Monday, January 7, 2013

Biggest Loser, Poop, and MilestonePod

I’m nearly not sick!!!**  So, as a result, I’m running!!!  Also, if I get sick again I’m going to punch someone in the face!!! This morning I ran 9 miles at 7:39 pace.  For the last week or so, whenever I went for a run and stopped (like at a stoplight) I would go into a coughing fit that was so strong that I could feel my abs getting stronger. One of THOSE kinds of coughs - the kind that you're not sure if you're going to barf or not in the middle.  So, even though I haven’t been running, I guess my abs are going to be ripped?  This morning the coughing wasn’t too bad.  My legs felt TIRED though. Tired and sore – as did my lower back.  Hopefully that is just a blip on the radar and I’ll be back to top form soon.  In the meantime, I guess I’ll just keep polishing my abs via cough.

**bonus points if that made you think of Monty Python.  “he says he’s not dead”  “I’m getting better!


I’m still thinking of what I should do for my new years resolutions, but one of my “don’t get sick” ones is to stop arm wrestling hobos get more sleep.  Well, because of that I was a bit rushed to get out the door and didn’t poop before my run.  Let me tell you, when you are in a hurry....cut out your coffee....don’t check email...but for the love of god – do NOT cut out the morning poop.  Trust me.


Last night was the season premiere of the Biggest Loser.  I’ve said before that I love reality shows like MTV loves exploiting 21 year olds who like to drink, so of course I was glued to the TV.  A few thoughts:

There are kids on the show this season.  I’m sort of hot and cold on that.  Hot: They get to understand WHY they are eating, they learn the tools to get healthier, etc.  Cold:  Shouldn’t their parents be on the show? Someone at home is buying bags of Cheetos and cooking meals made with 70% MSG.  I mean, the kids probably play more Atari (that is the “hot” toy now, right?) than I think about booty shorts, but in spite of not being active, someone is enabling bad behaviors at some point in the good buying / eating supply chain.

Ok Jillian, we get it, you’re fit.  Now put back your niece’s shirt and go get a big girl one.  (Honestly, I love that Jillian was back.  The show needs someone putting people in their place.)


The Boston marathon is in 98 days.  This makes me horribly anxious that the current state of my fitness.  I have some big sub 3 marathon goals that I’d love to hit and I can’t do that when I’m freebasing cough medicine and beer while waiting for brownies to finish in the oven.  The reality is that 40 crappy miles a week isn’t going to get me where I want to be – probably needs to be right around double that.  Nothing is worse than looking back at the last month and realizing that you’ve basically mailed it in because of being sick non stopped (literally).  Time to fix that is now.


Last week Jamoosh posted about a shoe dongle thing called MilestonePod.  It is essentially a USB clip-on that helps to track the miles that you’ve ran with your shoes.  Of course, it is super light weight and more importantly is one less thing for my little Pop Tart and beer fueled brain to worry about – getting hurt with running on old shoes. Well, turns out you can’t buy them yet, but they are doing a Indegogo/Kickstarter trying to raise funds. So, I threw in my $15 to see what the fuss is about.  Honestly, I think it is a cool idea, but probably more so I like that someone is sticking it all out there to try to get a new product to market.  Basically, now that I have my own iPhone app, I have a soft spot in my heart for the little guy.


Kate Geisen said...

Though I haven't actually shelled out for your app (because what? Training plan?), I did mention it on the 2Toms Facebook page I'm pretty sure you can attribute any sales this week to me. You're welcome.

Kerrie T. said...

1. I have been sick THREE times since Thanksgiving. I suspect I have what you have right now. Coughing, bone pain, chest tightness. I was JUST getting back into the swing of things too.
2. I also thought the kids' parents should be on the show. They were also very big. :(
3. I love that Jillian is back but why are they dressing her up to go clubbing all the time?

Chris said...

I'm no expert, but in the previews for upcoming episodes they did show a trainer talking with a parent at the home. My assumption (and I know where this could go) is they will meet with the parents/kids at some point during the season and talk about what has to change to be successful. I'm happy they are addressing childhood obesity because I think this show gets so much attention that it could do some real good in this area. How they do it, of course, will determine how well it works. I've got high hopes that the show will do some good for the childhood obesity discussion.

And...feel better! :)

Colleen said...

I guess you didn't watch the full season preview, where they showed one of the kid's moms getting laid into by Jillian for being fat. Nobody escapes Jillian's yelling!

Sue's Ramblings said...

How does your Boston training plan look like? I mean in terms of speed/track work, hills, LSD etc?