Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Try it Tues: Bud Light: Lime-A-Rita

I’m a pretty normal guy.  I certainly can manscape and accessorize appreciate nice things, but I’m not driving a Ferrari.  I am very tight assed frugal, but I am not holding my pants up with a string. As such, I generally find what works and don’t change a lot day to day. I workout at the same times, I eat the same foods, and yes – I even drink the same drinks.  Everything else is just noise that gets in the way of me drinking the same drinks.

Every so often though, I'll get a bug in my britches and will decide that it is time to branch out and try something new. So far I've tried mangos (pain in the ass) and sweet potatoes (you can make them french fries!!!) but this last week... I tried something that I never thought that I would try: Bud Light Lime-A-Rita.

Lime-A-Rita: A Margarita with a Twist
I think the "twist" is you throwing your back out trying to catch hold of your dignity

We've all seen the commercials on TV.  The late 20s early 30s attractive men and women sitting on the back of a truck or on a beach playing volleyball sipping a nice cold Lime-A-Rita.  They look happy.  They're certainly sexy. High fives all around!!  Obviously their drink has to have SOMETHING to do with their rippling abs and Jennifer Aniston layered hair, right?! So, I splurged at my ghetto Wal-Mart and bought a 24oz "Rita".  Read: I grabbed a can while no one looking and tried to hide it under some salad and diapers like a 16 year old tries to hide condoms.

If a tall boy can of 8% "Rita" doesn't make me cute, I don't know what will
They put it on the side like a badge of honor: "Drink me! MoFo will mess you up!!"

First things first.. Shit was in a BIG can.  I don't know who is pounding 24oz of Bud margarita in one sitting, but whoever they are, they're certainly wearing a tank top with holes in the arm pits or are on their prom night and their mom just "doesn't understand".

Why yes ladies, it really IS that big

Second, I really REALLY hate to say this, like, hate it more than Duck Dynasty hates shaving, but it honestly wasn't that bad.  It tasted like a mix between a Mike's hard lemonade and a margarita - but with more fizz. It tasted nothing like Bud Light.....which honestly makes me think that they really shouldn't put the Bud name on there.  Nothing says "Hey, you should drink this because your dad drinks this" like Bud Light.

Trying my best to class up the 'Rita - pinky first

Truth be told though, I don't have anything against Bud. With the increase of micro-breweries, they're an easy target to represent "the man". In fact, I have Bud Light in my fridge right now, but I also have 4 or so different kinds of micro brew beer too.  Oh, also I have some left over Lime-A-Rita.

Ok seriously, I think THIS is how a Bud Light is supposed to be drank
Just relax your throat
(self shot photo for the win!)

Overall, I think Bud has their work cut out for them.  When I think of margaritas, I think of tequila with worms in the bottom and pictures of dudes in sombreros on the side.  I don't think of St Louis based Bud. But, who knows... It doesn't taste bad and that is the really important thing.  But, other than the 24oz cans, all I could find it was in a 12 pack.  That is a LOT of syrupy beer/rita....and at 8% alcohol, only bad things can happen from that much 'Rita.

A picture is worth 1,000 words
Mostly those words are synonyms of shame and regret


Gracie said...

Twenty-four ounces of 8% alcohol is just a hair of the dog to me.

Laura said...

But you forgot to mention the most important part. HOLY CRAP, it has DOUBLE the calories of a regular frozen margarita/pina colada/etc. I will stick to those, thanks!

TiGi said...

24 oz?? Wait a minute, let me check… yep, there it is, way back in the back of the pantry, left over from last summer: a Lime-a-Rita! Only mine is a ladylike 6 or 8 oz! Clearly, I need to start shopping at Wal-Mart.

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

Seriously Laura, double the calories? Then why?

But it was a fun read and thanks for trying it out for us!

Sarah G said...

Try the Straw-beer-ita!

Thomas said...

I have been wanting to try this (advertising works) but when I went to the store all they had was a 12 pack of little 8oz cans for $12.99. That would have been too big of a commitment for a Bud Light product.

Looks like I need to go to a less classy establishment to pick up one of these big cans... this is more my style. I think the gas station where all the prostitutes hang out should suffice. Apparently it's 660 calories for that can so I'll just have to starve myself all day before I drink it.

Jamie said...

First of all, these pictures are hilarious. And second, I really want to try this! I love me some margaritas! But I was ashamed to wait in line and actually purchase Bud Light....

Army On the Run said...

The calories is what I was curious about, too. If it really is double *shudder * I'd say it's not with it. Def worth the read though!

thom mac donald said...

Go, Girl!

thom mac donald said...

That only applies if you're drinking 24-oz. Margaritas. I think 'Rita wins. Haven't tried one yet...

thom mac donald said...

Are you drinking 24 oz Margaritas? You may need to re-calculate. The 'Rita may win, after all. Haven't tried it...yet!