Thursday, October 5, 2017

Three Things Thursday: Doctors, Crossfit, and Fall

Back when I started this blog a few things were a certainty: Blogs were personal and engaging and never tried to 'influence', only 35% of the guys online were creeps (95% of the guys who claimed to be boring were creeps, obviously), and people posted three random things on Thursday. Welp, here are three things that are all three of those - personal, creepy, and Thursday!

I don't like doctors. Whenever I go to them, they tell me to stop doing things I like to do like horse steroids, make me feel bad for having a few bottles of wine here and there, and order a bunch of tests that I don't feel are needed.  Well, enough people convinced me that I'm "at the age" where I should stop using words like Ratchet and Fetch find a full time doctor vs various urgent cares so a few weeks back I went to a general practitioner for the first time in 10+ years. Do you want to know what happened? I was made to feel bad about having a few bottles of wine in one sitting here and there, she totally didn't write me another horse steroid prescription, told me I should eat less salt, and I now have ultrasound scheduled for my kidneys. Lovely. The kidney thing is because my blood pressure is higher than a 15 year old's at Hooters.  Whatever, pass the salt. Doctors are so ratchet.

Crossfit is coming along. If, by coming along you mean "any day I don't come in last is a good day". No. Seriously. But in spite of my performance challenges, like any other new activity in my carefully choreographed life, one of the things I'm struggling with most is locking in a schedule. Work has been absolutely bonkers which has not only put a strain on my sanity but also my gym routine.  So, while I wish that I was getting there 5x a week, it is usually closer to 4. I'm still purposely not doing a ton of weight because I'm still so terrible at all of the lifts. The good news is that I am indeed getting better and, dare I say, stronger. I would imagine the first 6 months will produce most of the big gains and then after that I'll just coast on my good looks and my newfound fitness modeling career.

Finally, to end on a positive note, this is probably one of my least favorite times of year in Arizona. Now, to be clear, fall (autumn?) is my most most favorite time of year.  But, in Arizona fall is 95 degrees and I have to put up with everyone else posting things like "omg, pumpkin spice and 55 degrees is amazorbs!"  Truth is I'm jealous. I want to be able to be able to eat a pumpkin spiced bagel while wearing my ugg boots and posting a follow me pic. Instead I'm relegated to sweating it out while dreaming of cooler temps. Don't worry though, I'll be sure to point out when it is 70 degrees in January!


Gracie said...

Dude. Not your doctor or anything, but take your kidneys seriously. Very seriously.