Sunday, April 24, 2016

I'm Running Again!

A lot of runners get really worked up about the wording of running. I learned long ago that the term "jogging" is a big no-no and that I should never call one of my races "slow". I could totally see where people are coming from but never shared the same passion for the nuances of verbiage.  So, it is with a slight wince at the risk of backlash that I say.... Well, I guess I'm SORT OF running again.

I've been pretty down in the dumps the last few months and as a result let one too many workouts slip away and one (five.... okay maybe ten) too many pounds pack on. The excuses aren't as important as to what snapped me out of the funk: a podcast.

Two Gomers Run for Their Lives is a running podcast about two normal mid pack guys who battle with the 20 pounds we all need to lose, watching a bit too much TV, and are generally as clueless as the next guy about how to go about running. (THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!)  Lately, the podcasts had been less about running and more about life stuff and TV.  Ultimately a listener called one of them out that he had totally stopped even caring about running and how he had a laundry list of excuses on why he wasn't active. Needless to say, the message was received and he immediately went out an ran 6 miles. Later the day I listened to it, I ran 5mi in the already miserable AZ heat - the first time I had ran (had run? did I mention the thing about the nuance of verbiage?) in over 6-8 weeks.

Oh god I was sore afterwards.  You would have thought I had just ran a marathon with a sumo wrestler on my back. Turns out it was just a food baby in my muffin top.  I honestly have been less sore after marathons.  It was humbling.  But, the speed was essentially still there (~7:30 pace), just not the endurance. I've since made sure to run 3x a week, 4-5 miles at a shot. So, not anything like I was before, but still running.

Completely unrelated kid pic from the baseball game on Saturday
Turns out I haven't been taking a lot of running pics

My knee still hurts like always, both during and after running.  If I push too hard it hurts more and I'll wince as I stand up from the toilet my desk chair.  If I go it easy with friends, it barely hurts at all. I'm slowly coming to grips with the fact that marathons are likely something that I used to do vs something that I am training for.

The plan now is to slowly build up my mileage to see if my knee explodes or if it will tolerate a few more miles.....and then explode.

Looking back, I'm not sure if it was the podcast that got me back into running again or if it was the gut-check that I was so terribly out of shape.  The bigger question now is if I am "a marathoner" or if I am simply "someone who used to run marathons"?  I guess maybe all of us get caught up in our own nuances of verbiage after all!

Another unrelated kid pic - he can ride is bike without help!


Dilnad said...

Welcome back man!!

Gracie said...

(had run? did I mention the thing about the nuance of verbiage?) YES! You got it right! Pluperfect!
Be careful running - keep the pain down - and I hope there is a longer term solution out there at some point. Medicine is constantly developing, so you might be pain free eventually! said...

UGH I hate to hear that about marathoning and running but I'm glad you are making such a positive outlook on it. I do think you'll be able to run strong and hard again.

Like I said yesterday, I'm glad you are okay out there!

Danielle said...

Oh, I relate to this on just about every possible level right now. I'm terribly out of shape and am trying to find that swift kick in the ass I need - maybe I should listen to that podcast! I too struggle with whether I am a marathoner or whether I used to be one. Like, at what point do I need to take the 26.2 sticker off my car before it becomes misleading? Am I REALLY never going to run a marathon again? Am I still even a running blogger? Ugh.

On a serious note, I hope you're working your way out of the funk.

Running Through Phoenix said...

I found my mojo in a new pair of Newton running shoes!!

Running Through Phoenix said...

I found my mojo in a new pair of Newton running shoes!!

Andy said...

Everyone needs those wake-up calls, it is always good that they come sooner rather than later when any chance of fixing things is gone. I've just had some similar 'uh-oh' moments and am trying to fix myself up, though at a (sssh) 'slower' pace than you ;-)

Best of luck with the journey back to being a marathoner - you know where you are going just don't rush it, and please keep blogging about it.


Sue's Ramblings said...

Just enjoy the process of running rather than beat yourself up about training for a race

Julie D said...

Good job! I also don't run enough so feel like a fraud when the topic of running and races done comes up. I hate having to say "I used to..." before everything!!

Diana Cummings said...

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