Saturday, July 20, 2013

Funny Foto Friday: Careful Where You Poop

Running has been going really well, but I'm not going to post about it because I don't want to jinx it. Seriously. So, if it continues to go well, I'll post about it on Monday. Deal?


We've all done it. Hopped a fence to poop in a construction zone port o potty.... ducked behind some bushes or maybe some really closely parked cars.... When you're running, stuff happens. ("Stuff" in this context of course means shit.)

Well, runner be warned. If you poo on someone's house every week (for months!?!?!) someone is eventually going to set up a hidden camera and put you on the news.  If you watch one YouTube video this weekend.  Make sure it this this one from Albuquerque.


Somewhat related, I found this picture a while back and it made me laugh pretty hard:


Finally, it was my birthday sometime within the last 364 days, so I took my son to an arcade similar to Dave and Busters, out to eat, and then to IHOP for pancakes the next day.  I have to admit, the video games were a bit.....much..... so we both needed a bit of a drink after we were done. Happy Friday!

One for you, one for me.....

We were the youngest people in 30 years


BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

wait? what? "Make sure it this this one from Albuquerque" how many poop video's on youtube are there???

Jen said...

That video might be the BEST running-related news piece ever. HOLY CRAP (no pun intended) that's awesome.

Brian said...

Just dropping a few friends off.

Pat said...

congrats on making the top 100.

Although, I expected you to be a lot higher.


Sue's Ramblings said...

I wonder if she has found out that she's famous!!?!?!

Shannon King said...

Wow who would have thought there would be more than one video of on making the top 100 bud, it's well deserved for sure! love the look on your face in the IHOP picture

Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

Pam said...

"Malicious fecal distribution" BAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

Hahaha bad human. I bet it's not about whose house it is, it's the fact that she has to poop at that exact moment on her run everytime! And his house happens to be there? Makes sense. lol I hope she found a new running route.

Ashlee said...

If the T-Rex ever reaches the TP his arms are too short to reach anywhere and do anything with it. #trexproblems