Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thrice Things Thurs: Missoula, NYC, and blisters?

Well, my marathons for the rest of the year are set!  In July I’ll be running the Missoula marathon and in November I’ll be running the NYC marathon!  Hooray!!

The Missoula marathon will be a training run and a chance to hook up with friend/elite runner Trisha Drobeck.  Everyone I have spoken with says that it is a beautiful race and a gorgeous drive.  I'm REALLY looking forward to the time away.

Oh, but the NYC Marathon... That was a BIT harder to get in to.  As a below 40 male, I’d either have to run a 2:45 full marathon or a 1:19 half marathon to have guaranteed entry.  So, since I’m a BIT a ways off from each, I had to rely on the lottery.  Well, I must have had some sort of luck because in spite of fewer spots available because of the race being canceled last year I got in!  I’m going to try to go after this one and run fast – even though most have described it as not being a PR course.  The bridges that you go over are a bit hard on the legs.

Honestly, I'd LOVE to sneak another marathon in there at some point, but NYC already has $255 of my hard earned dollars, I'm not sure that I have much more in my penny jar!


My run today was pretty rough - 8 miles in a decent pace, but I've been battling some hamstring tightness that just doesn't seem to go away.  It'll crop up around mile 2, hurt like crazy through  mile 4 or so, and then go away.  Frustrating.  To top it off, towards the end of my run I NEARLY had to phone a friend because all of a sudden I started to feel a bit loosey in my goosey colon-wise.  (If you catch my drift)


Finally, thanks for everyone’s sympathy on my stupid sunburn.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it sinceit was my own doing.  I was joking with a friend that bitching about sunburn is sort of like complaining about a hangover.  It isn’t like you don’t know HOW it happened and it was 100% preventable.  Oh well, live and learn.

Speaking of learning, I found out that if you burn bad enough, wait a few days, and go for a tough run on the treadmill.... your sweat will get trapped between living and dead layers of skin in dozens of GROSS sweat blisters. It was sort of like my body storing water for winter like a chipmunk stores nuts.  The crappy thing, though?  Scrubbing them all so they pop so they don't get infected.  Weeee doggies....  THAT is punishment enough for the idiocy of forgetting sunscreen!

Not beads of sweat, below the skin BUBBLES of sweat


brian72975 said...

Oh boy, I just went through the same thing, and it is gross. You just can't think about the itch. It will itch, but you can't think about it. DO NOT THINK ABOUT THE ITCH.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Great news on NYC. Hope you'll enjoy the race and city. Maybe one day I'll have the guts to put my name into the lottery

Sweet and Savory by Sarah said...

I cringe.

CheapRunnerMike said...

I don't know what's worse...sweat bubble blisters or the NYC Marathon entry fee.

ltlindian said...

Those blisters are sun poisoning... not from sweating. Even if you were a lazy ass eating chips on the couch (hey, wait! That's what I'm doing right now....) with a bad enough sunburn those would have formed. That's a really bad burn. You may want to double up on the sunscreen in that area. FOREVER.

I feel your pain. I have done it to myself, only it was on my nose. Yes. That's a great look.

Rachel said...

My husband got really bad sunburn all over his shoulders like that a few years ago and got the same blisters. It was so gross!

Aloe is your best friend. :)

Congrats on getting into New York!

Runners Fuel said...

I've had those type of blisters before. They sucks!! I'm sorry!

meghan said...

I got a really bad sunburn like you almost two weeks ago now. I had the sweat bubbles thing happen as well, but in one spot it was even worse and really really terrible things happened. I'm still healing in that one spot. And yeah, it's definitely like complaining about a hangover. Congrats on getting into NYC!

Laura said...

I have heard so many people bitch about the "difficulty" of the NYC course, but I COMPLETELY disagree. I actually find it one of the best courses for a PR. There are no *major* hills, but lots of small hills that let you change up the muscles that you're using. Even the bridges are short enough that you can see them as intervals instead of long slogs. For reference, the first time I ran NYC (when I wasn't pacing it and could go whatever speed I wanted), it was my 2nd fastest marathon ever (out of 33 at the time). Now, out of 91 marathons, the 2009 NYC still ranks as my 12th fastest of all time.

Pat said...

Looks like we are both running NYC this year. Of course, I got in because I lost at the lottery 3 times. They no longer do that.

Not only do the bridges make NYC tough, but I think the wait and long walk just to get to the starting line make it tough. Then, you have to throw in all the sight seeing (walking and standing) that will be done with family the two days prior.

congrats on getting in.

Layla said...

Oh my god, sweat bubbles?!?! No way would I have been able to SCRUB THEM OFF. Good lord!!

Moving along to more pleasant things, I think NYC can definitely be a PR course if you have some hills to work into your regular training runs. Hills work other muscles and give the others a mini break: I chug my way up a hill, then free-fall down the other side while my breathing goes back to normal. See hills as variety. For reference: I was probably barely in PR shape two weeks before I ran NYCM in 2011. Then, 1.5 miles into my last 20-miler, I wiped out on the sidewalk. Badly -- as in, needing prescription ointment because I took off so many layers of skin (and later realized I should have had a couple stitches because my hand was bordering on gang grene...). I still managed to run just two minutes slower than my PR, and I loved the race. LOVED IT. It's the one marathon I want to run again. I can point you to my long-winded race report on it if you want.

So, yeah, don't rule out a PR attempt. Bridges are beautiful and fun and can be your friends!

Jen said...

You got into NYC! You BITCH! I mean… Congrats. That's great. No really. So happy for you.

Seriously. That's great. Now I might have to hop my ass into NY with a sign or something.

MegySu said...

I've had this exact same thing happen. If I remember correctly it takes about a week before you can sweat normally. Super fun and sexy ;).