Thursday, August 1, 2013

So Proud

Today I ran for the 8th day in a row.  It feels REALLY good to get some consistency after a few weeks of really up and down efforts.  Nothing seems to really stand out as far as amazingly fast, but I got in a pretty solid marathon pace run today with the last 6 miles around 6:55/mile. I should add that, at FIVE IN THE MORNING, it was 91 degrees. So, I’m actually quite pleased with the run given the conditions.

I should run around 58ish miles this week with a goal of continuing to add to that until I get to 80 or so.  As long as I can get through the end of this week w/out any issues, I think that I’m going to start to get back into “real” tempo and speedwork.  I’ve been battling one issue or another (shin splints, sore knee, Achilles) and haven’t felt ready to drop the paces down a whole lot.  I’m afraid the time has come to bring the pain.

Honestly, I could probably add 10 miles a week right out of the gate if I’d just go to bed an hour earlier and get up earlier.  A lot of times I seem to cut my runs short (like, this morning) because I don’t get to bed in time to get enough sleep. The time has come, I suppose to turn off the reality TV and get some sleep.


Over the last few days, it’s like I’m living an episode of Bill Cosby’s “Kid’s say the darndest things”. A small sampling:

On Sunday, my son and I were watching TV and coverage of the pope’s visit to Brazil came on. Unfortunately, in my house "daddy's turn" to watch TV comes far too often.  The following exchange then transpired:
Kiddo: Dada, who is THAT!?
Boring dad: That’s the pope, he is god’s friend
Kiddo: HE IS IN A TRUCK!!!
Boring dad: Well, it’s the popemobile, but yeah, I guess so.
Kiddo: I love his truck, dada
Boring dad: I’ll be sure to pass that along

Great, now he is going to what bullet proof glass for his first car.


Finally, my son is going through a bit of an “I love mommy and daddy can go suck an egg” phase. I don’t even like pickled eggs!! Hopefully this phase is a little more terrible twos and a little less buy Goth clothing and join a metal band. It honestly isn’t THAT bad, but it is hell on my ego.  But, as much as I would like to just throw some toys/candy at him at every opportunity, I’m trying to be a “good” parent and do lots of book reading, truck playing, and coloring.  (sidenote: I’m a kick-ass colorer)

Since we’re trying to potty train him, it’s basically the best thing in the world when he goes on the potty.  Believe me, if I could have a marching band cranking out John Phillips Sousa as a celebration, I would.  Anyway, I found out that while at school earlier this week, after going on the potty my son exclaimed, “I want dada to be proud of me!”  I swear to god, I about shed a tear right there.  Turns out at home in addition to an M&M after going potty I exclaim at how proud I am of him for going.  I guess SOMETHING is getting through.  So, I’ll cancel the order for baggy black pants with 90 safety pins attached for now and relish the moments that I do have with him.  That DOES make me proud.


Sue's Ramblings said...

Exchange between my SIL and my 2 year old niece:
SIL: Where's Daddy, Ashley?
Ashley: Daddy in potty.
Have a great weekend Adam!

HalfCrazed Runner said...

That's crazy hot! Congrats on the running streak. Adding 10% is usu my motto.