Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fathers Day Picture Mashup

As you can imagine with a Father’s Day post that is 10 days late, the last two weeks have been BUSY! My running is heating up, a lot of big things are happening at work, and my son keeps me on my toes nearly every day. So, like I’ve mentioned in the past, instead of writing about my running, I’ve been actually DOING my running. Which, has been fun.  But, the time has come to put a wrapper around Father’s day, boast about how amazing I am at procreating, and show you all of the fun things we did. Afterall, if you don’t post about it online, it didn’t happen.

Planning Father’s Day with a 3 year old is very similar to what I imagine Basic Training in the army to be like: Very structured to account for meals and potty breaks, lots of activity to tire you out, and usually more than a few tears. Mine was certainly no different.

First things first, we ran and fed the ducks. I decided that I would sleep in a bit so it was PLENTY warm by the time that we got out.  To that end, throughout the entire run, my son “suggested” that maybe we should just “wait a minute right here for it to cool down”. (He was in the stroller for most of it, but did run about 1/2 a mile.) He didn’t really want to hear my detailed explanation that at 7am we hadn’t reached the heat of the day and that we just needed to keep going or else it was just getting hotter.

I'm making the ducks race, daddy!
(my son, after I asked why he kept throwing the bread way far away from the ducks. I'll ignore the slight animal torture for a bit....)

For some reason, when we were done running and I was giving the neighbors chest bumps celebrating my awesome run walking around gasping for air, my son grabbed his ipad and settled in for a bit of post-run Netflix…. On the motorcycle… backwards.

While the new motorcycles have navigation, 
I'm not sure the reverse iPad watching feature is coming soon

Once we were all showered, I opened my gift. I’m not a big collector of “stuff” so I LOVED what I got.  A bit of a questionnaire that I hope to continue as he gets older to see how the answers change.

What color are daddy's eyes? "Black"
What is daddy's favorite game? "Hide and seek when I have to go poop"
What does daddy like to drink? "Water" (Whew! dodged a bullet there)

Next up: COFFEE.  Errrr, and donuts for my son. Nothing says “Father’s Day” like using your son as an excuse to load up on sugar. 

Father's day coffee!  The gal behind me bought it for my son and I.  Hooray!

"Daddy, does my food look like a cement mixer??"

The main event for the day was a mini golf, go cart, bumper boat place. The go carts were a bit too fast but everything else was a HUGE hit. He is still talking about hitting the other people with the bumper boats. 

Daddy!! Lets smash them hard!!

The video version!!

Tiger woods, without all of the Denny's hostesses 

Lunch was a steakhouse which, since it is hotter than the surface of the sun here, essentially closed out the activities for the day. We then went home for a bit of relaxing before nap time. My son is transitioning out of taking a nap (but still needs one) so getting him down is harder and harder.  He fought it for quite some time, but eventually DID fall asleep (on the floor...oops).

No daddy, I'm not sleepy at all....

Well, if you're not sleeping, I'm going to celebrate

Cut to 2 minutes later.... zzzzzz

I don't like to drink in front of my son super often, but I made an exception for fathers day.  So, not only was I day drinking at 1pm, I was doing it with my feet up watching some rough necks fish for crab in Alaska. 

Hooray nap time!

Overall, Fathers day was SO much fun... but freaking exhausting.  Honestly, it was a lot more work than I remember my dad's fathers day being. Maybe my mom planned all of it? Or, maybe my dad was content with sitting around in our underwear watching NASCAR on TV? Either way, I'd do it again in a heartbeat - just maybe get a bit more sleep beforehand.

Best fathers day ever!


The Silent Assassin said...

Awesomeness! !! Happy belated fathers day

paullamb said...

Best. Dad. Ever!

(I ran a half marathon with my son. He beat my time by about 20 minutes.)

GiltEdgeGirl said...

Love the plaid shorts! And that last picture is really great.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Happy Father's Day, Adam

fueledbylolz.com said...

Awe this is too adorable. I'm glad you had a great day.

I'm dying laughing at the comment about your favorite game.

Kate Geisen said...

That picture if your son in the bumper boat is pure joy. Love the last one of you two also.

I had my students fill out a Mother's Day questionnaire. My mom likes...to sleep. My mom doesn't like...to get a job.

Deb said...

Very cool Adam! Happy Belated Father's Day. And I liked the reference to Basic Training. My 22 year old started Boot Camp (Navy) yesterday. Bet his day was very structured too! Guess I will hear the details in about 10 weeks!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Happy Belated Father's Day

Robyn said...

Your little guy is growing into a seriously cute not-so-little kid.

Amanda RunToTheFinish said...

have you seen the episode of the Middle about mother's day? where all she really wants is a quiet time alone but instead is run ragged all day :)

GiltEdgeGirl said...

Those nap pictures are great. I'm having withdrawal pains from the lack of cheeky posts (23 days!!!), but hope that means you are spending lots of time running and hanging out with that little tyke. But not necessarily in that order.