Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Mixins

Some time back, a good friend Morgan @ Redhead running started three things Thursday.  Then someone started five things Friday.  Either way, I haven’t blogged in so long that I think that you’re going to get “as many things as I can think of [insert the day you read this here].”


I’m still doing the pic a day thing over on Instagram. It is really fun and I haven’t had to use too many pictures of me pantsless, passed out on the couch – so yay! (or boo, depending on how you like your middle aged white guys…. I actually happen to like mine pantsless…)  I really need to figure out what I’m going to do with them all.  A collage for sure, but maybe a youtube video or something.  Hmmm….. Any suggestions?

Sweet corn for dinner? YES! No corn prong things? NO PROBLEMS!

Running shirtless with my son. Best time EVER

Movie in the park... I'm smiling because Frozen hadn't started yet


Running has been clicking along quite nicely. This week was a bit of a scheduling disaster step back week, but I’ve been able to log 38, 39, 44, 37 week miles with that last 37 being the stepback. I’m not doing a ton of speed, but right now focusing on pushing my mileage up without getting hurt. That is, except for the 4 miles I ran Thursday in 25 minutes and the half marathon I ran in 1:32 yesterday.  I’m only getting in 4-5 days a week, so as soon as I can clear my schedule for a consistent 5 or even 6th day, I should be hitting close to 60 before I know it.


Sometimes I wish I looked good in hats. I just look douchy or like a 12 year old kid. Or maybe just like a douchy 12 year old.


So, it is hot in Phoenix.  Like….. 111 degrees hot. Balls hot (do girls say boobs hot?).  So, while I used to often run after work (I generally try to be at work by 5:30 or 6am or so… which means running before isn’t happening) but running when it is 110 is less “epic” and more “emergency room”. So, I’m considering either getting a treadmill for the house or possibly strapping a massive ice cube between my legs. Swing low, sweet chariot.


WHAT is up with all of the tank tops in clothing stores right now?? Other than maybe Ryan Gosling, who, let’s be honest looks good in about everything, I have YET to see someone that looks decent in them. Hipsters, I’m looking at you….

Cool story, bro. Do you even lift?!


Finally, I held out long and hard, but I finally broke down and watched the movie Frozen with my son. The first time was in a park on a projector and the other was at home. I know that people are raving about it, but I thought that it was average at best (but it did have a lot of good messages). Of course, now I’ve realized that I just gave a serious review to a cartoon movie made for 7 year olds.  Lovely.


Sue's Ramblings said...
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Sue's Ramblings said...

We're expecting El Nino in a couple of weeks (ie hot and dry). At least I run in the mornings but I doubt it's gonna make much of a difference. said...

No prongs, no problems.

I'm glad running is going so smoothly for you. Also I have no children but payed 5 dollars on my last flight to watch Frozen...I don't even know who I am anymore. Actually it was a really good movie, I loved it.

Andrea said...

Wuss out and get the treadmill. Here in Nebraska there's about, oh...3 MONTHS where it's balls cold. Glad you are running solid. Frozen was average at best. I've been watching kids movies for 15 years and it didn't seem much different than any other.

Angela said...

Commence: Instagram Stalking.

mcrunnergirl76 said...

Thank you! I thought I was the only one who doesn't have a long burning love for or a deep-seated desire to watch Frozen over and over again! Give me an old classic like Aladdin any day! Love your blog and I already follow you on IG. I know what you mean by "balls hot". I'm born and raised in the good old 120 degree "but it's a dry heat" state. I normally take a small hiatus from running during the summer because even the gym treadmills feel like you're running in a sauna!