Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Midweek Mixins: Soccer, Flowers, and PT

Remember when I used to post about running on my running blog?  I miss those days. Leg is still totally horked. BUT, my PT guy said that I could run on Friday or Saturday. So, there is light at the end of the tunnel!


Speaking of my PT guy… Because he is out of my insurance’s network (but came highly recommended) I pay $75 cash for each 30 minute visit. I will hopefully get reimbursed by my insurance, but I am not counting on it.  Now, I have no problem spending the money (actually yes, yes I do) but it really frustrates me when he cut my last appointment short by 15 minutes saying “that is all I can do today”.  I’m just going to assume he was booked back to back, he needed a break, and I paid him $37.50 to poop for 15 min.


A few weeks back I volunteered to be the co-coach / assistant coach of my son’s soccer team.  Well, the rubber is hitting the road and tonight we have our first practice…..followed by the first game on Saturday.  Fortunately, since he is only 4, we can get away with only one practice a week. Unfortunately, during the ‘coaches training’ last night I was reminded that I am no longer a 4 year old.

First of all, I found that I have the coordination of a pregnant water buffalo. Second, judging by speed that I ‘sort of’ rolled my ankle, I learned that I was made to only go in a straight line.  And finally, I am really glad that my co-coach played soccer in high school/college because I have no clue what I’m doing.  The good thing is that I am REALLY good at running after errant balls that go flying off of my foot, so there is that.

 My instagram comment: "Learning how to mold young soccer minds. Or, at least not screw them up."
Hopb4running's better ocmment: "I thought it was learning how to put hands on hips."


With my lack of Easter prep, I feel like I’m sort of failing at being a dad. (To be clear, I feel that way most of the time.) I’m not sure if it is because Easter wasn’t a huge holiday growing up (in spite of going to church and meeting with family) or if it is because I’ve been so busy. Either way, I’m sure I’ll be in Target with the other single dads on Saturday trying to decide whether to buy the caramel or regular (aka: disgusting) Cadbury cream eggs. (Caramel, OBVIOSULY.) Honestly, the thing that I am most afraid of is that I’ll forget entirely and the Easter Bunny will bring him some laundry detergent and a stapler.


Finally, my homemaking continues. Over the weekend I spent a few hours planting my backyard flowerbed. When I bought the house it had a massive iris flower that never seemed to do very well and didn’t look all that pretty. Of COURSE, no sooner did I tear it out that the previous owners called to say “do you mind if we come dig it up?”  Ooops.  Anyway, $50 worth of plants later, I have color!   I honestly have no idea how long they’ll stay alive with the Arizona heat, but much like I tell myself whenever I buy ANY toy for my son, I assume they wouldn’t sell them if they would be totally destroyed. Happy Wednesday!

I really hate how that back wall looks... grrr.


Laura said...

Don't be silly; I will make sure you don't forget Easter baskets ;) said...

That's been my frustration too...all the PT places recommended are out of insurance. My current guy costs 60 dollars per session (and I have at least 5 more to go too).

Sue's Ramblings said...

Counting on you to get Team USA to lift the World Cup! :P