Sunday, October 20, 2013

Houston We Have A Problem

Poor Huston, they’re always dealing with everyone’s shit. Always listening to astronauts complain about “no air” or “alien invasion”...

Oh yes, there have been problems over the last month or so.  Problems indeed.  Work has taken over my life so much that I haven’t had time for much else of anything. I suppose the good news is that when I’m stressed I don’t poop, so there is lots of time saved right there alone.  (When in a slump, you have to look for silver linings)

I have a big deadline coming up with work so have been putting in 14 hr days with a 2 hr commute, weekend work, its been a joy. No time for running let alone blogging. What free time I have had has been spent hanging with my son or eating fiber trying to poop.  (Ok, I miss the pooping)  This has led to weekly miles in the teens instead of the 50s like I would like.

Mmmmm, bad habits have full flavor

If one is good, then 500 are GREAT
The slippery slope to bad habits is an easy one. As in life I suppose the successes are hard fought and the “failures” are easily reached by doing....nothing.  I have to imagine that it is the same way with the people on that show “Hoarders”.  It starts off innocent enough. You like collecting porcelain cats to put on the shelf above the fire place. But then it goes from one shelf to 5 shelves and late nights on eBay fighting over the really rare one.  But then you figure if fake cats are good, then real ones must be better! So time goes by, keeping cats alive takes more and more of your time, and before you know it you haven’t flushed the toilet in 12 years.  At least that is how it worked for me.

BUT, there is a flicker of a light at the end of the tunnel at the end of next week and this weekend I’m actually carving off the time to blog AND run.  In the meantime, I’m working on my fitness by doing pushups / situps which take much less time to knock out than prepping for a run.  Although, I’ve found that I can do an embarrassingly low number of pushups with my son on my back – and him exclaiming “do more dada! We need to do more!” when I collapse isn’t helping my ego.

I will say that the time off has done worlds for my self image and self identification. I had previously thought of myself as a bit of a one trick pony.  I am runner, here me neigh roar!! But instead I’ve found that there is much more to me than a hobby turned lifestyle. Going forward I’m going to get back into blogging and am going to keep up with the cross training to try to get a bit of balance – even if it affects my running a bit. Afterall, I can do TEN pushups with my son on my back.  MR UNIVERSE HERE I COME!