Thursday, May 15, 2014

How young is too young to run?

Society is governed by a set of social norms. 400 years ago, because it was the only way to insure safe water, people drank booze all day long. Now, if I have a beer at 10am the neighbors tell me I should “lay off the bottle”, “put on some pants”, and “good god man, it is Tuesday”.  Similarly, a man can pump gas without a shirt on but any woman doing the same would quickly be ostracized or at the very least posted on a website for people who are into that kind of thing.  So, it would make sense that whenever a young child does anything physically remarkable at a young age the “concerned parent” groups raise an eyebrow The Rock style and the run bloggers get their keystrokes going and ask “How young is too young to run?”.

Grace Ping, at 10 years old she is as young as she is fast

In Minnesota, there is a world record breaking 10 year old female who is running 18min 5Ks and 31min 8Ks. Wowza. To put that into perspective, that is essentially a 5:45 pace by someone who likely hasn’t gone through puberty yet.  Is that too young?

Possibly a better question would be: “Is that too young to be running that fast/hard?”  According to anything that I can find, she is running 10-20 miles a week and doing some other cross training, sports, etc.  Not massive mileage by any stretch and somewhat in line with middle school / high school cross country programs. Some people might argue that she is doing damage to her still growing and developing body by asking it to perform at a level that most people could only dream of doing.

The flip side, of course, is that she is obviously naturally gifted and that any perceived excursion by her would be much smaller than the normal person.  To add, in a day in age of “obesity epidemics” and “fast food nations” to tell someone that they have to run slower or less when they want to go faster and harder would seem counter intuitive.

What do I think? If I don’t want to wear pants on Tuesday morning while getting the mail then I’m not going to! If it was my son and he truly wanted to run and was running that fast, I wouldn’t stop him or make him go slow. In the age of Mary Cain (high school elite level runner) and obesity epidemics I certainly wouldn’t’ be the one to tell him to stop.  But, I would probably make him diversify and play soccer or something similar.

What do you think? Is she crushing her baby bones or laying the foundation for a full ride at a college?

Friday, May 9, 2014

Running Dreams, Beer Mile, and PreSchool

Running Dreams
Some people dream about their teeth falling out.  Others about falling from a large cliff. Still others, dream of racial equality.  Me?  I dream about running a marathon inside of a shopping mall.  I’m not sure that I can do any grand Washington DC speeches with that one.   I honestly don’t dream a ton usually because I’m passed out naked on my couch with a glass of merlot in one hand and the remote control in the other I’m honestly not sure why.  In the dream yesterday, nothing spectacular happened. Just running by Hot Tropic and Sears…up and down stairs… I didn’t even set a PR. My dreams are lame.

Beer mile
Early this week, or maybe last week, or was it the week …. You know what it isn’t important when, but RECENTLY the beer mile world record was recently CRUSHED with a total time of 4:57.  If you’re not familiar with the beer mile, let me describe how AMAZING this is.  You must drink a 5% alcohol beer before each lap of the mile.  So, 4 beers, 4 laps, NO PUKING.  (Seriously, it is in the rules.)  So, what that meant was that James Nielsen not only ran a 4:20 mile, but he also drank 4 beers in around 37 seconds. I’ve peed for longer than 37 seconds. If you think about it, that meant that he ran a 2:10ish 800 with three foamy beers in his belly and ran a 65 second 400 with four foamy beers in him. GOOD GOD. Check the full story here or just watch the video with narration from his wife:

House to do list
SUCCESS!  I am finally considering my “initial” house todo list complete! Finally!!! It took a lot of work and even more late nights, but I feel like I can finally just “live” in the new house. Now all that I need to do is get some more decorations for my son’s room, get a new dining room table, reseed the front lawn, maybe lay down some bricks on the side of the house, paint the garage floor….. son.of.a.bitch….

My house has balls

Resolution check in
Bwhahahahaha.  No, just… No. I thought about doing some push ups last week, that counts, right?

Preschool Stresses
As if having a 3.5 year old at home wasn’t stressful enough, I’ve been wading through the educational process trying to figure out what preschool to send him.  Public, private, open enroll, cute 22 year old tutor who is looking to get ahead in the world at any cost, it is really enough to make your head spin.  I’m going to try to set up a few visits for next week and I’m sure we’ll decide soon enough where to send him.  Thankfully though, this is the last major decision that we’ll have to make in his life. Right? RIGHT?!?!?

Playing with trains is SERIOUS business

Finally, it is Friday. That means, funny foto.  Happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The triple threat comeback: Getting back to running

Seriously Chewy, get a razor
Last night I mowed the lawn. I really like yardwork.  The itchy watery eyes, small scratches on my arms, and a sore back from pulling weeds… it is heaven!  I know a lot of people that have a lawn service or hire the neighborhood kid, but something about the “process” of transforming something that is wild and unkempt to something that is uniform and manageable calms my soul.  Sort of like manscaping! When I get done I have something to show for my work (mowing, but also manscaping). The same is true with running. Everyone starts out wild and unkempt, but with a little wax and a razor a bit of training the body organizes itself into an amazing machine. Unfortunately for me, my training has fallen into disrepair like my undercarriage belonged to Chewbacca. It is time for a comeback.

But Adam!” I can hear you protest, “You just ran a marathon LAST WEEK! How can you necessitate a comeback!?” (actually asked by good twitter friend Lisa.) My answer is as blunt as it is self-deprecating. Last week’s marathon wasn’t a 26 mile run, it was a 20 mile run followed by 6 miles of bitching, moaning, and grimacing while walking forward.  I’m out of shape…. And it frustrates the hell out of me.

Rally caps, bitches
First, before I go any further, I ran a 3:30 marathon in NJ.  A lot of people would sell a kidney to run that fast.  I get that.  However, it is 26 minutes slower than my PR - literally a minute a mile slower. When my all time goal is to get 4 minutes faster than my PR, running 26 minutes slower is an eternity. I’ve never had any issue with people who run 6hrs or 2:30 (actually, I kinda sometimes want to trip the 2:30 people).  Anyway, with that “its relative” disclaimer out of the way……

So what is a svelt washboard stomach blogger pudgy out of shape runner to do? Pose a comeback!

My comeback is going to be just like Beyonce – a triple threat.  Animal, vegetable, and mineral. (wait, what does triple threat mean?)  They’re all simple things that I haven’t been doing that I know I should be doing. Running off of a schedule, setting myself up for success, and bragging about fast times on social media setting smaller milestones instead of one big one.

Obviously, I'm Beyonce and NOT the dudes pelvic thrusting in the back...because I would never do that... last night... while "watching" The Voice (read: dancing in my living room)

I switched jobs and simplified my life to have the time and energy to do things like this and thus far have simply not been doing them.  That stops now.

I see that I’ve already rambled on quite a bit more than I expected, so the details of my three pronged approach will have to be in a subsequent blog post. Suffice to say that I’m hoping on a few more race pictures like this:
Yay! I still have the energy to be happy and cutesy for the camera!

And a few less like this:
UGHHHH. Get that shit out of my face

Stay tuned for more!