Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Perfect Weekend Rx: Running, Beer, Friends

Earlier today I was sitting in my office (read: pooping) noting how most of my close personal friendships originated online in some form or fashion. To be clear, certainly I have work friends, family friends, etc. Because I'm fun... generally not annoying.... I have a car and can buy beer because all of my friends are 18 and stop judging me.

But because of various reasons, as my social circle ebbed and flowed, I grew closer to people that I could keep in touch with easily throughout the day. Such is the case with Laura @ 50by25.  We started chatting 7 or 8 years ago when we were both running, blogging, and management consultinging and have continued to become closer and closer to the point that she is one of my very best friends. Did I mention that I’ve only seen her in person on two occasions like….ever? Yeah.  One of those times was this weekend – and it was amazing.

Laura was in town for two things: Beer and running a marathon.  Fortunately for me, those are two of my favorite things! Before I go any further, go read her summary of the weekend here. It has hilarious pictures of me (which let’s be honest is why you’re here in the first place) and is better written than anything I could write.

Fortunately Laura didn't get in until Saturday morning which enabled me to do a deep clean of the house. Obviously I didn't actually do that because I had Real Housewives DVRd and there were at least like 12 Jimmy Fallon youtubes that I needed to watch. Before I knew it she had landed 20 minutes early and I was still in my PJs. Oops.

A quick mad dash later and we were showered and doing brunch white girl style.  Now, I generally admit to doing basically anything a 23 year old girl would do: Taylor Swift music: haters gotta hate at my love for it. Lattes: Nom nom. Gimme.  Emoji: OMG YES. :) :) :) However, I draw the line at Ugg boots and brunch. For some reason I can never wait to eat after 10am and my feet sweat in boots. How do people do that on a regular basis?! Like, eat normal breakfast, brunch and then lunch? Psh. No.

In spite of that, we went to my favorite breakfast place and brunched it up. I won an impromptu instagram social media smackdown of "who has the better breakfast". I'm not even going to bother putting Laura's breakfast in just a link, I'll just let you bask in the awesomeness of my bananas foster french toast:

Like, OMG!  Nom nom nom nom. (Or, other brunch sayings)
I think I have a food baby

Once we were sufficiently caffeinated and sugared, it was time to focus our energies toward the real task at hand: Beerfest. Last week was AZ beer week which involved a number of activities across the state - the flagship being a huge beerfest with over 70 breweries. Your ticket entitles you to 40 (tiny 2 oz) tastings of any of those beer. FORTY.

I'm just going to let that 40 beer number soak in a while because 2 oz seemed to turn into overflowing 4-5 oz cups of "strong" 8%+ beer.  It was just as ridiculous as you would imagine.

The only food allowed inside was food in necklace form.  I like this rule and am going to start incorporating it into my day to day life by bringing my lunch to work around my neck.  So, once Laura and I had our beerfest snack necklaces created we called a cab and were off.

I don't always put food around my neck caveman style. 
But when I do, I always do it with every single kind of food I can think of.

Stupid hat? Check. 2 kinds of pretzels, a box of goldfish, lollipops and fruit by the foot? Also Check.

"First beer" pic!!!!  
There was no last beer pic.

Laura's pink elephant hat was from the Delirium brewery in Belgium. I can't even describe the amount of beer cred she received after some creepy drunk guy beerfest participant asked her where her hat was from. "Wait, you mean you WENT to Belgium?"  Hilarious.

Who would have thought that the guy without an elephant on his head would be the odd man out?

As the afternoon went on and the "free waterbottles" nowhere in sight, good times were had by all. The beer was amazing, I connected with a few local friends, and generally had a blast.  Like I mentioned above, the whole "tickets" system sort of went out the window which seemed to contribute to a number of fun photo ops:

Strange, I've been told my face causes birth defects too!

Probably one of the more random things that I saw (which, I feel like I have to point out is saying a lot at this beerfest?) was some random guy on stilts. As if that wasn't strange enough, he had pants that would make MC hammer jealous, a scary chicken head and wings, and enough sequins on his crotch to put any Scottsdale socialite to shame.  Let me count the ways this picture is bizarre:

1) His crotch was at my eye level
2) Sequins on his crotch
3) White spandex.  Why is white spandex a thing like...ever?
4) I can't stress enough that his crotch was RIGHT at my eye level. I felt like I was Shaq's girlfriend
5) Was the spandex really necessary?

Hmmm, yeah, totally not probably completely sober here

Anywhoo, the beerfest was a blast but lets be honest - running needed to be done. Because that is what you do after drinking 40 small beers.  You run.  A lot.

The Lost Dutchman marathon is consistently rated as one of the "most scenic" which I think we can all be honest usually means "kind of hilly, so we had better put it in a gorgeous spot". It starts out in the mountains and gently rolls down into the far far east Phoenix suburbs.

By this point, I hadn't ran in over 10 days, so I was (very) eager to get out and give it a test. I get stabby and bitchy (like a white girl at brunch!) if I don't run.  My stomach was MORE than cranky after having one or two beers the day before, but after some quality time in a gas station bathroom and a long pep talk in the car where by I convinced myself I wouldn't crap my pants, I was off!  I ran 8 miles in a little under an hour and basically felt like I could walk on water. I love running.

Unfortunately, my knee stiffened up as the day went on and I've been back on the bike.  BUT, I can see improved process and I think by week end I'll be back sweating like a skinny white guy full of brunch and drinking 2oz beers.

Red morn, sailors be warned

Laura was signed up for the full marathon but didn't quite have the day she was hoping. Or, maybe better stated, she had a freaking amazing day given that we were at a beerfest before. I won't steal her thunder and will let you wait for her race report. See what I did there? That was a tease.

See how far the course goes in a straight line from where I was at? 
Want to guess how long I was jumping around like an idiot when I realized Laura was coming? :)

Last weekend was one of my most fun / most favorite weekends in recent/far memory.  I think the moral of this story is even if you live 1000 miles from your best friend, making the time to visit them is never money or time wasted. As such, I have a feeling I'll be going to visit very soon. Hopefully there will be beer and running involved.


Laura said...

This was indeed the best weekend ever, and I can't wait to do it again soon :) said...

That looks like so much fun and makes me super jazzed for our exciting weekend coming up. That hat always amazes me. You win the internet today...

Running Through Phoenix said...

Hey Adam that was a funny po.. OMG look at that house!I LOVE the brick/stone work, and the roof lines are really nice. Laura is going to be sooooo happy there, that is such an amazing house, and I have so many furniture ideas already I can't stand it! I can't believe Laura won the bid, it's just kizmet you know what I mean? I mean to have an amazing marathon weekend yeah, but waiting around for the bidding war to end, and to get that call from her agent??!!? I think this is really about Laura giving up sensibly as friends told her it was not meant to be, but pushing through anyway and coming out on top. I mean, to get a house like that in Colorado?? Dream come true! Funny hat Adam.