Thursday, December 25, 2014

Family Christmas Card

I sent a handful of these out via paper copy, but since I'm always one to save mother earth, he is the electronic copy as well!

After a few years’ hiatus, [My Son] and I are back sending out Christmas cards!  This holiday season it seems that [My Son] and I are settling into a nice routine. Either that..... or we both finally have something to brag to friends & family about! What better method to spread holiday cheer than the often-boastful holiday letter!?

[My Son] just turned 4 and loves racecars, trucks, trains, motorcycles and anything that makes noise, goes fast, or burns fossil fuels.  He is certainly a boy’s boy with a kind and tender side that shines through when he is at school. He is quick to hug the other kids and loves telling everyone "bye" when it is time to go.  [My Son]'s hobbies include coloring, waking up at 5:20am, and buying iPad games while I am in the shower. His dislikes are any food that is not in lollipop or French fry form.

This fall, [My Son] started Preschool.  He loves the teachers and his classmates and always has wonderful stories to tell about what he did at school such as "I don't know" and "I can't remember". I am also settling into some nice parenting guilt as I have no idea what to do with the seemingly daily 30 paintings / projects he brings home. I'm thinking about starting an abstract art Etsy store to help offset the preschool cost.

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, his response is usually either a police man or garbage man. Of the reasons why he wants to be a policeman, "driving really fast" and "going through red lights" top the list and a garbage man to drive the big truck with the robot arm.  Of course, after answering for himself, [My Son] asks me what I want to be when I grow up.  Unfortunately, "working with computers" isn't the right answer and is greeted with a "No daddy, when you GROW UP".  Wiser than his years, even my 4 year old knows that I refuse to grow up. If anyone is interested I am going to be a doctor when I grow up.

Things in my world are chugging along. After 11 years and seemingly thousands of hotel stays, I left [my old work] in February, started working for [my NEW work!], and bought a new house. [my NEW work!] is a cable company [details removed here because of reasons]. To answer the obvious questions: 1) No I can’t get you free cable 2) I have no idea why there are so many dancing / singing shows on TV 3) Usually the reason your internet goes down is because someone cut a cord in the ground somewhere. The change was for the better as I no longer have to worry about traveling or working 70 hours a week.

I'm still running like a fool and completed marathons in New Jersey and Detroit this year. With the addition of those two, I've ran marathons in 21 states which nearly puts me half way towards my goal of one in each state. I'm slower than I once was, but still putting foot to pavement.  The highlight of the running year wasn't either of those but instead was a 1 mile Komen race with [My Son]. He ran the entire thing and was VERY proud of himself when he finished.

This year, I think that I can speak for [My Son] and agree that we are both very fortunate and thankful:  Fortunate for many blessings throughout the last year and thankful for continued health. We had a lot of fun in 2014, here is to hoping that 2015 will be just as exciting!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from [My Son] and Adam!!


Jamoosh said...

Happy Holidays and Happy Nude Year to the both of you! said...

Happy Holidays to you and your family. I enjoyed reading this. Congrats on your job though, that is exciting!

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Hope y'all had a happy Christmas. You really have your priorities in order!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Happy New Year!!

Elaine said...

Your son is so cute! Hope y'all had a great Christmas and New Year!

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Running Through Phoenix said...

LOVE the spammy replies! BYW, everyone knows you are doing cable repairman snuff films, why hide it? For God's sake, wear a rubber.