Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

I rarely do these, but who is to argue with alliteration?

Not only is this the best time of year in Phoenix for running, but also motorcycle riding. I've been taking advantage of that at every opportunity.

Happiness is only a short ride away

The other day I was running and the bugs were REALLY bad. I got one in my eye and I could not get it out. I eventually had to stop and take a picture to see where the hell it was. The worst part was that I could feel it crawling on my eye

Bug was totally rolling in a turd before in my eye

I really don't have any words for this one. A crate found in the Ironman Arizona expo area.

Turds obviously stands for.... turds

Finally, I used the gym at my (new) office today for the first time. Turns out, it is freaking awesome! There are showers, lockers, and plenty of workout equipment. Which means, I basically have no excuse now....shit.

Conversely, I guess I could drink some Listerine if the work day gets a bit long?

Of course, long hours plus post work workout equals as very long day.

I haz sadz


Sue's Ramblings said...

We're moving to our new office building this weekend. I foresee a lot of lunch gym workouts. Let's hope ours is as nice as yours.

One Crazy Penguin said...

The biggest thing that I hate about my office building is that there is no gym. There isn't even one close that I could join. Huge bummer!

Nelly said...

There is some alcohol in listerine if you read the package lol

dontblinkjustrun said...

Ohh, jealous! I would love a gym at my office. Oddly enough, they built us a locker room with showers, but alas, no gym.