Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits: Phoenix Marathon Weekend!

Stupid Leg is Stupid
For the last 2 weeks I have done what you’re supposed to do:  More stretching than Saturday night in the bedroom a Russian ballerina, lots of biking with a very gradual buildup of running miles 3,4,5 over the last week. I was getting enough sleep (for me at least), drinking the appropriate amount of injury beer (copious amounts), and was essentially being a good little injured runner.  So, to say that I was anything but excited for my “long” run on Saturday would be an understatement. I was planning to go 12 miles.  My hamstring was super tight the first mile or so, but it loosened up and I was off and running. (And then I pooped on the side of the trail at mile 8, but I digress.)  90 minutes later I was done, no worse for the wear (except for the poop part).  Nope. WRONG.

Beer fixes everything
(Up to and including how attractive people think I am - THANK GOD)

While I was cheering on the Phoenix Marathon course, it got tighter and tighter like a Russian ballerina to the point that on Sunday I was limping pretty hard – not the fun pimp walk limp but more the gimpy runner type.  I am SOOO frustrated that I had a pretty major regression and am essentially back to where I was a month ago.  I’ve taken the last 2 days off from all exercise mostly to mope around but also to hopefully regain pain free walking. I honestly don’t know where to go from here, but I can already see the spring marathon season slipping through my fingers which makes me equal parts sad and frustrated. Maybe I need to switch to injury wine to help heal?

Switched to wine.  Worth a shot to fix the leg?

I’ll Try Anything Once
“What is the worst that could happen?” is a common phrase uttered around these parts – second only to “Look, I’m sorry but it really itches and you’re going to have to get tested too” “hold my beer and watch this”. There are few things that I won’t try at least once. Wearing makeup is one of those things. More to come on this later, but to tide you over, here is a pic that I took that very well could be my new twitter profile pic:

If you want to win, you have to dress like a winner

Marathon is as Marathon does
The 2nd biggest marathon in Phoenix was this weekend. There were TONS of out of towners in to run the race – including Hollie @ FueledByLOLZ who stayed with me. Of course, I only got ONE picture with her that didn’t turn out great :(

Spectating.... like a bull.

The course starts in the mountains and rolls through not scenic Mesa neighborhoods to finish with a net downhill and an overall fast course. The great thing is that it is only 8-10 miles from my house so I was able to go to mile 17 and cheer everyone along as well as at the finish line. The race seems to be pretty well organized, but I heard of a few growing pains that hopefully will be fixed soon. I'll let Hollie and others give you the play by play of the race, but it seemed like most had a good-enough race in spite of the strong breeze and warmer than normal temps.

Best thing about the future is that it is never ending

Wait, Kimmy Gibbler?  Yes. Kimmy Gibbler.
So I met Kimmy Gibbler from Full House this weekend (aka: Andrea Barber). Let me just pause a moment to let that sink in……..  She is friends with PavementRunner and RunEMZ who were hosting a blogger meetup.  The best part?  She is a real live runner!!  Check her Instagram feed – it is essentially all running stuff.  I think I might be in love with Gibbler.

Old marathon buddies!
Finally, as you might imagine, I’m a busy guy. I have Buzzfeed to read, Netflix to watch, my calendar is pretty full. The unfortunate side effect of this is that I don’t see long time runner friends NEARLY often enough. Leave it to a marathon meetup with a bunch of out of towners to get us locals together.

Back when blogging was less about top 10 training tips and more about family weekends, Demi, Lauren, EMZ, and Jeff (not present because he is a loser) got together frequently for group runs. Lives got busy so we don’t do it anymore, but it was still really fun to seemingly pick up where we left off.
Demi, me, RunEMZ, Laren, and Hollie
The band is back together!


Pat said...

sorry to hear your on the mend. Rest and get better, you have lots of running ahead of you. The Phoenix course in Mesa is nice. Loved the first 3 downhill miles, the fireworks at the start and they even had a couple comedians to entertain us at the campfires. Not as witty as you, you should apply for the job next year. It's a great race, I might do it again next year.

Pam @ herbieontherun.com said...

We need to have a virtual happy hour so we can drink our injury beer and wine together and commiserate. There has to be a way to make that happen, right? I really hope you get your shit figured out soon. As for me... MRI next Wednesday.

fueledbylolz.com said...

Oh my gosh, I was literally just writing a post and thinking how on earth did we only get one photo where I party fouled with my eyes closed.

Hamstrings are terrible. I would start looking at deep tissue massages or graston. I just got a deep tissue last night and I'm in more pain but I'm hoping that is a good thing ha ha.

Kate Geisen said...

I really hope you get this figured out. I mean, I'm entertained by your not running posts foo, but I know you'll be happier to be back with pain-free running.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Bummer on the injury...but what exactly is the prob? Ever thought of alternative med eg accupuncture, Chinese physicians etc? And after seeing that blogger meetup and more importantly, knowing that the start is so close to your place...might be tempted to sign up for Phoenix.

drdave said...

I haven't noticed anything in your previous posts, but did you get to see a Chiropractor yet? Pretty sure it is your pelvis that is locked up. Often times it causes the hip/femur to be slightly torqued, forcing the hamstring to do more than it is paid to do.
If you haven't, give it a try. Graston might help too.