Wednesday, November 19, 2014

One month, one post

Oopsies, I’m seeming to find that blog time is becoming harder and harder to find.  Not that I don’t have any content, but actually putting fingers to keyboard is tough. Never the less, if women can find the time to have their period once a month, I figure I can find the time to type up some blog nonsense. That is how a period works, right? It comes around when women have some free time to deal with it?  Anyway, bear with me – my blog writing skillz are a bit rusty…..


Seriously, Charles Manson has a wife? What kind of messed up world do we live in that he can find a wife!? Also, what kind of women says “I know you convinced a bunch of people to kill a bunch of other people….gimme some of that!”.  More importantly, do you think she has a sister? I think I could stack up against Charles Manson pretty well and be the “good” son in law of the family.


Hmmm, I remember this race going much worse than this....

Oh yes, that is MUCH more how I remember....

Running is coming along, Detroit sucked.  I’ll post a report later this week, but by “sucked” I mean I ran a 3:26. So, I suppose I should put it into perspective.  (Sort of like saying, “I won the lottery, but I didn’t match the powerball, so I only won $5 million instead of $200 million. Boo hoo.  Now I can only buy one helicopter :(  ”.) But, I ran a 20 miler at 3:15 pace a few weeks before and felt amazing, so something went awry for sure.


Christmas Pics!

I’m still rocking the single dad thing while juggling everything else. (Seriously, does Charles Manson’s fiancé have a sister?) My son is about to turn 4 which is fun, but so are EVERY SINGLE ONE of his friends, which is a little overwhelming.  I can’t even lie that the worst thing about going to a birthday party every weekend is that they never serve beer. But, I brought some beer of my own to the last one which actually turned out to be really fun! I’m sure that is a coincidence that having beer made it fun.


This past weekend I volunteered / cheered at Ironman Arizona. Lots of fun times that I'll dedicate an entire post to.  Until then, here is a glimpse of my "literal ironman" costume.



Finally, in spite of my lack of blogging, I'm still doing the twitter thing.  Here are a few of my musings over the past week or so....

Last week I ran 10ish miles at night and then ran the next morning. I used to do that a lot, but now it essentially hit me like a truck for 2-3 days. I'm sure that my AARP acceptance letters are just around the corner.
 Since I'm getting as old as Sting, I'm trying to eat a bit healthier. So, not only did I learn that Quinoa has LOADS of fiber (don't ask) I also found out that it is super easy for it to get stuck in your sinuses!

Finally, just like the rest of the country, it is cold in Arizona.  Of course, by that I mean it is only supposed to get to 75 degrees today.  Buuuurrrrrrrr. 


The Silent Assassin said...

I'm going to check back to see if you get any smack for that period comment. Classic!

Kate Geisen said...

The would-be (or maybe already is, I'm boycotting paying attention to that ridiculous story as much as possible) wife is from about 20 minutes from where I live. I'm pretty sure we could find you somebody WAY better who wouldn't make you in-laws with a mass murderer... The commute from AZ would be a bitch, though.

Kate Geisen said...

And the picture of you and your son is adorable.

Gracie said...

I used to refuse to turn my heater on. Now I think I'd like a little heat (it was in the 30's this morning) and the darn thing is broken. said...


That period comment.

I'm always glad to see you blogging again Adam. I was just thinking about the morning and nightime run ordeal. I used to be able to do it as well and now it's like...derp no.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Cute socks at Detroit!

Anita said...

Ugh.. The Period comment..Enough said..Period. lol

Running Through Phoenix said...

Just like leprachauns, Yeti, and Eskimos, the female 'period' is a myth.