Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chuck Norris, See through pants, and more!

A quick grab bag of stuffs for a Wednesday.  I can’t think up a name that rhymes, so let’s just call it... mid week mixins.  Oh look, see what I just did there?

There are lots of reasons why I like the internet. Connecting with people around the world.....  Illegal music..... Instant news..... Porn..... Information overload.....  But I think that the thing I like most about the internet is its ability to pluck people from relative obscurity and make them internet famous.  Case in point: Chuck Norris.  Dude is everywhere.

However, yesterday this picture came across my desk.  Chuck Norris shaved his beard!!!  And, more importantly, he looks like a mix between Mick Jagger and that crazy uncle we all have.


Work has been crazier than a 10 year old at an espresso factory, but I'm getting by.  Who am I kidding?  the only thing that is getting me through this week is the fact that I'm going on a 3 mile test run this weekend!!!


This  morning, I yelled to my son that it was time for a shower and he comes running with the iPad (which he calls an iPack). “Play iPack in the shower!”  Yeah, think again buddy….

I need to use this pic as part of my New Years Double race report, but he did this all on his own...
Haters gonna hate


Finally, I have NO idea why someone didn’t email me about this story when it first hit the wires. You guys really dropped the ball. Turns out that lululemon made one model (version?) of their $100 yoga pant styles a BIT to form fitting to the point that they are see through!  Seriously.  Check out the story here.  

To be clear, yoga pants are amazing.  I mean, I’ve never wore any, but I assume.  But, you can’t tell me that part of the testing process didn’t include the “shimmy into a pair a size too small with white underwear and try to do downward dog” scenario.  Lululemon fail! Or, win? Jury is still out.

Now, I’m off to find a yoga studio.... or maybe just a Starbucks in Scottsdale on a Saturday morning.... either way...


Kate Geisen said...

Huh. Being as I cringe at spending $25 on yoga pants at Target, I've never purchased anything at Lululemon, which I'd perhaps why in my mind I've pronounced the name Lu-Le-Mon all this time. Thanks for setting me straight.

Also, Chuck Norris with no beard looks like he works in an accounting office...and not in a Clark Kent-type of disguise.

Jayne said...

I clicked on the link to watch the news story about the see through pants, and oddly, had to watch, of all things, a Viagra advertisement before the story started.

Nelly said...

why couldn't I go to a yoga class with those see through pants lol

Andrea said...

Okay - ANY pair of pants that costs $100 better have a perk.

Gracie said...

I wouldn't know because I wouldn't spend a dime at that place. I'm all about $8 clearance shorts and old race Tshirts.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Should I be thankful that we don't have Lululemon here? LOL!

Flaming June said...

I have been in yoga class behind one of those Lululemon wearers... and let me just say that I could only wish that she had been wearing white underwear!

Runners Fuel said...

Chuck looks so weird without his beard! Good luck with your run this weekend!

Missy said...

Beards and Chuck should never, ever break up.
Ducky Dynasty=way cooler than Chuck Norris even with a beard.
Hope your run goes well.

Scallywag said...

This seems relevant;

See 'the reason guys stand behind girls in class' haha

Warning: Gutter humour contained!

Jodi Stuber said...

who has that kind of money anyway, especially to spend on a pair of pants... yoga pants. yowza.
and chuck looks really weird without a beard... should grow it right back.
have fun on your 3 mile test run :) bet you will be giddy with excitement!

Atha said...

Does Chuck Norris have boobs?! Sad face :(

Half-Crazed Runner said...

OMG! Too funny! Great post! Poor Chuck - he's got that age thing going on, too! He needs some lessons from Jane Fonda - better yet, Jayne with Lululemon yoga pants!

SF Road Warrior said...

I am VERY disappointed. I have always been told that under Chuck Norris's beard was not a chin, but another fist. Lies. All lies.