Saturday, May 11, 2013

Funny Foto Friday: Look like an accident

It is never a good sign when I have to actually go to my blog to see what the last post was about.  Opps - it was a full week ago. Suffice it to say that I have been eyeballs deep with work.  I have been running, but not as much as I would like. Blarg. But, I did get in a good 10 miler and plan on a tempo run this evening.  All in all I'll get in 40 miles this week. Not the 70 that I'd like to be running, but good enough.

Today's funny foto friday is one that I saved off quite some time ago..... and always something that I would LOVE to do. :)  Happy Friday!

Bonus!!  We all have those friends.  Odds are, a few of the people who are reading this post do this.  They are the people who are melodramatic about EVERYTHING.  They post vague and somewhat depressing things on social media asking people to ask them what is wrong.  Well, this is what happens when you have smart assed friends on facebook.

Bonus Bonus! Rock and roll Nashville (Country music marathon) was a few weeks ago and was a bit of a disaster - it POURED rain the entire time. Well, one unfortunate fellow slept through FOUR alarms and ended up at the race 90 min late.... and was interviewed by the local news! Fortunately he was able to eventually start and ran a 3:40. Not bad!


Kate Geisen said...

I love Blake. And I'd like to sic him on a few people from my fb friends list.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Oh you "run" the remaining 30 miles in your zzz...that's what I do to make myself happy. LOL! Self depreciating humour.

SF Road Warrior said...

Heh....I love this. All of it. Also I wish I had Blake's chutzpah. :)

Ima Mosier said...

I would totally pay Blake to comment on some of my friend's posts. That is the funniest thing I have seen in awhile. Her getting upset about his responses was funnier than what he posted.

Missy said...

I need to find Blake and friend him. I think we would get along swimmingly.
I seriously feel so bad for that kid, that has got to suck. Those young whipper snappers need a blow horn to wake them up.
Ps. I hope you get outta your funk soon. hang in there.