Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My fall marathon - Detroit!

Not the official race logo, probably 
As anyone who stalks me on a regular basis knows, I've been racing a bit less frequently than I have in the past. While I would love to say that the reasons are for running's sake alone a la "I'm focusing on the races that matter!" or maybe philanthropic "I'm donating my time to save baby humming birds!" instead they are pretty boring and run of the mill - "I don't have any vacation with my new job".  Gone are the vacation days to celebrate national hot dog day...work wants me to work. Womp Womp.

Ugh, my thesis "blog post summary" sentence in the opening paragraph is boring. Boring Runner indeed!! Hmm, how about this:

I'm running the Detroit Marathon!

Alexis is as excited as I am!

In spite of my lack of vacation, I'm doing a whirlwind trip to Dirty D (is that what the kids call Detroit? God I'm old) to run my 21st marathon. As I sit here watching Alexis over and over again pretending she has different voices I'm 11 weeks away from the race. Plenty of time to put in quality training time and get after it!

When trying to decide on a fall marathon to run, I had lots of things to consider:

One race or two?!  I was hemming and hawing about the possibility of running a "practice" race early in the fall (Mid September) and then running a "real" race later in the fall/winter (Early November) but ultimately that was going to be too expensive and settled on just one (October). Frankly, people bitch about $120 for a marathon, but the real money is the $300 in housing, $200 in rental cars, $100 on cheap hotel wine and $500 in flights. Saving $40 bucks on the race itself barely hits the radar. So, one race it was - sometime in October.

Fast or slow? If I wasn't going to go for a blistering fast PR, I could pick about any race.  Race with "hell" in the title? Sure! Race with "challenging but scenic" in the description? Why not!? Some random obstacle course race with wild dogs that are on fire that you jump over and electric eel filled streams you have to run through?!  Uhhh, yes?  No, none of those would work, I wanted a flat course that I could possibly set a PR on.  Too many people try to run a fast race and then pick the "widowmaker marathon and 10k" to do it on.  Not me! I wanted it flat and fast just like I like my double mint.

New State? This one is obvious, yes. New state.

Large or Small? I've found that I do better at the larger races if I'm trying to go fast. I can run with others and the crowd can cheer me on. The crappy reality is that in the smaller races there aren't a ton of people running faster than 3:15 and me inside of my head without anyone else around is NOT a good thing.  So, big it is.

Sunday Funday Since I really don't have much vacation, I needed to find a Sunday race so I could fly out Friday night and fly back race day.

Do I know people running it? This is really what swayed me one way or the other. Given the 5 criteria above, there were really only a handful of races that fit the bill. I currently know of a handful of people running Detroit and I am sure that I'll find more.  So, Detroit it is!

More about the race in a post later in the week!


Sue's Ramblings said...

Sub-3, sub-3, sub-3 :)

fueledbylolz.com said...

I've heard Detroit is a lot of fun. Good luck and may the PR cards be with you. ;)

Pam said...

But... but.... but Detroit isn't in Tennessee!

Gracie said...

True about larger races helping speed after a certain point (I mean, a small race is fine if you want to run 3:45, but if you're under 3 hours, for example, you may be all alone in smaller races! Sounds like you made a good choice.

Redhead Running said...

My FB comment says it all, so go read that. !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas said...

Detroit looks like an awesome race. I am planning on it for fall 2015. Whenever I tell people this they go "ewww, Detroit?" and make jokes about setting a PR because I'll be dodging bullets. I then tell them no, the start/finish area is separated by barbed wire and the National Guard and then they get you the fuck to Canada ASAP and you run 26 miles there. All joking aside, it looks like an awesome race/course and I can't wait until October 2015. Doing the hometown Portland Marathon this October.

GiltEdgeGirl said...

You tell him, Pam!
BR - you'll have plenty of time to recover from Detroit and then come run your real PR December 6th in MEMPHIS!

Lorenda said...

I'm planning on running the half marathon in Detroit. I start a new job next week and I don't know yet how they schedule weekends there (hospital) so I may not be able to do it. I am really hoping to be able to do it. I've run both the half and full marathons and it is neat to go over the bridge and come back through the tunnel.
I hope you enjoy your time in "The D"! You always hear all about the bad stuff but it's really a great place.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

You will not be disappointed. I loved it and I'm not just saying it because I live here. It's top notch.