Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Insert token Forrest Gump quote here

I ran!!  Uh....MORE!  And......uh.....further!

Bodies are funny things. I’ve been running 60ish miles per week for nearly 18 months.  I get hurt and don’t run (but still bike) for 6 weeks and BLAM, it’s like I’m Forrest Gump with leg braces. Only difference is that I don’t like shrimp.

Thankfully, each run, my leg braces fall off bits and pieces more and I’m able to go further.  But, because I’m pushing so hard to get to Boston with minimal risk of hurting myself, the discomfort (read: pain) is essentially staying the same as I jump up in mileage faster than I would like.  This has led me to understand a few things about myself:

  • Cross training helps, but it is no substitute for the pounding your legs take while actually running
  • I'm as tired of thinking about the Boston marathon as you are reading about it
  • I musta drank me about 15 Dr peppers
  • True fitness doesn’t fade fast – I’m never out of breath and can run basically the same paces as before.  Sport specific leg strength does fade fast.
  • Running and pain are like peas and carrots
  • I seriously need to make a runner checklist.  I ran AGAIN without tape on my nipples. I'm pretty certain that if I were to hang out in a nudist colony for a few weeks I'd forget to put on clothes for months.
  • I really wish I could grow a Forrest Style beard.  Cripes, was he running for like 10 years??  No one else has a beard - couldn't he borrow one of their razors?

Ok, fine - maybe like half of those were just Forrest Gump quotes.

Also, over the Easter weekend I did something that I haven’t done for quite some time. Eat 14 Cadbury eggs in one sitting and then freebase insulin.  I went for a hike in the desert!  As it turns out, it was a bit of a dumb idea, but it seems like most things worth doing are.

The Pemberton trail is a 15ish mile trail just on the edge of Phoenix.  It is home to the Javalina 100 mile race where 150 or so idiots runners run the entire 15 mile loop about 67 times or until someone’s feet fall off.  At least that is what I think happens.  Anyway, the trail was actually quite run-able if I were able to run.

But, I couldn't run when I was out on the trail.  You see, I ran 8 miles that morning so could barely walk when Lesley @ Racing It Off and I hiked.  But, I was able to grunt, limp, and grit my way through 5 miles and get these little souvenirs as my prize. The trails hate me.

It was fun to hike, but it almost literally makes me nauseous to imagine running for 24 hours straight on the same trails.  Give me 26.2 miles of sidewalk over 100 miles of trails any day!


Adrian {Happy girl} said...

So I totally referenced this on Daily mile already, but now I am armed with the gif! You're welcome. Now whose complaining about their nipples?!

runnerinarena said...

I was actually in Arizona over the weekend at Sierra Vista, and now I am convinced you are insane. I tried to go for my "long" run of 10 miles, but it got so hot really fast that I ran out of water at mile 4 and I struggled to run the last mile home.

Flaming June said...

The photo of your poor feet made me very sad :( I have been blessed in that I have never chafed or gotten blisters from running. ever. However, I have lost the same 4 toenails twice now! I've actually had to paint the skin on my toe to make it look like I had a toenail many times :)

Gracie said...

Poor feet. But at least you're running again! That's good news!

Sue's Ramblings said...

Time to sign up for a 100mile asphalt race! Kidding! But hey, do think about it, will ya? Maybe after Boston.

Tried walking-shuffling yesterday and this morning but the warm humid conditions made it so so so hard that the elliptical in the air-conditioned gym was like God sent!

Amanda RunToTheFinish said...

running is a funny thing hard until suddenly it's just like it was.

glad you are back!

runningsurvivor said...

Holy Guacamole...bleeding nipples reminds me of breastfeeding four little ones...oy vey the memories are even painful! Lol...yikes those feet look painful bud, take care! Blessings

Layla said...

"Eat 14 Cadbury eggs in one sitting and then freebase insulin." I just wanted to let you know that, on the plus side, this made me laugh out loud. On the minus side, that laugh hurt my tweaked neck/spine/whatever. Do you feel guilty now? No? Oh good. Whew!