Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Three Things Thurs: Hiking, Target, and San Diego

While I'm eyeballs deep at work, I'm finding myself with lots of free time at night.  You know what that means....more blog posts!  My loss is your gain!!

This weekend I went hiking again BUT I DIDN'T GET LOST!!  Hooray! Thanks for everyone's kind thoughts on my previous post (calling me an idiot mostly, I assume). Fortunately, the massive blisters on my feet are finally mostly healed and the sunburn on my nose is all gone.

This time I went with a friend and coworker on an easy 7.5mi out and back course. The thing I love about hiking with him is that we didn't talk about work until about mile 6.  The downside? EVERYTHING is in bloom in Arizona.  Flowers and trees are all shooting off sprouts made more terrible by El Nino which means I am in a constant state of sniffling due to all of the pollen.  It took me a few years to get used to the Arizona seasons - that is, we're basically 3 months ahead of everyone else...where instead of winter we just have 9 months of spring and fall with 3 months of the 5th ring of hell.


My son and I are still having as much fun as ever. Ask the people at Target, they'll tell you. He is starting to put together letter sounds into full words. Seeing his brain click is basically the best thing in the world.


Finally, I'm headed to San Diego next week.  I've said before that San Diego is probably my favorite place to go in the continental US. I love the ocean, the laid back culture, and the beer selection is pretty top notch.  To say that I am excited would be like saying unicorns are "kinda cool".  I'm in pretty hard core leadership training all week long, but the weekend after I'm going to stay and see the sights solo. Obviously, by "sights" I mean "breweries and beaches".  If they offered showers at the breweries, I wouldn't even need to rent an AirBnB!

In all seriousness, I'm really looking forward to running along the boardwalk. I really want to get back to running vs all of this getting lost other stuff - no better place than along the beach!

5 comments: said...

Enjoy San Diego. If you get a chance, take a trip to Coronado. It's such a pretty area and there is a couple of really nice breweries there.

Running Through Phoenix said...

If you get over to Encinidas, have b'fast at Honey's. The BEST Acai bowl on the planet and so many coffees to choose from.

Elaine said...

Have a blast in San Diego!
I went there for the first time in October (for a conference). We took the ferry over to Coronado most evenings, and stayed a few days after to explore Del Mar, Carlsbad, etc., along the coast. Just. Too. Cool. I'm still daydreaming about living there!

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Fairytales and Fitness said...

Hope you enjoyed San Diego!