Friday, July 18, 2014

Blogging Off-season is OVER!

Just like herpies, just when you think you’re rid of me, I’m back! Although, I suppose I haven’t really gone anywhere (also like herpies) – just took a little technology break for a few weeks.  You know, except for my phone, twitter, facebook, Instagram, Buzzfeed, online news….. okay, so maybe I just took a break from blogging.  Triathletes get their “off season”, so let’s call the last 3 weeks my Blogging Offseason. So, now that I’m all bloated up on hot dogs (read: beer), apple pie (also beer), and fruit salad (fruit beer) I’m ready to get back into the swing of things!  Here is what I’ve been up to:

At the beginning of the month I made my annual trip to my dad’s lake house. I not only took an internet break, but also took a bit of a running break. The logistics of running and taking care of my son were just too great to overcome. I did get to see all kinds of family, did some swimming, boating, but of course didn’t take that family picture that my dad INSISTED that we take.  Oops.  My son absolutely loves going back so that he can drive all of the heavy machinery.
 So, the lake on the 4th was.....busy

I was thinking the other day… the President can’t really have more than a beer or two, huh?  I mean, he could be in the middle of a keg-stand, Joe Biden holding Obama’s legs in the air (come on, you KNOW uncle Joe is up for a keg stand), and a nuclear war could start. Nothing says “leader of the free world” like telling the national security advisor to “shut his face” and “stop being so dramatic” while slipping Bud Light Biden a $20 for another beer run.
Crazy Joe Biden...

Fortunately, in spite of the time off while I was in Iowa, I have still been running! It hasn’t been as much as I would like and it hasn’t been quite as fast, but I’m getting out there. In fact, I did my first speed session (5x800 @ 6:00/mile) in months that went really well. That said, the humidity in Phoenix (read: like 50%) has been miserable. For the last week it has averaged 83 with 70%+ humidity while I’ve been running. Well, and that brought out the bugs (which are quite rare for Phoenix)!

Yes, that is one on my tongue. 

I haven’t locked in on a race for this fall but I am eyeing either the Detroit Marathon or the Columbus, OH marathon. That means that I need to find 10-12 miles extra per week FAST.  The 53 miles I’m running this week isn’t going to cut it.

Finally, today is my last day as a 32 year old that has a 12 year old mind. In that time I’ve ran 3 marathons (well, one last year was the weekend before my bday), started a new job, bought a house, had a few ups and downs, but most importantly kept my son alive. I’m not a huge birthday celebrator, so I’m going for a run, having some coffee with a buddy, and maybe a motorcycle ride.  That is, unless Joe Biden comes over – then it is keg stands all day long!

Of course, another work week gone slaving away at the factory wouldn’t be complete without at least a little chuckle.  Happy Friday!


Laura said...

I'd consider coming for Detroit Marathon. That one has always intrigued me with the international thing.

Happy early birthday!

Jamoosh said...

You lost me at Fruit Beer... said...

Happy birthday.

All the best we're borne in July right? I'm glad you've had a good year and I always enjoy reading your updates and blogs :-)

Sue's Ramblings said...

Happy Birthday Adam!

Jodi H said...

Happy Birthday! The Columbus marathon is awesome! That's where I ran my marathon PR!

Pam said...

*sigh* I keep waiting to see the word "Tennessee" in one of your "I'm considering a race in..." posts.

Kathy said...

happy birthday, Adam! keep on keeping on!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday, Adam! I'm not sure what a blog is (I've written 3 this entire year :)) but welcome back!!