Sunday, December 1, 2013

Giving thanks and turkey trotting

You may not be something to everyone, but you're certainly someone's everything.

I really like Thanksgiving.  As much as retail stores try, I really feel like it hasn't been commercialized too much. Either that or I've just missed the Hallmark "congratulations, you're a carnivore" greeting card line.  It isn't religious, there aren't presents, plus there is drinking which never hurts. It is really a low fuss holiday (if you want it to be).

This Thanksgiving, instead of posting a pompous list of daily things on facebook that I am thankful for (IPHONE,  someone posted that they were thankful for their god damn phone), I took stock of what is really important.  I have one thing that I am thankful for:

Unconditional love

This 2013, I'm thankful for every moment, good and bad, that I spend with my son. Through his faults and mine every day we treat like our last. Over the last few months he has shown me what unconditional love feels like and what it can become.  For that, I am thankful.  Thankfully, I didn't need a post a day to come to that conclusion.


As has been the case for the last 4 or so years, this year I ran the local turkey trot 10k. This was the first year that I ran it on minimal training and pushing the stroller. The results were about 40 minutes in the pain cave. Ouch.

Time: 42:22 (Including a 41 second break to take care of my son, so 41:41 running)
Place: 114/2118
AG Pace: 16/?? (103/1066 men)
Pace: 6:50/mi

I knew that this year's race would be a bit harder than some since I would be pushing the stroller.  The thing about pushing the stroller at 9+mph is that it really works muscles that you're not expecting.  My triceps from continuing to push, my core from constant pelvic thrusts at soccer moms, and my hamstrings from pushing off w/ load.  There is no arguing that it slows me down probably 20-30 sec/mile.

I assumed that I was in around 39:00ish shape on my own so figured that I'd run 6:30s as long as I could and try to come in somewhere between 41:00-41:30.  Fortunately my running partner, Ryan, was also looking to run 6:20s so we were able to go out together at the start.

Seriously, how tall IS Ryan!? 6'14"?!?! I'm 5'9 or 5'10 and I look like an umpa-loopma

The first two miles went off without a hitch and I clicked off two 6:30s.  Ryan was feeling great and around a mile into the race started adding about 10 sec/mile on me (ultimately finishing at 39:0X).

Unfortunately, around mile 2, my son decided that it was his turn to run. He started (and continued) to bitch say that it was his turn to run and tried to get out of the stroller.  Let me tell you....when you're in the middle of an all out 10k effort, nothing bugs you more than someone whining "are we done yet?"..... "is it my turn?"...  It wasn't exactly the kind of cheerleading I was looking for at the time.  As such, around mile 2.75, I stopped and pleasantly reminded my son that this was a race and he would run afterwards.  (That last bit might be edited for content.)  41 seconds later (lapped my garmin) we were off and moving.

The combination of the stop and the miles really took their toll by this point and the last 3 miles were a suffer-fest.  My running pace went down to approx 6:50ish which was once my goal solo marathon pace. Not exactly lightning speed, but still respectable enough to "beat the turkey" which is some unfortunate soul who runs approx 45-48 min in a full blown turkey costume.

My son was very concerned that we beat the turkey

All said I had a really good time at the race - and always do.  It is a fast course with only a few turns and enough speedy people to not make it a solo training run feel. Eventually I'd like to do a sub 90min half marathon pushing the stroller, so I think that we both need a bit of training to get us to where we need to be!


Kate Geisen said...

That's an amazing stroller pushing pace. Shoot, I'd be thrilled to run that fast downhill with a tailwind. You keep this up and you'll have to change your name to The Buff Runner.

ltlindian said...

so fast even with the stroller so quit your bitchin ! We have a lighthouse and/or a moose guy that runs our local races and is very fast! it's super annoying to get passed by the moose/lighthouse. bastard. said...

Nice job. That is a serious time for stopping and pushing a stroller. I always find Turkey Trots to be fast and fun courses. I don't know maybe I'm just oddly biased.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. BTW, noticed that you've been running with the stroller a lot more lately - any attempts at the FM with it? And I'll be a midget next to Ryan since I'm just over 5'.