Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Third Trimester: 12 weeks until my marathon

As I sit here, I'm 12 weeks away from my next marathon.  The beginning of the third trimester!! As you might imagine, I sleep a lot, my feet are swollen, the hemorrhoids are back, and my body aches all the time. It will all be worth it in the end, but right now brewing my marathon baby sure is a lot of work.

Just like when someone is not growing a baby, when I'm not specifically training for a marathon, I still take pretty good care of myself - but not all that horribly good.  I'll indulge in the occasional six pack of beer, eat copious amounts of dairy before bedtime, and run a lot but not all that focused and certainly no speedwork.  It is a blast! I still get the benefits of being healthy with all of the running I do without all of the hassle of actually being healthy.  I have seen the light, life balance be thy name!

But let me tell you, when that marathon seed is in me? Things get serious.  Prenatal vitamins? CHECK! Soft cheeses!?  NO WAY! Jumping on trampolines!!?  ARE YOU KIDDING I'LL have my marathon baby premature! TWIST AN ANKLE!!! I'm drinking more water than I thought possible (babies need water) and I am always on the lookout for foods that could make my stomach uncomfortable or give me heartburn. My veggie and fiber intake goes WAY up and my french fry intake goes way down.

Having put in a few solid months of base building right around the 12 week mark, I start to incorporate speedwork into my plan. This training cycle I did it a week earlier than normal during week 13 (last week) - my marathon baby always was head of the class.  He is going to be president.... congressman.... something better than those two.

Last week I logged 58 miles.  I had been hovering in the mid 40s for the longest time but finally pulled the trigger on the 6th day of running which pushed me over the edge. The speed session I did last week was a 5 mile tempo run on Friday (8 miles total) with the tempo miles at half marathon pace or 6:30/mile.  Let me tell you, it.was.hard.  I did it on a treadmill at work which helped a bit.  Nothing like all of your work people watching you grunt and sweat to keep you going!!!  (Edit: I forgot that I also did 5x800 @ 6:00 the week before that. So, I guess I started doubly early)  The miles are adding up on my legs for sure. By the time my long run rolls around, I'm pretty trashed, but it is a good kind of hurt.... all 50 shades of it.

This week I hope to log 61 or 62 miles.  I'm going to do another round of 800s, this time hoping to get 7 of them. I had planned to do a 10 mile marathon pace run today, but the weather was NOT cooperating with a low temp of 92 degrees. So, I did 7 miles at whatever pace I could muster and called it a day. (7 @ 7:29/mile which felt like running sub 5:00)

So, if the heat doesn't kill me, that is the plan for the next 2-3 weeks. But, rest assured, the heat WILL kill me.


Sue's Ramblings said...

How long is your "typical" training cycle for a FM? What about HM?

Jamoosh said...

Whoa there. So you are implying you can't wash a baby with a hose?

paullamb said...

I love this metaphor so much, I'm gonna steal it.

paullamb said...

I love this metaphor so much, I'm gonna steal it.

fueledbylolz.com said...

Let me know when you take your premarathon photos like this guy.

Hilarious post as usual. :-)


Julie D said...

LOL, well, being on the other end of this, yes, I guess they are pretty similar. Oh, the aches. Hah.