Friday, November 22, 2013

How a donkey gave me my groove back

It should come as no surprise that I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Or, rather, multiple funks - a creative one with the blog and a running one with my obvious lack of running.

Probably 80% of the time while I run I’m thinking about nothing. I’m content with clenching my loins trying not to poop feeling my feet hit the ground and focusing on the next step forward. But, that other 20% of the time....I’m a hot mess.  As I was suffering through the NYC marathon, I got to thinking about the story of the donkey in the well. For illustrative purposes, we’ll call him (obviously, all jackasses are male) Wilbur.

Farmer Jon was doing what farmers do (OBVIOUSLY growing corn to be made into high fructose corn syrup and injecting cattle with hormones) and heard an awful noise. Turns out, his dumbass jackass Wilbur had fallen into an open well. After some thought, Jon decided that Wilbur was old and the well needed to be filled up anyway, so would bury the donkey alive to put it out of its misery while at the same time filling the hole! Two birds, one stone. [Editor’s note, what kind of sadistic person decides something like that!?!?] Farmer Jon grabbed a shovel and started to throw dirt down the hole. More and more dirt was thrown down, but with each shovelful that landed on Wilbur, he simply shook it off and stood up on the ever increasing pile of dirt.  Of course, after some time and lots of scooping, the well was filled with dirt and the (probably now very pissed) donkey walked right out.

My running, and more holistically my life, has involved a lot of dirt being thrown on my head.  Seemingly everyone that I knew had a shovel in their hand.  I’m not one to sweat the small stuff, but I found the dirt had started to pile up and I hadn’t stepped on top of the pile to get out of the well.

As I was walking down 1st Ave in NYC around mile 17 hearing the people scream my name (along with a few idiots telling me I was ‘almost there’), I was planning my comeback. I would focus on the important things at work, delegate to my team as needed, not sweat the small stuff, get back to running 5x a week, and find a few spring marathons to nail.  That is, every time someone would throw more dirt, I would step on top of it, not let it bury me.

As such, this week has been amazing for running. I had a (somewhat disjointed w/ stoplights) 6mi tempo on Tues @ 6:40, a solid 8 mi recovery on Weds, and another “real” 5mi tempo on Thursday which averaged 6:35 overall.  My body isn’t rejecting the miles and I have a renewed vigor for the sport.  But, more importantly..... I have a renewed vigor for everything.

Hmmmm, reading through that, it was rather a downer post.  
So, here is a funny picture to make everything better!


KellumSong said...

I love this post!!!! Just the kick in the pants we all need to realize when life gives us lemons, make lemondade, to quote a very old cliche! :) Learning from every negative experience is what life is all about, Adam. No doubt your comeback will be a rapid one!!!!!

One Crazy Penguin said...

Such truth! It's really hard sometimes to take a step back though and realize that you are being buried. Yay you!

Nelly said...

lol on people saying "almost there" at mile 17 of the marathon haha

Pat said...

The folks that were yelling almost there at mile 17 were referring to the White Castles at mile 18. Sadly, it was closed. There went my whole race strategy of refueling on belly bombers.

Glad you're back in the swing of things. The Sedona Marathon is February 1.

Layla said...

That's a cool analogy. And I think maybe it also says that if someone calls you a jackass, you might just prove that THEY are actually the jackass for judging.

Sue's Ramblings said...


Kate Geisen said...

Welcome back!

I think we all end up going through those downer periods where life and people around us are not cooperating. Here's to staying out of the well!

TriGirl said...

I am in the exact same place as you! Except of course I just ran twice this week to total 7 miles, but it's my comeback.

Wait, does this make us jackasses?

Seth Tyler said...

it's funny how many people are going through the same thing but individually feel alone in that stupid well.

Good to see you back on your feet.