Friday, December 13, 2013

Funny Foto Friday: So, I guess it is cold out?

People are funny about the weather. The news would like us to believe (or maybe we do believe?) that what we are experiencing didn't happen just 12 months before.  Note that I certainly said WE - I'm as guilty of it as well.  Because of the internet my brain has successfully transitioned into being able to remember bits of information 2 seconds at a I really like to go shopping sometimes and I can't believe that oranges are and I like puppies.

Either way, the cold snap provided seemingly hundreds of pictures of people's weather apps on their phone and the digital thermometer on their car - some while driving which I appreciate.  It was like a virtual junk measuring contest to see who could post the coldest.  Being from Phoenix, I lost. I l lost big.  (Umm, in the cold competition, not the junk one....)

Anyway, here are a few cold weather funnies the circulated around.  Hopefully they'll keep you warm.  Happy Friday!

The thin membrane of KY covering their bodies keeps them warm

True story.  I left a note though

Awww, I'm sure they have real glitter too sometimes

Finally, because I live in Phoenix, my son doesn't get to see at all.  While I try to let him see it at least once a year, it is really hard and involves either a pretty long drive or a flight.  Fortunately, he was able to go up north with some other family and not only play in the snow but also actually SEE it snowing!  I'm told he had a blast.  I'm also told that he mysteriously lost his mittens so was running around with full sized gloves. :)



The Running Nurse said...

Brr is right! It's in the teens here in upstate NY! Can we trade for the winter?

paullamb said...

How can a little boy possibly lose his mittens???

HalfCrazed Runner said...

Thanks for the funnies! I think I'm glad I'm always freezing? ...

Michaela said...

Are you calling me a "lonely person"?!?!

Thomas Lyon said...

hahahaha very funny pictures i really like this.
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