Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday in Pictures

I’m still doing the pic a day, every day. Instagram is the best way to find them.  The more I think about it the more I really love that I decided to do it. With the pics of my legs laying on the couch as the exceptions, looking back on various days is a fun way to put the everyday events into context. Think about…. What do you remember from 2013?  What about Feb of this year? If you are like me or on heavy sedatives probably not much.  In fact, I’m looking to have them put into a big shutterfly style book at the end of the year. Because I mean, who wouldn’t want to come over to my house and flip through 365 pictures of me!?

Here are a few comings and goings over the past month or so:

Chuck E Cheese is just as creepy as you remember.  Scratch that, WAY more creepy

Because it has been balls hot out, I haven’t rode the motorcycle much in the last 2-3 weeks.  Frankly, the swamp ass sweat is just too much to bear. (Double checked bear vs bare on that one.) I hope that changes really soon.

I might do a full post on this, but a few weeks back I picked 2.5 gallons of olives at a public park…..

which then two weeks later turned into 5 quarts and 11 pints of canned olives….

which then a day later turned into 5 quarts and 10 pints of canned olives when my son broke one. Either way I have a ton of olives.

Like I said in my last post, in spite of it being balls hot, I have still been running.  I totally randomly met a twitter friend on the road during the last few miles of death march. Why is it whenever I see friends on the run I feel so terrible that I can’t even do the “fake chipper smile” that guys always do when girls run by?  :*(

Finally, it was my son’s first day of school three weeks ago. The start has been rocky at best as the transition between “YAY SUMMER FUN TIME” and the structure of school has been a bit of a shock. Hopefully that all settles out as everyone gets a bit more comfortable.  I’m not sure if I can handle many more teary “why can’t I just stay home and play with you all day, daddy?” questions.


GiltEdgeGirl said...

Your son is adorable. How do you ever say "no" to that sweet face? said...

Please do a post about olives. I would be really excited.

Also your son is adorable.

Also it's been so hot. The last few went from temperate to the hottest days ever.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Weather and temps here has been weird - it's supposed to be the hot, dry season but it's been pouring on most days (not complaining though).

Now if those were olive oil, I won't mind taking 1 bottle off you. {shameless request}