Monday, July 8, 2013

Lake Vacation and Missoula Marathon is awesome!

Last week was Independence Day in the United States.  Now, there is a saying that goes something like: I might have been born at night, but it wasn’t turnip truck!  Or something. I don’t know. I’m not good at words.

Point is, I realize that this blog is read by at least 3 dozen Russian porn blog-comment robots and I can only assume that they don’t know much about the 4th of July.  (After hours of painstaking research, I can tell you that what the Russian porn robots DO know about is dirty. Very dirty.)  Anyway, the day is spent doing things that are just about as American as you can imagine. Grilling meat with fire, drinking beer, wearing cowboy hats, and blowing shit up.

I was visiting my family in the Midwest while staying at my dad’s lake cabin.  It was a blast.  Well, it was pretty tiring to chase after my son all week on my own and I got pretty sick half way through, but other than that, totally fun!

This was basically the only time he wasn't running around 90mph

 Oh yes, family bonding time... Can you feel the love?
Seriously though, they're both going to kill me for posting this. Not flattering for either.

What to do while everyone is on their phones? Duckface double chin selfies. Duh.

On the boat going to 4th of July fireworks

Yeah, he lasted about 3 minutes after this picture was taken and was out like a light.


I know I haven’t spoken much about it, but I'm running a marathon this weekend!!  The Missoula Marathon!! It is just going to be a training run for me because I’m still (horribly) out of shape, but I’m still super looking forward to it. Let me count the awesome things about it:

  • Big Sky Brewing (Moose Drool brown) is one of the main sponsors.  Let me repeat: a micro brewery is one of the sponsors. 
  • Related, there is a beer run on Friday night before. Let’s just hope that I only leave my dignity at the door and not my pants as well.
  • The race photos are FREE to download. Suck it MarathonPhoto and your $70 to pay for pictures of me looking constipated! I get constipated pictures for FREE!!
  • Jeff Galloway is going to be there to add to my list of meeting elite runners. Do you think he likes beer?
  • I’m traveling alone, which is sometimes bad, but I’m looking forward to the time to run around naked think.
  • The race website "warns" about 5 min lines for the port a pots at the start. They were seriously apologizing ahead of time that it might be that long.  Oh Missoula, I already want to kiss you on the mouth
  • Did I mention the beer part?

So, I’ll do a race preview after the beer run, but it should be a blast!


Running Librarian said...

Sounds like fun! I hope those five minute portapotty lines don't turn into 6 min. lines..people get really angry when they have to wait longer than five mins.

Gracie said...

Are they incapable of renting more porta-potties?!

steveshouseofrunning said...

I ran this as my first marathon back in 2011. Missoula is awesome and it's a solid small race. Watch for badgers at the start. Yes, badgers. Moose Drool Brown Ale is a nectar of the gods.

Christina said...

I was at a half this weekend where they WAITED for the last minute pee-ers before the race started. That's how you know you're at a small race.

I'm excited to see the Missoula report. I put this race on my list of "maybe some day" races and I know your race report will inspire me further.

Don't get eaten by a bear.

Lish B said...

Suck it marathon foto!! Ridiculous that they seriously charge that much.

Allison said...

1) I like beer. This sounds like a race I should look into.
2) HRH also runs around like a demon on vacation. I'm not sure why it's considered a "vacation" for parents.
3) Beer. Good luck!

Jeff McCloud said...

I missed the starting gun of my first half marathon last October because I was in line for the portapotty. Got in line 15 minutes before the start, and I After I finished my business, I sprinted back to my wife, stripped down to my shorts, kissed my wife and ducked under the tape and started toward the back of 3,500 runners. Consequently, I didn't start with my pace group and ended up passing and dodging the slower people for the first two miles or so.

Ryan Stephens said...

My sentiments mostly echo Allison's so I'll just say best of luck to you on your marathon this weekend, Adam.

Pat said...

enjoy the marathon. I think Galloway has a beer routine. He chugs three beers straight, then sips one slowly. He repeats this until he's consumed 26.2 beers.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Any time goals? Even if it's a training run....and which run are you training for? NYCM? Anyway, all the best!

John and Becca said...

I read your blog often and love it. We leave Saturday morning for Missoula. Super excited for the free beer and my running partner doesn't drink so I get 2 beers!
first time commenting from my iPhone ad don't know how to link to Wordpress. Whatev