Friday, April 3, 2015

Funny Foto Friday: Mannequin Adventures

I think I said before that my dad was in town last weekend for a quick visit.  He was primarily in town to see my son and I but there were also lots of other things going on like AZ Bike Week, etc.

Whenever he visits, he likes to go to Nordstroms as the closest one to him is 200ish miles away. When we got there, his GF and her daughter split off, my dad split off, and my son and I were left to hangout in the store / mall for a few minutes while they shopped. (I don't normally shop at Nordstroms...last weekend was no exception.)

Like most GREAT ideas, I have no idea who suggested the idea or how it came to be.... But, for the next 45 min or so, my son and I alternated between taking pictures with all of our new "friends" and playing hide-and-seek.  Below are the results.  Happy Friday!!

Daddy, lets go make some more friends!!!

Daddy, I like his glasses, can I go give him a hug and take them?

 Nordstroms: single handedly making my son douchy one trip at a time

Like usual, a complete ladies man
ACTUALLY, he looks waayyyy too comfortable with a girl on each arm.....

 Daddy, come OOOONNNN. Lets take some more pictures

I'm not sure who has the smaller head, me or him. Either way, big is in

One of these things is not like the other

Daddy, these hats are itchy

And finally, my favorite picture of the day......

DADDY!! Take my picture like I am leading the race!!

Unfortunately, no nap and loads of Nordstroms excitement left a very cranky little boy who literally fell asleep at dinner later that night.


But, like is usually the case, he woke up as chipper as ever. Since he was such a good trooper during the busy day before, on Sunday I took him to Dunkin Donuts as a special treat. (Okay, fine. I just wanted coffee...)



GONE!!! (With a bonus 'yay donuts' party dance)


One Crazy Penguin said...

Those pictures are priceless! What a little ham! said...

Hahahaha I ALSO treat myself to Dunkin Donuts after shopping. And I love the photoshoot! What a good idea to get through the mall.... ugh I hate being in those places.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I'm going to try the "yay donuts" party dance, the next time I get them.

Elaine said...

Oh yeah! I know that dance.
You know we're all crazy for your son, right? Cute. Cute. Cute.

Christine said...

I love that he does a happy food dance, I do that too!! Also the picture in the derby hats -hilarious!! I need that framed for my success space (cubicle)

Christine said...

I love that he does a food happy dance too!! Also the picture of you two in the derby hats is hilarious!! I'm gunna need a copy of that for my success space (cubicle)