Friday, September 25, 2015

Briefly Boring: Soccer practice

Laura and I were talking about how we both want to blog more but seem to be rather….verbose with our posts. The problem with that is that (as if reading something I wrote could be bad!?!?) they take a bit of time to put together. As such, I’m going to start a series of random posts I call “Briefly Boring”. Enjoy! 

My son started his fall soccer season a few weeks back. I’m the assistant coach which means that I still get to wear the coaches shirt but don’t really have to do much of the work. (Just like our favorite assistant-president, cool uncle Joe!)  While it isn’t a super huge time commitment now, one practice a week and one game on the weekends, I can absolutely see how after school activities could spiral out of control in a hurry.  That is exactly why my parents let me drive by myself starting around 13…. Who wants to cart a kid around to a billion activities when he can just drive himself?  My dad was #LifeHacking before #LifeHacks were a thing.

Stay cool, uncle Joe!!

Anyway, it is fun to see over the course of 8-10 weeks how the kids actually put things together….such advanced skill as “kicking the ball in the CORRECT net” and “not stealing the ball away from your own teammate”.  Okay, I’ll be honest.  We’re still learning both of those skills.  But, I’m sure they’ll come soon enough. Until then? There is no crying in soccer.  Just kidding, there usually is. Juice boxes and granola bars for everyone!

From this spring, but whatever


Laura said...

It's actually my FAVORITE when the kids kick the ball in the wrong net, because then all the parents look around at each other and we're all like hmmm should we cheer or yell? And you KNOW that you will be judged for your decision. #CompetitionWithinTheCompetition

Denise said...

At least there is kicking and goal making going on - I always loved watching my little cousins "play" which really involved getting distracted by a butterfly and walking away from the goal tending responsibilities.
My son is 19 months and just started Sportball. They teach a different sport each week. So far he's really into picking up cones and running off
in the opposite direction of the action.

paullamb said...

More frequent postings: Yay!
But I always enjoy your long posts; they're worth waiting for.

Kate Geisen said...

We always cheered when our kids scored a goal, regardless of which goal it was into. Sometimes the wrong goals were the only ones we got. :)

And yes, enjoy the simplicity while it lasts. It can definitely get crazy with activities as they get older