Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Resolution Check in

What is that you say? Back the blogger truck up…. ADAM YOU HAVE RESOLUTIONS?!  (The blogger truck is one of those hippie vans where all of the healthy living bloggers drive around and collect free samples singing about the evils of refined sugar.)  So yes, I did create a handful of new years resolutions but didn’t get a chance to blog about them.  I’m actually a big fan of using the new year to try to improve or stop/start doing something.  While a lot of people I know either don’t like the arbitrary date or just don’t like the idea, I’m okay with it. So, as long as I’m willing to pretend Thanksgiving is an actual holiday, I’m all in.

Even though I always create resolutions, it seems that every other year or so I either forget to post about them or post about them in February. Maybe I need to create a resolution to post about my resolutions? Ultimately, one might have to ask the question: if you create resolutions and don’t tell anyone about them, do they actually matter?

Anyway, here are the ones that I put together at the beginning of the year….and how I am failing miserably with them. Its been a rough start to the year, but hopefully airing these out will help me get back on the waggon!

Post a pic a day
SUCCESS!!!  I’m posting a crap load of pictures on my instagram account. Thankfully, not many of them have been 1) food 2) my feet while laying on the couch 3) naked selfies. They’re fun to take (the pic a day, not naked selfies) and hopefully will be a good way to catalog my year.

Pool fishing... strange, we didn't catch any?!?!

Token sunset while running

From this weekend while hiking South Mountain in Phoenix

100 Push up challenge
FAIL :(  If you aren’t familiar, the push up challenge is a training app to ultimately get you to 100 push ups in a row. I did it for the first 2-3 weeks, but then….didn’t.  So, I’m going to start that back up again starting tonight.

Bike 2x a week
Bwhahahahahahaha!!! Um, no.

PR in marathon
TBD. I can’t really call this one a fail since I really haven’t tried yet. PLUS since I set a massive 4 min PR in the half marathon, I’m almost tempted to call this one kinda on track.

Read 10 pages / day
FAIL. Okay, fine. I guess step 1 of this one is to actually BUY a book. Step 2 would be to read 10 pages a day in it.  Improving is hard. In the meantime, I'm going to start counting books that I read to my son.  That Cat in the Hat sure is a handful!

Use additional spices in cooking
FINALLY Another success story!  Even when I don’t have any time for sleep, running, or “personal time” (read: any time without pants - mostly pooping) I love to cook.  I never cook anything all that fancy, I very rarely cook totally from scratch, but I like to do it after a busy day. The issue? It is always pretty bland. BUT, that is as easy as throwing some spices in there. So, that is what I have been doing!

Okay, so maybe SOME of my pictures are of food
My house smelled like a dirty fisherman for a week

Does anyone else have any good success stories?  Hopefully I'm not the only one failing!!


bwvjones said...

Those scallops look delicious.

Kate Geisen said...

I've been using a lot of turmeric. It doesn't have a ton of flavor but I read somewhere it's healthy.

And riding my bike and reading a bunch. I think if we combine my accomplishments and yours we might be able to meet your goals. Oh...and I'm totally still on target with my push-up challenge. Running, though? I vaguely remember that.

Gracie said...

My spice cabinet and I are far too good of friends. Spices are expensive! The scallops look delicious, though. I'm curious - what spices did you use with scallops? I usually leave them pretty plain, as I don't find the flavor can stand up to a lot of competition. Sometimes I do a little nutmeg and sweet sherry, but nothing stronger.

Pam said...

I failed to even make any resolutions, so there.

Sue's Ramblings said...

I biked! After getting one in Dec and staring at it for a whole mon th. LOL! I could send you some spices (plentiful around here) if I knew what the Customs or FDA rules are on these.

Jamoosh said...

Those free samples have refined sugar in them...

Richard Mendez said...

That food looked amazing. Not a big resolution guy, so this year I am trying to improve my 5K time, would like to get under 7min/mile. Been having this slow creeping thought about a half marathon, that may turn into a desire.

2cupsnrun said...

2 out of 6 is not failing. Just lower your expectations and everything will be fine.

Dr. Amber Aria, O.D. said...

I've been stuck on week 3 of the 100 push-up challenge for 3 weeks.