Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Motivation: Where are youuu??? (Post Marathon Blues)

My son has this thing that he does. He jumps on me and crushes my baby makers EVERY SINGLE TIME. When he is looking for me he’ll yell out “Dada, where arrrreeee youuuuuu????”  Of course, 9x out of 10 I’m in the bathroom so I’ll yell back “BUSY! Watch more Cars!” to which he ignores and comes barging in.

After my last race, (trying not to be one of THOSE people who runs Boston and then talks about it for months after.  Did I mention that I ran the Boston Marathon?) I’m finding myself with a severe lack of motivation to get back out there.  The excuses that I’ve used so far are:

  • Work has been crazy. I want to do well, so I’m focusing a lot of my energy at it
  • My worthless body requires 6 hours of this thing called “sleep”. You just LAY there and do NOTHING!!!  On top of that, it requires it EVERY DAY!? Ugh, so much upkeep for this stupid meat sack
  • I have ZERO races officially on the calendar. Like, none
  • I’m still trying to get back into the groove w/ running with no pain post stress fracture
  • Because of time with my son, varying schedules with work/running/family, and booze filled passed out stints, I’m having a really hard time finding consistency. Consistency is KEY

The reality is, of course, that all of those excuses are bullshit. I just need to cowgirl up and get my ass in gear. Fast.

Marathon blues, the void that a major race ran leaves behind, is a tough one to shake. I feel like people assume that someone who is my speed or that because I am a coach I should be impervious to post race blahs.  The reality is that unless I have a very clear goal in front of me right after a race I slack off a bit until I find one.  Never mind the fact that I slacked off most of the spring because of my stress fracture, I’m just finding it hard to get up the motivation.

There are lots of things that I could do to get back on track.  Quit my job and start running 120 miles a week for one.  While that would be fun, my useless body not only requires 6+ hours of sleep to function, it also requires FOOD – and that costs money.  So, the job stays.

The reality is that posting this on here is a big step. Holds me somewhat accountable to do the other things that I’m going to call out.  Other than that, first I’m going to find a race and sign up for it. By this weekend, I will be signed up for one marathon within 4 months from now. Second, I’m going to make the necessary changes to my life (read: less wine so I’m less sleepy *sigh*) so that I can get back on my regular schedule.  I’m also going to continue biking 2-3x a week.  As much as it hurts my ass (oh my god like so much) it is allowing me to get some added cardio time which is needed.  But finally, I’m going to set a goal. I need some sort of time or mileage based goal (because I’m a big dumb alpha male) to push me in the right direction.  2:59 marathon? 100 miles in a week? 300 mile month?  Who knows.

Soooo anyway.  That is that – back on track starts NOW.  I feel like I’ve been to confessional.  Does that mean I can drink more wine? I’d better have some wine to be sure.  Mmmmm, confession.


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

With your new find bike trainer dismount skills, I suggest triathlon.

Runners Fuel said...

I can't any motivation either! I'm so lazy and I too don't have any races on the calendar. I'm trying!

Thomas said...

Yeah, I need a race to feel any motivation as well. Always need to be working toward something. I'm not someone who can just go out there and bounce along to Top 40 radio for the "fun of it."

Kate Geisen said...

Post Race Depression sucks!! I've solved that by barely racing this year. Yea...I'm a genius!

Gracie said...

Yeah, maybe this endless injury is why I don't care anymore...

Steph @ Steph Runs On said...

Motivation is for slackers! Does it have to be a marathon? What about a Tri, I mean, you've already got mad bike trainer skills.

Layla said...

Yep, time for you to sign up for a west coast marathon. There's this one that I was going to do but will probably have to postpone for another year: http://calicoracing.squarespace.com/et-full-moon-midnight-maratho/ It's in Nevada to add to your 50 states list, is near Vegas to add to the scanty clothing factor, is at midnight to add to the ridiculous level, and involves Area 51.

Or Santa Rosa, since you get lots of schwag and maybe we can get Michaela to come back for it.

Army On the Run said...

I know exactly what you mean about needing motivation! I'm trying to do my blog to keep me motivated, but some days the 'blah' wins out. Best of luck with finding your motivation!

Busy Running Girl said...

You at speaking my language. But I go in the opposite direction, I start training for the Chicago Marathon in June and I probably won't run much until then which totally destroys my base. Uggggh I suck and I know it....but what am I gonna do? Umm lay in bed watching tv until to late each night.