Sunday, February 17, 2013

Funny Foto Friday-ish: COFFEE!

Ok, I know, I know. I'm late on this.  But, to be fair, I was busy riding 37 miles today getting my arms FRIED. Seriously, I think that I might be growing lobster claws. I'll bet I taste delicious.

Oh yes, I've had those mornings. I call them: "morning"

Funny, I've had these mornings too

Finally, I think that every parent has to have a picture of their kid in daddy's shoes. And, well, here it is!  Happy Friday!  Or Sunday.  Whatever. Crap, by the time you read this it will be Monday.  Ugh.  I need some coffee.

DADDA!!!!! SHOESSSS!!!!!!!!!


Sue's Ramblings said...

Hmmm... I don't think coffee is helping much with my Monday blues.Could you please post more funnies? ;P

Kate Geisen said...

37 miles, look at you! Sorry about the sunburn, though.

Love the kid-shoe pictures, and yours is particularly cute.

Andrea said...

I gave up coffee for 3.5 days a few weeks ago. Worst days of my LIFE.

Missy said...

37 miles!! On a bike?!?!
Look at you all turning into a cyclist, love it! ;-)
Next stop swimming and then onto being a tri geek, whoop whoop ;-)

Jen said...

I need that black coffee cup.