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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Would You Rather: Perfume: Yes/No?

…..a semi-regular post series where I ask everyone what does this rash mean? what they are thinking about a particular running topic….

First, a bit of a follow up post about my “Blahs” and about my week of running.  Like I whined about during my last post, I am finally at the pinnacle of my training cycle.  This week I have 70 miles on the schedule, and I think that I might accidentally run 71 miles because I can’t read my own plan correctly and did one extra.  What that means is that: when I am not running, I’m eating like that little orphan boy Timmy at a Golden Coral buffet. “Why yes sir, I would like some more sliced roast beef”  (Didn’t he also play a cricket in the movie Pinocchio?)

What last weekend and the beginning of this week had in suckiness, my run this morning made up for in pure kick-ass’d-ness.  (I think I just invented a word!) I had 12 miles on the schedule with 7 at tempo pace of 6:45.  I was very nervous beforehand and actually tweeted (at 4:30am):

But, as you can see by my next tweet, I KILLED the run – exactly what I needed.  While I still am feeling a bit “blah”, a solid performance was all it took to brighten that light at the end of the tunnel.


During my tempo run this morning, I passed by a number of girls and even a few dudes either out peeping in the neighbor’s at 4am running or walking the dog.  As you might imagine, I’m totally “that guy” that waves a full hand wave and with my very last breath says a raspy “hi!!”.  Most would waive “hi” back in a casual “Ok, you’re not a rapist, I’ll acknowledge you” kind of way.

While I was running, I couldn’t help but notice something rather strange about 90% of the people in full workout gear at 4am: they had put on perfume or cologne.

Now, I’m certainly not part K9 nor am I pregnant, but I KNOW that is what I smelled.  That got me thinking  - am I totally stinking up the joint?  Before I run (in the morning), I don’t put on deodorant, I don’t brush my teeth, and I certainly don’t put on cologne.  I remember that when I belonged to a gym, there were all sorts of hard bodies who would almost have pigpen style smell marks radiating from their bodies because of all of the body spray they were putting on.  But, I guess I incorrectly assumed that people who were going to be outside (again, in workout clothes) wouldn’t bother!

So, am I totally the smelly kid in class?  Should I start to froo-froo up with Axe body spray like the high school kids at the bus stop?  Could I pull off smelling like “Dragon’s Blood” or “Ripping Skater Blaster” (or whatever the flavors are)?


  • Yep, I'm all about the Axe Body Spray
  • I'll put on some Teen Spirit deodorant, nothing more
  • I love the taste of toothpaste and GU
  • I'm like you - Au natural. No smelly business here

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Would you rather: Fast or Healthy?

My wife and her cousins like to play lots of fun games. One of them is called “You did”. Essentially what you do is when you see someone that looks like this gem:

You scream, “YOU DID!” thereby implying that one’s sexual morals are low enough that prison style showers aren’t enough they would fornicate with someone who obviously dipped into the shallow end of the gene pool. Try it, it is hilarious.

(This ties back to running, promise)

One game that I like to play is called “would you rather”. I’m sure everyone has heard of this one, but essentially it is a question that has no good answer. For example, would you rather have sex with one of the Golden Girls or have to make out with the dude in the yellow up above? Man or woman, neither of those are any good at all.

I will give you one wish and one so-so Disney movie.  NO MORE
So, when the Q and A blog meme was going around, one of the questions I asked  Tricia at Endurance is only physical was:

“Would you rather be a fast runner, one who is a consistent age group placer in large races, but constantly injured or be 100% injury free but be in the back of the pack?”

So?  Which would you rather?

  • Gimmie fast!! I'll limp through half of my races.
  • Slow is fine!! I don't like doctors.

I'm in the fast but injured camp.  I can feel myself teetering right on the edge of what my body can repair each week - with the end goal of becoming ever faster. Too much too soon and I'm on the disabled list.

Of course, the reality is that you DON'T have to choose one or the other.  You can be both fast and not injured, but it is a tough balance - something that I'm still trying to learn.