Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Running State of the Union

Since it has 1) been a long time since I have posted at all and 2) been FOREVER since I have done an entire post all about running, I thought I’d give a bit of an update as to where I am at. Actually, not an update,  more of an update on the state of my running. A RUNNING STATE OF THE UNION! So, strap on your least smelly pair of running shoes and crank up Huey Luis and the News (that is everyone’s pump me up go-to running band, right?), it is time to ride your hoverboard into the sunset*** log some miles!

It seems like the president’s state of the union is part pomp and circumstance and part laying out unrealistic goals. Also known as: Fitness Blogging! It is honestly surprising that I haven’t put these together before now.  Either way, a bit of pomp on where I have been the last month or so.

Right now I’m averaging 40-45 miles a week in 5 or so runs. Usually, I’ll do a 15ish mile long run, a 10ish mile mid week run, a 8 mile tempo run and a couple 6 mile easy runs. Frankly, this is the least that I have been running in quite some time.  But, it is worth noting that this time last year I was just getting the approval to run after my second and third stress fractures, so even 45 miles a week is nothing to complain about.

“But Adam!” I can hear you ask, “What about speedwork!?!? Won’t you lose all fitness if you’re not running circles nascar style talking about how the Home Depot Toyota is a little loose in the corners? That is what she said  The short answer is….maybe!  As hard as I try, I just can’t get the motivation to focus on the speedwork. So, I don’t.  Which, probably is a good transition into where my running is going. Obviously my running is going wherever my feet take me - oh god that was a horrible pun and I should just delete it right now. 

Right now I’m doing pretty good (amateur) half marathon training. (Pro half marathon and pro marathon training have VERY few differences.) My long runs are only about 15-20 seconds/mile slower than marathon pace (been running them around 7:15) and my tempo runs are at half marathon pace or a bit faster (been running them around 6:20). The easy runs vary widely based on my constipation level my mood with some being 7:30 and others being close to 6:00. By in large they are more often 7:30ish.

The issue with doing pretty good half marathon training is that, just like poison water Diet Pepsi is IN NO WAY a substitute for Diet Coke, half marathon training isn’t a substitute for kinda good marathon training. I currently self identify as a marathon runner, but is that the correct classification?

I have the NJ marathon coming up at the end of April. There are a surprising number of blogger and twitter friends there, so it should be a fun time.  But, will it be a fast time? I doubt it….and I am okay with that. Going forward I have a decision to make on if I want to continue pushing forward with my faster faster faster approach (that’s what she said) or if I want to rest on my laurels a bit and coast. At what point is running no longer an “all free time endeavor” and just a “regular hobby”?

Right now I’m going to try to get as fast as I can with what I laid out above. I’m going to hold on to my sub 3 marathon dream, but, if I don’t get any faster, that is probably fine too.  Moreover, I am really hoping to get a bit more “well rounded” in my fitness…and MAYBE get rid of my TRex arms.  That might cut a bit into running, but I’m hoping that I can squeeze the time turnip a bit more and find the few extra moments to myself.

*** If you “got” the hoverboard joke, we are friends


GiltEdgeGirl said...
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Gracie said...

Ha, your "coasting" weekly mileage is like my high weeks! I rarely get over 45. Even marathon training I think I rarely got over 50.

2cupsnrun said...

You are FAST already. Good luck with whatever you decide to do with training.. It is nice to just enjoy running and not think about speed/distance/goals/PRs.

Unknown said...

You have a strong aerobic base going into this marathon, so you have some margin for error in terms of total mileage.

The one thing that I would do is make the most out of the long runs as a fat-burning stimulus. Trick 1: Run the long runs the day after your hard tempo runs so that you do them in a glycogen-depleted state. Trick 2: Don't eat breakfast (or any other meal before the run) and don't take any carbohydrates during the run. That way, the 15-mile run will have the same effect as as a 20-miler in terms of forcing you to burn fat.

You might surprise yourself on what you can do on 40-45 miles/week.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Any running is better than no running! Moaning/whining about the current haze situation here - no outdoor running and running on treadmills just doesn't cut it. :(

Jamoosh said...

I don't think we can make the hover board joke anymore...


CliffHerd15 said...

Marathons are more about endurance than they are about speed. I wouldn't be surprised if you have a good showing with that mileage and training schedule. If you are hell bent on squeezing in speed work forget the track. Do something like every other half fast for 6 miles during a training run. (Maybe try 6 sub 3:00 min halves for your 8 mile tempo run?) In any case, good luck in NJ!

Krista Sadlers said...

Great blog! I love your 50 states map...any way you'd share with me where you got it and how it works? Check on the progress on my half marathon in all 50 states on my blog - I'm only half crazy!