Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Mixins - Superbowl, Fog, and Group Runs

I wanted to do a three things Thursday.  But, I was too busy that day so I then was hoping to do a five things Friday. Well, now today is Sunday and there is no way in hell I'm coming up with seven things, but here goes.....


Sports!!  In spite of it's recent off field issues, the NFL is by far my favorite sport. Since it is Super Bowl Sunday, today has been mostly spent sitting on the couch trying to find the right time to tell all of my Seahawks friends (there are a LOT) that I am going to cheer for the Patriots and trying to figure out when to pee as I don't want to miss any of the commercials or pregame stuff. I can't lie that the thought of digging through my son's closet for some of his baby diapers crossed my mind. 

The other thought was the fact that these guys (kids?) are most often below the age of 28. I can't imagine the pressure to be 25 years old, be making millions of dollars and be watched by hundreds of millions of people. I mean, I go a little power hungry when I think that 3 people are reading my blog on a regular basis.  (Thanks mom for reading!)


Speaking of getting older, will I EVER get to the age where I no longer get any zits? I try to take care of my body.....not purposely do bad things to my body..... generally speaking stay away from the hardest of illegal drugs most of the time-ish, but for some reason every so often my face explodes into a "hey, want to go through puberty again?" orgie of red dots. I've been told more times than I would like to admit that I am immature, but does my face have to be that way too!?


For the first time in way too many months, I finally ran over 50 miles last week.  Granted, it took a weekend of 28 miles to do it (20 and 8 miles) but I got them in.

Everything feels okayish, but the middle of the week was a SLOG. I'm not sure if it was the rain or the lack of sleep (spoiler: it was both) but I really struggled to get the miles in. My legs feel fine now but my knee is cranky.  It is always cranky.  I honestly wish that it would drink a tall glass of shut the F up and just get with the program.  It is probably because running is so bad on my knees...../sarcasm.

The highlight of the week was going for a run w/ the RunEatTweetAZ group. Not a training group per-say, more of a running social club where the leaders do the schlepping to get lots of free junk to giveaway.  We did 7 easy miles in and around the South Mountain area - roads instead of trails because of rain.  No way was I going to slog through the mud - I'm dainty.  My legs were certainly glad to see the slower paces of the group as my training partner Ryan and I had just finished running 13 hilly miles immediately before.

I promised to everyone that I would be a hot mess before the run and I did not disappoint.

Finally ran with people who aren't 6" taller than me! 
(I'm the one in the white and blue shirt in the corner, obviously **flexes**)


With the Superbowl in town, I took advantage of all of the pomp and circumstance one afternoon (the one nonrainy one!) to check it all out.

SuperBowl Forty...errr, Seventy.....uhhh.... Roman numerals are dumb
Thankfully next year will just be "L"

All of the major buildings were wrapped like a pest exterminator's Toyota Tacoma

Honestly, I'm just glad I didn't swallow a bug with this
I think I was just shocked that beer was "only" $6

Live TV! NBC Sports doing a live feed. My 15 minutes of fame, wasted

Pepsi! For when they don't sell Coke

Finally a pic that I stole from NBC's facebook page. They're good.


Finally, it seems that mother nature didn't get the memo that the Phoenix area was hosting the biggest sporting event in the USA.... This week has been rainy, cold, and this morning - FOGGY!  I can't tell you how rare it is to have fog in Phoenix, but at 6am when I started my run, there it was.

Running 8 miles through the fog was similar to breathing deeply into a humidifier's air. Thick and damp, my hair and clothes were soaked within a few miles and by the end my hair was dripping with condensation. It was certainly eerie not knowing what was 300m in front of me, made worse by only seeing one other runner the entire time.  I assume that they were nursing slight hangovers like me?

Thoughts about what is next and where to go with such a short view of the road ahead.


Gracie said...

When the Superbowl came to NOLA we ran down by it - it was really amazing to see the whole downtown transformed. And we really did it up! The riverfront was all live music, people lying around on the grass, beautiful weather - it was like French Quarter Fest but with nicer weather.