Friday, January 3, 2014

Funny Foto Friday: Bike Seat Color

First, I posted a 2013 year in review yesterday!!  There might have been some tears, a little bit of sobbing, and maybe some texting to find someone to hold me.  Also known as: Saturday night! Check it out below or click here if you are lazy like me.

Really quick before we get to the hilarity, my running is clicking along, so I'm going to do a full post on that soon.  Also, I have some resolutions, so I'm going to post those eventually.  Finally, I went on a bender trip to California / Napa and I want to post about that. Sooooooo, basically what I am saying is strap on your depends because its going to be a wild ride!


Sometimes a picture doesn't need any intro. Just.... Wow... So.amazing.

Bike seat color MATTERS.  Honestly, I think you're best off with white.

This one is somewhat random, and about 2 weeks too late, but I forgot to post it and you know what how about I just post the picture?

I have NO idea how people with pets do it

Finally, since I'm still in a bit of denial N'Sync are TOTALLY getting back together!! about the holidays being over, I thought this last one was appropriate. It essentially combines my three favorite things: working out, drinking, and did I mention drinking? Happy Friday!
Now this is a new years resolution I can get behind