Saturday, October 14, 2017

Pic of the day outcasts

As I close in on my 4th year of taking a photo a day, I can't help but sometimes look back at what  made its way to the cutting room floor. As I've mentioned before, most days I take 3-4 pictures out of habit. Just like brushing your teeth every other day whether they feel dirty or not, its almost impossible not to form a habit after doing something 1,400 times.

So, since I haven't been to crossfit as much as I would like in the last week, I thought that looking back at some of the would-be photos of the day would be a good blog filler would be interesting!


The last two weeks at work have been a struggle. There have been system outages, personnel challenges, and generally just a lot of work going on.  I haven't even had time to keep up on twitter or facebook!!! :( :( To say that I've been living on a diet of horse steroids and caffeine would be the understatement of the year. So, while I rarely buy Starbucks, some random day two weeks ago was an exception. A lovely photo of purple flowers while on a walkabout meeting was what was ultimately posted, but the coffee was a close second.

Living the Pumpkin Spiced Latte Americano Life 

Last weekend Iowa State University beat the 30.5 point favorite OU Sooners. (Fun fact, if you go to you'll be taken to my blog.) I was at an OU watch party with a buddy and his husband and afterwards went to lunch with them both to calm his nerves due to the loss.  No. Really... It was in a trendy part of Scottsdale near the civic center. Art abounded and a NYC style LOVE sculpture made the cut, but this creepy statute dumping paint on herself was nearly selected.

Art is.....terrifying

The weekend before last, I did something that I've always wanted to do: I did a predawn hike to the top of camelback mountain and watched the sunrise. While rubbing crystals together talking about how Mercury is in retrograde. I'm hoping to draft a full blog post about the hike, so I'll save the details for then.  But, a gorgeous daybreak photo of the city made the cut while all of my actual sunrise photos remain trapped on my phone.

Another day begins

This last week I was in the boot heel (south eastern tip) of Missouri for work.  It made for a long week with longer days of travel.  Fortunately, I always enjoy seeing my team there which makes the travel bearable. Unfortunately, the weather isn't exactly as predictable there as it is in Phoenix. While a post-crossfit photo of me sweating made the cut, this photo of it POURING down rain was much more representative of my time there.

Ummm, mom ignore that speedometer in this pic. 
It was broken, I was totally stopped and in park

Finally, a photo that I really wanted to use but didn't end up actually posting it was this sunset over the town I was staying in.  I was actually standing in the crossfit gym (is there anything crossfit can't do?) looking west after it had been raining all day. Me chasing ducks away trying to get a picture was what won out because it was hilarious, but there was something about this sunset that gave me a case of the feels.

A rainy day MIGHT be worth a sunset like this. At least every once in a while

As a postcript, while not a photo a friend posted something on Twitter the other day that made me do a double take.  "I will not compare myself to strangers on the internet".  I commented that while on Thursday my pic of the day was me outside in front of a fire at a very fun winebar, I had actually spent two hours at an urgent care earlier and received not one but two shots in the butt for a nasty sinus infection.  (Steroid shot gave me a second wind to power through to the winebar!) So, just like only 1/3 of my photos of the day see the light of day, you can't always trust what you see online. There is usually much more than what actually bubbles to the surface.