Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Its Christmas Time!!!

Editor's note, having now wrote this, there are a BUNCH of pictures.  So, if you are on dial-up, probably best to put a note in your Trapper Keeper to join the new century.

It seems like the longer I'm a dad, the more I'm finding that so many things are best served with plenty of little kid joy sprinkled in - and Christmas is no exception. This year, Christmas is particularly special. My son is finally old enough to really "get" what is going on. He has told not one but 4 santas what he wants, is very curious how the elves are able to make so many toys, and most importantly is just barely self aware enough that promises of coal in his stocking for naughty children make him behave. God bless the holidays.

As you might expect, this means that I've been spending the last 3 weeks or so using whatever I can to get him to act like a human and not someone that was raised by wolves:
  • "You had better be good or else Santa won't come"
  • "Bobo the elf on the shelf is watching, you had better be good or else he will tell Santa on you"
  • "No no, today is NOT Christmas.  You can NOT open any presents today (repeat that one 10x / hour)"
One of the best tools in the parent's "be good and don't put that in your mouth but why are you being so loud and can't you just sit still?" arsenal is the Elf on the Shelf.  Look, I get that the elf is creepy looking and is just a marketing gimmick.  You can't tell me that a fat hairy old man who likes kids to sit on his lap is totally on the up and up....

Anyway, so the story goes, every night the elf flies back to santa to tell him if the kids have been good or bad.....or something. I dunno.  In the meantime, he likes to play tricks......or be naughty.......or basically parents like to do funny stuff to him to help make the holidays more joyous.  As such, Bobo the elf has gotten into a lot of trouble.

As with most things, it started innocent enough with a lot of water bottles.  Maybe he went for a run? Or, maybe he had a bit of cotton mouth?

Bobo must have been running hard to get SO thirsty or he was REALLY hungover

But soon you realize that something is wrong.  I think that Bobo might have a problem.

How many bottles did he drink!? And he is hugging that REALLY tight....

I mean, we really have all been guilty of having one too many glasses of wine and doing things that in hindsight seemed a bit silly, right?

An ENTIRE roll of toilet paper

Why did Bobo put the paper on my toys, dada!?!?

But soon the downward spiral is all too apparent. You fall in with the wrong crowd and start doing things that aren't just silly, they are downright psychotic.

Bobo came in like a wrecking ballllllllll
Better bleach the wrecking ball to kill the herpies.....

Finally, you hit rock bottom. Face down wondering how you got where you were.  Sad, really.  I'm going to put in a word with Santa, seems like Bobo needs an intervention.

It seems like someone might have went on a late night bender and then was hungry for Froot Loops....

Of course, all kidding aside, my son really has been good the last few weeks and we've been able to do some really fun things.  One of the most fun was looking at Christmas lights.  A block/cul de sac closes and has carollers, tons of lights, candy canes, hot coco for sale - the works.  Being in Phoenix, you gotta take every opportunity you can to pretend like it is actually Christmas.

Pretty. Of course, it was like 60 degrees here.

While we were looking at the lights, I took the opportunity to capitalize on the dim lighting so I didn't look like such an elephant man. Unfortunately, my son had taken a few laps of the block by this point so was pretty wound-up. As you can see in the time lapse below, getting a straight picture of him is easier said than done.

Note that MY face never changes though

Decorating the house has been fun too. At the end of the day, while I like the decorations I'm essentially decorating for him.  So, I let him do it however he wanted. Turns out a three year old can only reach the bottom half of the tree. Who knew?

This way he can help tear it down!
(I've since added 3x more balls in the bottom half.  You can never have too many....nevermind)

Doesn't look TOO bad w/ the lights on

Since this is the first year that he "gets" santa, we have certainly seen our fare share. The Bass Pro Shop Santa is one of the best (read: free) but the wait is really long (2+ hrs) - even if he can play on boats and four wheelers during.

Doing his best Goldie Hawn smile.  Looks painful - like watching Goldie Hawn

I went to the Harley Davidson dealer the same day to look at some coats and THEY had Santa....with no two hour line...and live music....and free lunch for a small donation....and free pictures....  Yeah, we're going back there next year for sure.

I think santa was grabbing some Adam sugar from behind

Also, I put together presents - BEFORE Christmas eve!!  I'm as surprised as you are.

Only had 1 extra wheel and a handful of bolts when I was done!

Finally, I really love the holiday season. I love the commercial aspects equally with the religious.  At the end of the day it all boils down to spending time with those you love and showing your appreciation for the year gone by.  I don't mind (that much) that it is pretty commercial with all of the gift giving.  Honestly, if not now - then when?  I for one certainly feel closest to family and friends during this time of year.  If that costs me a Monsters U dvd and a new bike - so be it.

Seriously, he doesn't just wear pajamas....
"no, you cannot have another cookie at 6:30am. Finish unwrapping the chocolates and eat your Froot Loops, those are much better.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ironman Arizona 2013 Spectator Report!

One of my most favorite parts of endurance sports are the relative nature of them all.  What is fast to some is slow to others and what is an amazing day for some is someone else's complete shit show.  Of course the man himself, Albert Einstein, probably said it best:
“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That's relativity.”

Or, maybe it was Chris Rock?
Oprah is rich, Bill Gates is wealthy. If Bill Gates woke up tomorrow with Oprah's money, he'd jump out a f**king window and slit his throat on the way down saying, "I can't even put gas in my plane!"

As a man who has completed 20 marathons and spent a weekend a few weeks ago spectating Ironman Arizona for the 4th year in a row, I can tell you one thing is for certain: Ironmen are either amazing athletes or batshit crazy.... maybe both.  But, I am getting ahead of myself...

A few weeks ago, Michaela, Arvan, and Layla were all in town volunteering for Ironman Arizona with Michaela and Arvan planning on signing up next year.  I was NOT planning on signing up, so the weekend for me was going to mostly be spent creating a scene and supporting whatever it took to get Michaela and Arvan into the race.  Turns out, that meant basically not sleeping - AT ALL.


First thing on the agenda for the weekend was running. (Or, as triathletes know it: the sport where you actually touch the ground.)  Since I'm in the middle of a bonafide running comeback, I wanted to make sure to front-load the weekend with as many miles as possible since I knew that I was going to be punishing my liver body with loads of spectating.  Unfortunately, that only meant 3 miles because Layla's IT band was acting up. 

So, with the longest workout of the weekend in the books (Yeahhhhh, about that "front loading" business....), it was off to the liquor store! Where.....there were free samples!!! Like, a LOT of free samples.  6 I think? 12? I dunno.  All I know is that between the cinnamon whiskey and maple syrup whiskey, I might have proposed to one of the "drink girls" and accidentally lost my pants.

What? You don't drink hard liquor while taking selfies after a run? (Layla and I)

The only way to drink maple syrup flavored whiskey?
At 6am in the morning!!  Pinkies OUT!

Camera shy Arvan looking to karate chop my face at dinner
Like that would stop me from taking his picture!


Since the weekend was really getting the crew familiar with an Ironman race atmosphere, most of Saturday was spent milling around the transition area and going to the surprisingly small (outdoor) expo.  It is always surprising to me that, in spite of the massive spectacle, this is still a somewhat small race - 3000 people.  But, if you put 3000 bikes and 3000 transition bags all in one place, it is rather overwhelming.  Relativity with sports, I suppose - for triathlon, 3000 people is a fairly massive race.

Overlooking T1 and T2. Note the bagillion bikes

Since we knew that Sunday was going to be a really long day, we all hydrated well and went to bed early gave ourselves facials that we bought at Target and drank wine.  Isn't that what everyone does?

I wake up looking like a gargoyle, 
just think how bad I'd look if I didn't do this stuff

Just another Saturday night

We all rented a townhome on AirBnB.  If you haven't rented a place on AirBnB it is essentially people renting out their house to you for either the same, or in some cases, way way less than a hotel. I'm really not sure where the people go that normally live there.  Anyway, since it was sort of close to halloween, there was a coffee cup and donut costume just DYING to be tried on.  Well, a bottle or two of wine later and I had a massive donut around my head and I was singing showtunes.

Coffee and donut costume. I have no words

With that it was off to bed to get something stupid like 5 hrs of sleep.  We had an ironman to spectate!


After 4-5 hours of sleep, I mainlined some coffee and we were off to the start.  Arizona doesn't have a wave start, instead has an all or nothing free for all.  I can't describe to you how crazy it is.  2700 or so type A triathletes all punching and kicking their way towards the finish line.  Well, except for one guy.  He got up on the ledge on the right side near the red triangle and started to rock out.  Party on, triathlete, party on.

A video of the swim start - terrifying
Make sure to check the dude dancing on the side @ 20 seconds

As is usually the case when spectating a race, there was plenty of time to kill while everyone was splish splashing in the water. So, the four of us went and ate around 3000 calories in french toast and omelets. If you want to win, you have to fuel like a winner.....

In a totally random side note, when we were walking either to or from the restruant, I saw a very odd looking roadie box that had TURDS painted on the side.  So, I'm no expert, but I can't think of the situation where by you'd actually have to store turds - let alone transport them from race to race.  I can only assume that the fecal transport had to do something with the elite racers.  Is there anything they won't do for elite racers!?

Turn Under Release Da Shit?

No really, turds

With bellies full of maple syrup, we were off to the real business of the weekend - cross dressing!!  Wait, what? So, the "Theme" of the aid station that I volunteered at was "sports".  And seriously, what says sports like cheerleaders?  And what says cheerleaders like a COWBOYS cheerleader!??!!  That is right, nothing.

So, I took it upon myself to throw dignity to the wind and show my support for the racers.  The good news is that it was really hot, so the lack of clothing was kind of nice.  The bad news is that I really rocked the face off of the knee high white leather boots. :(  I'm not really sure what I should think about that.

The next time you watch a John Wayne movie, think of me.  KISSES!! XOXO

I think I should have flexed more... or wore longer pants.... or....everything. Just...everything.

With volunteering done, we spectated for a bit and headed back to the townhome to rest.  Well, everyone else rested and I wondered if my ass would look better in platforms or a more simple slingback heel.  I decided on the slingbacks, but do like the idea of being 2" taller.... hmmm.....

After doing some stuff the rest of the day (the lack of sleep and sunlight to my midsection were really taking their toll on my memory) we finally headed to the finish line to watch the last few finishers come in at midnight. This is something that I was really looking forward to doing as I had never done it before.  Let me tell you - if you are ever watching an ironman race, sacrifice the sleep to watch the last racers cross the finish line.  It is one of the most inspirational things I have seen.

9 minutes to go until the doors close!

So, have I mentioned I take a lot of selfies? Even the chick in the back was loving it!
(hanging at the finish near midnight)

If you don't think this is inspirational, you don't have a soul
This guy was essentially delusional after being on the road for 17 hrs

With the finish line euphoria still coursing through our veins, we headed back and went to bed...... for a solid 3 hours of sleep because we needed to be BACK at the starting line to get everyone else signed up. You see, it isn't enough that the race costs $700, takes 6 months to train for, and takes anywhere between 10-17 hours to finish.... you have to wait in line for 3 hours at 4am to sign up!!!  Oyyy, makes me tired just thinking about it.


So, this post took me a bit longer to write than I would like because it is hard to summarize my thoughts and put them to words. I had such a great time and will admit that I do have a bit of the ironman itch.  I'm not certain that it is something that I could fit into my life right now - but it is certainly a bucket list thing.

Rest assured that I'll be cheering on Arvan and Michaela in a year (as well as many others).  Costume TBD.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Funny Foto Friday: So, I guess it is cold out?

People are funny about the weather. The news would like us to believe (or maybe we do believe?) that what we are experiencing didn't happen just 12 months before.  Note that I certainly said WE - I'm as guilty of it as well.  Because of the internet my brain has successfully transitioned into being able to remember bits of information 2 seconds at a I really like to go shopping sometimes and I can't believe that oranges are and I like puppies.

Either way, the cold snap provided seemingly hundreds of pictures of people's weather apps on their phone and the digital thermometer on their car - some while driving which I appreciate.  It was like a virtual junk measuring contest to see who could post the coldest.  Being from Phoenix, I lost. I l lost big.  (Umm, in the cold competition, not the junk one....)

Anyway, here are a few cold weather funnies the circulated around.  Hopefully they'll keep you warm.  Happy Friday!

The thin membrane of KY covering their bodies keeps them warm

True story.  I left a note though

Awww, I'm sure they have real glitter too sometimes

Finally, because I live in Phoenix, my son doesn't get to see snow...like at all.  While I try to let him see it at least once a year, it is really hard and involves either a pretty long drive or a flight.  Fortunately, he was able to go up north with some other family and not only play in the snow but also actually SEE it snowing!  I'm told he had a blast.  I'm also told that he mysteriously lost his mittens so was running around with full sized gloves. :)


Thursday, December 12, 2013

A new first: Leading a pace group

I’d like to think that in my 32 years on this earth I’ve been around the block once or twice.  I’ve been to Alaska, I’ve ran with the bulls in Spain, I’ve even backpacked across Europe.  JUST KIDDING, I haven't done any of those things. This weekend, however, I’m going to do something that I have never done before! Poop without tweeting. I am going to be the pace leader at a race!  On Sunday I’m running the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon in exactly 1:40:00.

In a perfect example of you can’t kill two birds unless the rock has gathered moss....wait, what? it isn’t what you know it is who you know, my friend Lauren not once but TWICE told me about the race looking for pacers at various speeds. I was very aware of the race and had even thrown around the idea of slapping on an elephant trunk costume and running naked banditing it. (Which would have been another thing that I hadn’t done before.) My running partner and one of my best friends are both running it so I was looking forward to lots of ass slapping and chest bumping the female spectators and whatever else guys do in testosterone fueled meet-ups. (Farting, I guess?) Fortunately though I hit up the race on Facebook asking about the pacer spot they had open and they said put on pants, weirdo yes!  Good thing, I wasn’t crazy about the idea of running even a part of the race without paying.....so instead I’m going to run the whole race without paying and get a medal and T-Shirt.

My buddies and I chilling pre race doing man things

In the past I’ve used pacers both for good race results and as a barometer of how far I was falling behind.  I might have had some choice words for the throng of people running 3:30 in NYC as they pranced by.  I ran with a pace group for 2/3 of the race when I BQ’d and when I broke 3:30 for the first time.  On the flip side, I’ve ran with some people who did NOT know how to pace (their pace was all over the map) and paid the price for it later in the race.  I remember the good pacers just as well as the bad, so I don’t take my newfound responsibility lightly.

The course is super flat so I’m going to rent a moped run even splits, slowing down for each aid station and maybe banking 15-30 seconds for the end. I'm also going to wear my NYC marathon pimp hat to hopefully shake off the stink of failure that was the NYC Marathon.  Fortunately, a 1:40 half is right at my long run pace, so I shouldn’t have any issues holding that the whole way while still being super annoying and chatty.  Unfortunately, my knee is being stupid and I haven’t ran in 2 days.  I’m taking today off as SUPER extra precaution and getting back into it tomorrow!

I don’t normally use the “ask question at the end to solicit comments”, but seriously – what do you like or dislike in a pacer?  I really want to get all of my kiddos to the finish line so am willing to accept any advice!!

What is that? Don’t call grown ass men and women “kiddos” is your first piece of advice?  Got it. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Funny Foto Friday: Died of Dysentery

First, I posted late last night, so check that out below or right here. Its all about the last week or so - in pictures!

Second, I haven't posted a Funny Foto Friday in a while, so since I'm in a blogging renaissance, here ya go!

Oregon Trail was basically the best game ever. 
My "family" always went naked and always seemed to get dysentery

My little brother sent me this one. Wasn't true before I had kids, but now?? SO TRUE

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Midweek mashup: Shopping, Running, and naked legs?

I was going to do a wordless Wednesday post but since 1) it is no longer Wednesday and 2) I'm pretty sure god himself could offer to pace me in a marathon and I still wouldn't be wordless, we're going to call this a bullet point post.  Deal? I'll bet god could totally run a sub 3 marathon... plus, short cuts over lakes and rivers with the whole walking on water thing would help shave extra time...I wonder how fast Moses could run...

Running has been going great - if not slightly less volume than I would like.  Last week I did 33 miles (mostly because of Thanksgiving) and this week I'm shooting for 42-44.  Since my body is coursing with testosterone feeling every 32 years I've been on this earth, I'm trying to take it a bit easy. I hope to be pushing 60mi by mid Jan when I run Rock and Roll Arizona.


My son's birthday is in early December, so for the last 3 years I've always done most of his shopping during the day after thanksgiving craziness. Nothing says peace, love, and joy like two women in their jammies fighting over the last "totally hetero" Bert and Ernie dolls. Sure Sesame Street, we believe you, totally hetero....

I don't mind the crowds and you honestly can get quite a few deals.  This was the first year that my son came with (along with my mom) so we tried to make the best out of the situation by having a little fun along the way:

RAWR (we were growling like Wolverine, obvs)

In spite of my excellent shopping skills, I had a TOTAL dad fail. One of the gifts I gave him required batteries. AAA batteries. Oh, I had AA batteries, D batteries, I even had some of those stupid flat batteries that look like a nickel and cost more than a bottle of wine.... but no AAA. (Why the hell are there 12 kinds of batteries? Couldn't 4 AAA batteries be replaced by one D??)  After a 10min hunt around my place to see if I could McGyver together a potato battery steal some from something else, I knew I had to go get some.  (In case I didn't know, my son told me approx 1000000 times)

Nothing says "yes, I'm a horrible dad" like heading to walmart in a Boston Marathon tshirt and Homer Simpson pants. Look for me on the http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/ website.

Still the best dressed person at Walmart

I got the Christmas tree up (bought day after Thanksgiving) but it smells like oil / petroleum. No word on the lead count in the leaves.  I'll let you know if I sprout another nipple (and will post pics).

The tree is pre-lit and has music built in that you can turn on and off. Unfortunately, my son learned how to turn on the music and I'm pretty sure if I hear one more musack rendition of "I saw mommy kissing santa clause" I'm going to fa-lalalalala shoot myself in the face.

This year's Christmas tree brought to you by the Exxon Valdez

I went running with my son along the canals in Phoenix the other day.  I found out that not only can he run a 12:00/mile pace for around a tenth of a mile, but he also has the keen ability to spot poop from 50 yards. Future president of the United States people. PRESIDENT.

Finally, like I said before, my running really is coming along well.  Although, the other day, I was in the shower and noticed what I thought was a bit of dirt on the back of my leg.  Well, I scrubbed and scrubbed and almost fell over....only to find out that it was a BRUISE and not dirt at all!  I have no idea where I got this bruise and I don't bruise at all so I had to have hit myself pretty hard?  Either way, I assume that it was just the evil trying to get out, so hopefully it goes away soon.

To answer your obvious questions:
  • No, I did not have pants on
  • Yes, that is a stupid tanline from my knee support / straps
  • Yes, I cropped this picture a LITTLE bit because I didn't have pants on and I wanted to keep it PG
  • Yes, taking a picture of the back of your body is really hard
  • Seriously, did anyone borrow my legs a few days back, bruise it, and not tell me?  
Maybe it was a hickey? Are those still a thing?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NYC Marathon - Worth the cost?

Since the NYC marathon lottery is now ongoing, I thought I'd address the astronomical race entry cost of $260.

No sooner did I finish the NYC marathon than I took to my phone and sent out a few text to runners that I knew were tracking me. (Kidding - I'm a hot mess after I finish a race.  I totally incoherently stammered around for 20min like a bad zombie movie.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I craved brains at one point.)  Truth was, I knew that I had a few people that would be quite worried about me coming in 30+ minutes later than my expected time

No fewer than 3-4 immediately asked one simple question: Was it worth the cost?  Now, each of these people is a runner like I am (Read: Perverted Crazy bordering on obsessive....) so I knew they weren't talking about they heavy toll my liver paid with the NYC weekend body paid running the race.  Nope, they were talking about the $260 that I spent on the "privilege" of running THE New York City Marathon.  The true crux of the question was: Is the NYC marathon 3x more fun than any other marathon?  The crowds, the expo, massages with happy endings even the howitzer cannon at the start.....did they all combine to an over the top experience better than any other race?

Not being in the right state of mind to answer that question, (the post race "beer recovery" might have already started) I turned to the other runners around me and asked the same.  Like my initial gut reaction, no one had a firm answer of yes or no.  Everyone agreed that it was an amazing race, but at 3x the cost of most others and a severe lack of happy ending massages, the cost was nearly prohibitive.

Play on, player

Of course, not only is the NYC marathon the biggest AND the more expensive, but NYC itself is one of the most expensive cities! So, the true cost of the race isn' 3x more but likely 5-6x more.  Hotels aren't $100/night like in a normal town, they are $300.  You can't really rent a car and instead are subject to taxi fares that make Whole Foods seem cheap in comparison. Of course, some of these expenses can be limited if not eliminated. Expensive hotels can be replaced by being not very choosy at clubs/bars at 3am cheaper ones combined with double the normal amount of bed-bug spray and bullet proof jackets. Taxis can be replaced with subway rides and Clorox wipes.  But, no matter how you slice it, all-in, the NYC marathon is WAY more expensive.

Of course, I'm a capitalist at heart, so I certainly don't fault NYC Road Runners for charging what they do.  They have no issues filling their 50,000 person field many times over.  Similar to Boston, the flagship race likely pays for lesser known smaller races.....that I don't get to enjoy. Bummer.

So, enough with the jibber jabber... is it worth it?  The answer that I gave to my friends was that it is a lot like a $300 bottle of wine. Is that bottle 6x better than a $50 bottle? Ehhhhhh, probably not. Most of the little things that contribute to the $300 bottle cost are likely lost on most - as they are in the NYC marathon.  However, should everyone at least TRY a $300 bottle of wine at some point in their life?  Most certainly yes.  But, like most things in life, it is all based on the flavor that you're looking for!  The marathon probably isn't worth it, no.  But it was certainly worth it at the time, and I would recommend it to others.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Giving thanks and turkey trotting

You may not be something to everyone, but you're certainly someone's everything.

I really like Thanksgiving.  As much as retail stores try, I really feel like it hasn't been commercialized too much. Either that or I've just missed the Hallmark "congratulations, you're a carnivore" greeting card line.  It isn't religious, there aren't presents, plus there is drinking which never hurts. It is really a low fuss holiday (if you want it to be).

This Thanksgiving, instead of posting a pompous list of daily things on facebook that I am thankful for (IPHONE,  someone posted that they were thankful for their god damn phone), I took stock of what is really important.  I have one thing that I am thankful for:

Unconditional love

This 2013, I'm thankful for every moment, good and bad, that I spend with my son. Through his faults and mine every day we treat like our last. Over the last few months he has shown me what unconditional love feels like and what it can become.  For that, I am thankful.  Thankfully, I didn't need a post a day to come to that conclusion.


As has been the case for the last 4 or so years, this year I ran the local turkey trot 10k. This was the first year that I ran it on minimal training and pushing the stroller. The results were about 40 minutes in the pain cave. Ouch.

Time: 42:22 (Including a 41 second break to take care of my son, so 41:41 running)
Place: 114/2118
AG Pace: 16/?? (103/1066 men)
Pace: 6:50/mi

I knew that this year's race would be a bit harder than some since I would be pushing the stroller.  The thing about pushing the stroller at 9+mph is that it really works muscles that you're not expecting.  My triceps from continuing to push, my core from constant pelvic thrusts at soccer moms, and my hamstrings from pushing off w/ load.  There is no arguing that it slows me down probably 20-30 sec/mile.

I assumed that I was in around 39:00ish shape on my own so figured that I'd run 6:30s as long as I could and try to come in somewhere between 41:00-41:30.  Fortunately my running partner, Ryan, was also looking to run 6:20s so we were able to go out together at the start.

Seriously, how tall IS Ryan!? 6'14"?!?! I'm 5'9 or 5'10 and I look like an umpa-loopma

The first two miles went off without a hitch and I clicked off two 6:30s.  Ryan was feeling great and around a mile into the race started adding about 10 sec/mile on me (ultimately finishing at 39:0X).

Unfortunately, around mile 2, my son decided that it was his turn to run. He started (and continued) to bitch say that it was his turn to run and tried to get out of the stroller.  Let me tell you....when you're in the middle of an all out 10k effort, nothing bugs you more than someone whining "are we done yet?"..... "is it my turn?"...  It wasn't exactly the kind of cheerleading I was looking for at the time.  As such, around mile 2.75, I stopped and pleasantly reminded my son that this was a race and he would run afterwards.  (That last bit might be edited for content.)  41 seconds later (lapped my garmin) we were off and moving.

The combination of the stop and the miles really took their toll by this point and the last 3 miles were a suffer-fest.  My running pace went down to approx 6:50ish which was once my goal solo marathon pace. Not exactly lightning speed, but still respectable enough to "beat the turkey" which is some unfortunate soul who runs approx 45-48 min in a full blown turkey costume.

My son was very concerned that we beat the turkey

All said I had a really good time at the race - and always do.  It is a fast course with only a few turns and enough speedy people to not make it a solo training run feel. Eventually I'd like to do a sub 90min half marathon pushing the stroller, so I think that we both need a bit of training to get us to where we need to be!