Friday, March 13, 2015

Funny Foto Friday: Swinging Break Time!

Whew! What a week. Work has been so crazy that I barely have enough time to breath. So, instead of long winded posts, you’ll get blurbs between gasps.  Enjoy!!

I booked an appointment with a Physical Therapist / Chiropractor / Active Release Therapy / Acupuncture guy. You should see the number of letters this guy has behind his name. It is like a game of scrabble. DC, ART, AIS, FIAMA ----- WTF!!!  After my super complaining post before, I thought that it was time to actually do something about my stupid leg. Much to my dismay, complaining about it wasn’t fixing it.


The guy that I am going to came independently recommended by a number of people. (4 people suggested him… probably because they were blinded/confused by the letters after his name.) The only issue? He is “out of network” with my insurance.  I’m not exactly sure how much that means I have to pay him, but I’m guessing that I won’t be able to pay him with my arm and my bad leg, he is probably going to want the good one.


My son and I went to a karate tournament last weekend (cheering, not participating). The highlights of the trip were obviously the popcorn and hearing my son yell things like “kick her in the face!!!” My son has a bit of bloodlust.

Daddy, I'm going to drink my popcorn through my licorice


As many weeks as possible, I try to grab coffee with one of my best friends on Saturday morning – usually after a run. Unfortunately, he lives 25 miles away. Since I’m now biking full time, I’m going to take the opportunity to bike there and back tomorrow for a 50+ mile trip. I’m not sure if this is a good idea or a terrible one, but I’ll be sure to blog about the adventure. When I told my boss that I was going to do it, he told me to bring cab fare as a backup. Jerk.


Finally, I haven’t had a ton of time to mindlessly surf the internet, so here is a random pic I found earlier in the week.  Even the garbage men need a break once in a while.  Happy Friday!

"Honey, how was your day?"
"Oh you know, the usual. Picked up some trash, swung on some swings."

5 comments: said...

I vote it's a good idea.

None of my chiro/PT is covered. Chiro was 120 first visit and 40 each visit after. Not sure if that makes a difference to you. Hopefully you are running again soon.

Michaela said...

That photo makes me so happy.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Love the garbage photo.
My PT was not covered by insurance. Some MBA-type deemed that the PT and the Dr didn't know what I needed more than he did. (I'm a little bitter.)

Elaine said...

Some times we all need to do a little "swinging on a star"!
I printed out a super-sized copy and posted it on my office door. It's been a big hit. The consensus has been that we're all a little jealous of those guys.

One Crazy Penguin said...

That last picture kind of makes my day.