Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekends make me sleepy

Have you ever had one of those weekends that you almost want over so that you can get back to the "relaxing" work week? This weekend was one of those weekends.  If you only knew how busy I was at work right now, you'd know how big of a deal this is....

After the disaster that was the NYC Marathon (not to be confused with the weekend surrounding the NYC marathon), I vowed to get back on the horse (bareback, because that is how I roll....always) and get back into running full bore.  As such, I've ran 5,7,8 miles on Fri,Sat,Sun - all pushing the stroller. They have been hard. And slow. And they made me sore. But I've loved every minute of it. (That's what she said.) The first two were too fast in the 7:20s and the last one was around 7:45.  All felt like I was sprinting.

The weekend started on the north of town with my son and I volunteering at a (very) small 5K/10K with a very good friend. We were at the 10K turn around and were to expect around 30 runners. Fortunately, that meant two things.  My son could help pass out water and I was afforded lots of time to screw off and take pictures. Here is the sunrise.

(No Filter.) I hate that our instagram culture requires me to tell you that.
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Phoenix has miles and miles of water canals (like, 100s of miles).  Since I've been running so much with the stroller lately, one of the ways that I get my son to do it is promising to feed the duckies.  Luckily, the duckies like bread just as well as they do breakfast cereal or whatever we happen to be carrying. These ducks just so happen to be LOVING Apple Jacks.

I'm sure the Red #5 in the Apple Jacks did the duck's body good

Playing with dirt.  Because, boy.

We had a blast volunteering with both successes and disappointments along the way.  You see, my son had to learn the hard lesson that "not all runners are thirsty".  And, well, see for yourself. (if you're reading on your phone, direct links here and here.)

I know, I filmed it the wrong way. Hopefully cuteness makes up for it?

Not to worry, his short term disappointment was soon forgotten!

Later that day (I think? Good lord my mind is turning to mush) we headed to a car show.  Not because I love cars, which I really do, but because they had REAL LIFE Pixar Cars for the kids to see. I seriously don't know why all events don't have full size replica of something cartoon related. Basically I'm saying that the doctor should always be dressed up as a clown or something.

Fortunately, my son didn't notice the fact that this wasn't a real racecar

"Daddy, I want to drive him!!"


Jamoosh said...

I know you are not stopping your watch to feed the ducks...right?


Colorado Gal said...

Your son is absolutely freaking adorable.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Your son in sunglasses is too cute!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Only 30 people at the 10K! I'm putting this one on my list for next year! Your Son is such a cutie! Carri~A Running bee