  No sooner do I turn around that he is standing next to the toilet smacking the lid or is trying to tip over my glass of beer water.  We recently went to a pumpkin patch and let him touch all of the farm animals.  Well, not ALL of the animals.  He continued to try to touch the pigs covered in manure.  I decided that it probably wasn’t the best idea.  Feel free to email me your father of the year awards.

People always call me the other end of the horse.....

Cow says MOOO

Mom and baby on the hayride

All of the "do not climb on fence" signs were for everyone ELSE, not us


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Too Pregnant To Run a Marathon?

I want to start out this post by saying that, even though the meanies in elementary school thought otherwise, I do not have a uterus.  I have never, nor do I ever want to (because I would die), give birth.  In fact, I feel so strongly about this, I even took a picture in the bathroom proving that there was no uterus present:

Not the picture you were expecting?

First, I would be remiss in mentioning a KILLER run that I had today.  I had 11 miles on the schedule with 6x1200 at 5K pace.  I NAILED them with overall pace of the fast sections being 5:58/mile.  If I could replicate runs like that I might never stop running, Forrest Gump style.  But, on the flip side, to show that I’m not trying to be boastful. . . . Monday, I ran 6 miles in the morning and about pooped my pants (had to "walk it off") and then 4 again at night which, while a fun family run, was at 45 seconds slower than goal pace.


Me at the 2008 Chicago marathon the only race that I have taken off my shirt and my personal worst marathon
Those nipple band-aids left tan lines that stayed there ALL winter.
The Chicago marathon was this past weekend.  Unlike so many other large marathons, I was able to watch the FREE live stream on my computer.  It was a hot day, but honestly how many years out of 10 can it be in the 80s and not be considered “normal” (They are working on 5 or 6 non consecutive years)?  There was a new course record on the Men’s side (2:05:37) and the second fastest women to run a marathon EVER (2:18:20).  Regrettably one man lost his life while running, oh and a woman ran while she was 39 weeks pregnant (for the guys – that is out of FOURTY weeks total!)

The story of the pregnant woman running has picked up not only social media steam, but also mainstream media steam – appearing on the Today show as well as many other news outlets.  Once she finished in 6 hr 25 min, having contractions from the start, she gave birth to a healthy baby seven hours later at 10pm the same night.  As you can imagine, the fact that she ran the race has been a bit polarizing.

Many have said that she is reckless at best and negligent at worst for stressing her body at such a late stage of gestation.  This seems to be the position of mainstream media.  Most article’s I’ve read and reports I’ve seen (because I am a news whore) have suggested that she is a crazy person, addicted to running.  Others have said that, since she had her doctors permission and took it twice as slow as normal, people are getting up in arms about something that was a slight risk at worst. Here is one of the many articles about the race, but here are the cliff notes facts:

  • Amber Miller is 27 years old
  • 8 marathons previously ran
  • 3:25 marathoner (7:45ish pace)
  • Had spoke with her doctor about the race, agreeing to a run 2, walk 2 strategy
  • Had ran 2 marathons previous to Sunday while pregnant

Like I said in the opening, I’m a guy and therefore have to defer to her doctor who gave her the thumbs up.  So, I guess it would seem fine to me.  That said, I think that I would be highly suspect if my wife tried to do it while THAT pregnant.  However, playing devil’s advocate, like many people said on twitter Michael Jackson’s doctor said some pretty bad things were okay – and I don’t think I even have to mention Octo-mom.  I think the real thing that bothers me is the negative vibe most of the news reports have.

What do you think?  Just because she COULD do it, SHOULD she have?  If 39 weeks is too pregnant, is 30 weeks ok?  What about 20?   

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Intervals with Adam

An irregular series of posts that focus on whatever is rolling around in my head – usually a bunch of bullets on what is or is not making me ‘regular’
Normally, I don’t think much while I am running. I kind of like it that way. A few hours a day to space off and think about. . . .boobs nothing. Today however, during my 15 mile run, I thought about a lot of things. For some reason though, I kept thinking about The Rock and Roll Savannah marathon and the Boston marathon. I have lots of naked pictures “can I qualify?” questions rolling around in my head. Believe me, if there is one thing to get you running faster, it is to think about how you have to run 26 miles at a 7:04 pace. My normal 8:00 miles became 7:00 miles before I could say ‘Bean Town’.

This past weekend I went on a hot air balloon ride – the present from my wife for turning 30. To answer the questions that I know you have in your head: Yes I spit off of the side, no I did not get naked, yes the balloon driver said people have gotten naked before, no I still am not convinced on whether to call him a “driver” or a “pilot”, and yes I did use it as an excuse to drink mimosas before 9am. More pictures to come shortly!

Having a child is terrifying. My son is attempting to stand up / walk but often times forgets that he really doesn’t know how. All day long he’ll prop himself up on things, let go, and come crashing down to the ground. Fortunately, he’s finally learned that falling backwards on his butt is much better than forwards on his face. The only issue is that I still don’t quite trust him so I am always within 4 feet of him at all times. Little guy has me wrapped around his finger already.

Finally, do you want to know the best part about running 15 miles on a Tuesday? Telling people that you ran 15 miles on a Tuesday. I think my neighbor about shat himself.  Let's be honest, that's the real reason I'm a runner.

Monday, August 8, 2011

RRCA Training Class Weekend

Like I mentioned on Friday, this past weekend, I flew to the wonderfully cool Minneapolis to become a Certified Running coach.  This was actually the first time I had traveled alone since the birth of my son a full 8 months ago.  (Cheesy dad moment – here is his 8 month picture.  I think my 361 month picture is still being developed – should have shot it via Polaroid)

For those of you new to my blog, for the last 7 years or so I used to travel full time Monday through Thursday.  It was different, but my wife and I both made it work for us.  After work, I read blogs and watched The History channel in the hotel and my wife watched Bachelor related shows and shows about housewives in various metro areas to her heart’s content.  There were downsides (no close friendships in the town I lived in, away from my wife) but there were advantages too (lots of frequent flier points, no pants whenever I wasn’t at work, “reunions” with my wife were great).

So, as I found myself in a hotel by myself again for the first time in a long time, I found that I quickly fell into my old habits.  I caught up on blogs / twitter and had a little wine:

Who am I kidding?  I mostly did this:

And I reaccustomed myself to passing out sleeping on a king sized bed by myself:

But, I soon realized that I didn’t travel half way across the country to pass out after drinking too much screw-top wine – I could do that at home! I needed to learn about coaching.

The class itself was split up into two full distinctly different days.  Day 1 was all about the bio mechanics, nutrition, coaching styles, and even a bit of psychology of helping people realize their potential.  It was all very interesting information – but it was all very theoretical in the sense that there was no pace talk, mileage talk, or even a hint of speedwork.  Almost like knowing how you brew beer.  Sure, really good info to know that it doesn’t come from the beer fairy, but doesn’t make it taste any better.

Day 2 was where all the action was. It was the shirts optional day! There we learned about creating training plans for different goals, proper training paces, and how to apply the fundamentals to various situations.  I was particularly interested to find out which “training philosophy” RRCA uses.  HIGH MILES.  Their underlying goal is to run lots of long miles in a base build period – peaking at 75 miles for advanced marathoners with no stepback weeks and only then layering on speedwork.  This is opposed to some of the other training philosophies such as Hal Hidgon’s 2 week build, 1 week stepback or Jack Daniels / Pete Pfitzinger’s “phased” approach.  Wow, running coach jargon FOR THE WIN!  Jeeze, feel free to ignore that last paragraph as uber technical mumbo jumbo.  Let it suffice to say that I had fun and learned a lot of great information that will supplement what I already knew.

Of course, Murphy’s Law says that you can’t get 30 runners together with at least a few of them knowing each other. Rebecca @ Thru Thin and Thick followed Lesley whom I coach, Matt @ SISU Runner somehow found me, and Ann from Sporty Girl Jewelry was there as well!  Unfortunately, we only all put this together the last day.

Overall the coaching certification course was a great experience and I would do it again.  It was great to see all of the various backgrounds of people: from fairly novice runners looking to make a career change, more experienced runners looking to gain an edge, and people looking to start children’s groups or even help coach high school track.  But, while we were all there for as many different reasons as there are to run in the first place, the drive was essentially the same: We all wanted to help others put one foot in front of the other.