Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday Mixins - NYC Marathon and being a millennial

The NYC Marathon was yesterday.  As is usually the case with these things, I jogged around the house and made my son pretend to cheer for me as I came in first place I caught a pretty hard case of the feels when Shalane won. It got me thinking about my own NYC marathon experience.  Looking back (wayyy back - it was 2013 - eesh) it was probably my favorite big city marathon. The irony of that memory is if you go back and read my race report, it was a miserable race.

There is something about the aura of New York that is all consuming.  The people, the food, the energy (all of which likely contributed to my terrible race) all combine for an amazing experience (but, again...terrible races).  So, while I'm not sure I'll ever run the marathon again I sure do miss the thousands of people screaming at me as I ran down First Ave.  I remember it like it was last week... "dude, stop walking and RUN!"  Ah, memories...

I still remember the Jersey cat calls (from guys): Eyy butty!! Luvin' the hat, man!!!

I FOUND SOMETHING WITH CROSSFIT I AM GOOD AT!!!  Rowing.  I am better than average at rowing!!  Rowing for longer distances that is.  About a week ago, the workout was a 5K row and I came in 3rd overall. That isn't a thing that normally happens.  The gym I belong to has a lot of bigger guys that are amazing at doing a lot of heavy weights but aren't very good at doing endurance.  If only I could find a sport that is almost all endurance related.... 

Awww, someone at the gym caught a pic of me last week
I'm the skinny guy w/ the judge shirt on

Each Halloween I try to do a costume that is 1) homemade and 2) stupid and/or funny.  I've gone as Mario, the Oxy Clean guy, a jedi, Napoleon Dynamite, etc.  This year it would seem takes the cake.  I went as.... a millennial.  The costume included Ugg boots, inspirational shirt, participation award, pumpkin spiced late, yoga mat, infinity scarf, and a lack of self awareness. It.Was.Amazing. 


Finally, in spite of the chaos of my life lately, I've tried really hard to make time for the small things with my son.  By that I mean looking at my small phone screen surfing instagram while he plays with knives or whatever. He has really gotten into any and all sports lately which means we've spent a lot of time tossing baseballs, footballs, even passing basketballs back and forth to each other.  "I need to practice passing, dad".  Who am I to argue? He isn't likely to be drafted by any professional sports teams any time soon, but he tries hard and has fun, and that is good enough for me....Unless he goes pro and buys me a boat.

No footballs to the face. WHEW