Saturday, February 14, 2015

Funny Foto Friday: Shirts on, lights off

I like Valentine’s Day.  For some reason, in this duckface selfie age, I feel like this is similar to saying “I like Budweiser” or “I like Olive Garden”. Even though every Tuesday afternoon we all enjoy shotgunning Bud Lights and eating our weight in delicious breadsticks. (You all do that too, right?)  Every year, single and hitched unite together to generally chastise the ‘hallmark holiday’.

To that end, I’m not sure what better reason to bring back my Funny Foto Friday than to celebrate the holiday that so many love to hate. A few years back, I copied Funny Foto Friday from Steve in a Speedo who is still cranking out 3-4 of these things a week as a fun way to post all of the randomness that we run across throughout the week.

I've done all of these. :( I'm not good husband material I guess :(:(:(:(

My sister sent me this. BECAUSE SHE LOVES ME

Never has a sign cut me so deep to the core.

Mmmmmm, shirts on, lights off.

Finally, it should probably come as no surprise that I like a bit of humor in a relationship. Rarely does someone receive a mushy card and laughter abounds more than Bud Light and breadsticks on a Tuesday.  To that end, I have to think that this last picture would pretty much be the best Valentines present ever.  Happy Friday!

Happy Valentines day!
Zero to "done pooping" in 0.5 seconds!!

4 comments: said...

Thanks for always bringing the LOLZ.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I;m definitely that kind of man, but aren't we all?

Pam @ said...

BWAHAHHAA! I'm sending this toilet picture to my sister right now to get her boyfriend with...

Shinianen said...

Laughing so hard at that air horn trick...!!!