Friday, May 31, 2013

Funny Foto Friday: Keep off the rocks! Also, Sea-Pandas!

This week's funny foto friday IS pictures of my son.  It's a two 'fer one!!  Or wait - would that be a one 'fer two?  I never was good at math....

Anyway, the front of my complex has a bit of landscaping that my son LOVES to play near. It has a fountain, bushes to touch, rocks to put in our mouths, really it has everything. Who needs a playground when you!  Of course, being the helicopter parent good dad that I am, I always have a camera in hand - lest he does something that I can use as blackmail later in life. "Oh, you missed curfew again? Let me just text this picture of you peeing into the fountain to all of your friends...."

Well, the other day as I was surfing facebook on my phone while he threw rocks into the fountain we were staring into the water's magical wonder, I realized a new edition to the landscaping.  See if you can see it:

 Look dada! A shower!

Let me kill time on a Friday afternoon at work use my impressive Photoshop skillz to zoom in a bit to show you:

Rut Roww, that wasn't there before

As I look at my son breaking the rules of the sign, a few thoughts immediately run through my head:

  • Who cares!? He can't read! 
  • Take a picture
  • Tell him that we had better get out of the rocks because the sign says so
  • Stop giggling at the irony

So, I DO eventually tell him that the sign says we can't play in the rocks.  With that my son took action that was as swift as it was brilliant: He tried to pull up the freaking sign and throw it away!!!  Of course, to my credit, I DID get a picture.  Ah memories.  Happy Friday!

I fix the sign dada!

Bonus!  Old high school buddy posted this on Facebook and had to share!


Jen said...

I so HEART your son for trying to remove the sign.

The first picture of him was funny.

But that one is golden.

Smart kid.

ltlindian said...

funny, I didn't even notice that sign in the first picture until your photoshopped one. lol

cute pics!

ajh said...

Smart kid!

allornothingdropout said...

Chapter one, book of Duh. Remove sign, problem solved! Smart kiddo!

Sue's Ramblings said...

Hah! I did that once...I mean stepped onto the rocky areas of a manicured garden and I was 30 and could very well read English. Honest to God, it wasn't intentional and I didn't see the sign until it was too late!

Missy said...

I can't believe you two cause so much trouble they had to put up a sign to keep ya out! ;-)
Trouble makers.