Friday, August 7, 2015

Knee surgery update and what is next

Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve been busier than a mosquito at a nudist colony so I haven’t had a ton of time to catch up on the blog.  But, here goes the old college try….


A few days back I had my surgical consultation to find out what type of knee surgery I need to have. Most people have said that meniscus surgery is rather routine, so I was hopeful to have the “easy” kind where they cut it away vs the “complicated” time where the sew stuff together. To my surprise, I not only have a torn meniscus, but also a host of other issues as well! I’ve always liked to consider myself as an injury 1%’er.  ANYONE can require surgery for one thing, I like to have surgery for clusters of things all at once.

Turns out, not only will I need to have my meniscus trimmed, but I’ll also have my kneecap realigned, and most invasively I’ll have my patellar tendon cut open to fix some internal tears (that are causing all of my pain in the first place). The particularly frustrating thing is that the surgeon set some pretty sobering expectations on the success of the tendon healing. Essentially he said that it isn’t 100% guaranteed to fix my issue – not even 75% of a chance.  Yikes.  “So, imma gonna cut you open, root around in there like a pig looking for truffles, and see what I find. I can’t tell ya it’ll fix ya, but damn sure if it won’t be a humdinger of a good time!!” – my surgeon, probably.

Thus followed a pretty sucky conversation that rivaled the ‘sex talk’ with your parents. He asked me lots of questions like “is it currently manageable”? (no) “does it restrict your day to day activities?” (yes). The net result of the conversation was the decision to cut me open like a trout and see what we could see. At least I’ll get a cool scar?  Chicks still dig those, right? RIGHT???


On the bright side, up until the surgery, my doc said that I could basically do “anything that is tolerable” (which obviously ruled out any of the Kardashian reality shows). Unfortunately for me, that did NOT rule out one thing: swimming. I had teased the fact that I was going to look into swimming at some point, and I guess that point is now. So, this past weekend I swam laps for the 2nd time in my life. It went….exactly like you’d expect it to go for the second time in my life. There was lots of water up my nose, water in my lungs, I’m pretty sure Laura lapped me at one time, and oh did I mention that I am also really slow? This resulted in me getting frustrated and pouting for a while but also resolving to keep trying.  Afterall, running sucked quite a bit when I first started as well….and when I’m running tempo runs….or intervals….or the last few miles of a marathon….actually running sucks a lot now that I think about it! Unfortunately, my bad swim carried over into the evening when I also got my ass beat by Laura in a card game.  Being Adam is hard sometimes :(

Learning a new sports is hella hard

But at least I got to buy a lot of fun new gear!


The other day I went for a solo motorcycle ride to be alone w/ my thoughts for a while.  To be honest, the only reason I mention that is to share this outstanding picture of Canyon Lake.

My Instagram caption “Parts of the desert are ugly, but this ain't one of them.”


A week or so ago I interviewed for a new role at my current job. For internal positions, you go through the same interview process if you are an external candidate or an internal one.  They really put you through the ringer – all day interviews covering over 19 people. Didn’t get the job, but that is okay – I know the guy who did and he is a much better fit.  So, applied for a different (internal) one. I’m quickly becoming the Life cereal Mikey kid.  I’ll apply for anything!


Finally, now that I am adding swimming to my bag of tricks (if you could even call what I do ‘swimming’) the obvious question that I keep getting is:  “Adam, how do you manage to stay so humble while being so attractive and witty!?” “Adam, are you going to do an Ironman now!?!?” The easiest way to answer that is simply: not yet.  It would be really silly for me to think about something like that with a not-insignificant knee surgery on the horizon. But, that hasn’t stopped my wheels from spinning after cheering at IM Boulder last weekend.

Seems like everyone is having so much fun here! Oh, wait – no.


Laura said...

1. I would like it on the record that I lapped you twice while we were swimming.

2. Can you ask your surgeon to cut you open in the shape of my name, or maybe a fake Chinese symbol, so it looks like you got a weird trashy tattoo on your knee?

3. Didn't notice it when you posted that pic on Instagram, but that guy looks like he's snarling at the little girl aid station worker.


Deb Kennedy said...


He's going to get a trashy tattoo tramp stamp as a bonus for letting his surgeon experiment. said...

I'm glad you have answers and will eventually have a full time fix. Good luck in surgery. I'm glad you had time to update!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Best of luck with the surgery and potential new job!

Sue's Ramblings said...

I wish I could swim! Really. Am also in the dumpster on running (don't's not even an injury nor does it cause me pain, maybe heartache) and my swimming skills are next to none. Are you taking swim lessons?

Elaine said...

So, right before your surgery, get a big Sharpie and, on your good knee, make a great big "X" and write, "Not this one."

Good luck with the job thing. Maybe you should interview in, oh, say, Colorado?