Thursday, December 27, 2012

Adam's Favorite Things!!

Thanks blog readers! Each day I would check my mail with eager anticipation that you, my loyal blog readers, would have sent me lots of rum laced holiday packages.  But, each and every day I’d come home empty handed and sad panda faced.  But, never fail, ever the giver, I decided that in spite of my lack of rum-balls I’d provide a few valuable tidbits among the normal snark and innuendo. I’m like a blogger Santa....nay... a blogger Oprah!  Because you see.... These... are.... my... FAVORITE THINGS!!!!!!

Adam’s favorite things!!!!!!! (best said with a booming Oprah voice)
This picture will haunt your dreams

By now, I’m sure that you are screaming in some sort of orgasmic anticipation at the thought that I might be pulling an Oprah and giving away all of my worldly possessions (read: a shot glass shaped like boobs and a shirt that says ‘I’m with stupid’ with an arrow pointing down).  Basically, something like this:

If this is what the female orgasm looks like, I’m doing something very wrong....or right?

Unfortunately, I have nothing to give away.  But, what lies within is probably more valuable than that.  These are my honest to goodness recommendations for various “stuff” – free of any unspoken positive review pressure or unspoken head nods of “yeah, give me 30 cans of Viagra and I’ll review your T-Gel”.  While this post might have been nice to get out BEFORE Christmas, I figure that after Christmas is just fine as well.  Turns out, that little commercialized juggernaut comes every SINGLE year – so we’ll just catch it on the next go ‘round.  You might have a few extra shekels rolling around in your pockets just asking to be spent.

Body Glide
What is erotic in name, couldn’t be further from reality. What looks like a little deodorant stick will certainly provide very little pleasure, but will prevent a lot of agony in the long run. (Sort of like a night with me! Heyoo)  I am not sure what it is about my body composition, but I chafe. EVERYWHERE. So, I’ve sort of snowballed into putting this stuff all over the place.  Of course, on my naughty bits, but also under my arms, around my collar and on my feet.  Basically, just enough so that I could squeeze through an air conditioning vent if required. If there is one thing that I HAVE to have while running, it is body glide.  Nobody likes a chub rub.  ALSO, they make it in pink flavor. For when you feel like a man, but chafe like a woman?

Yur Buds
Oh Apple.  What would we do without your renaming of everything.  It’s no longer an online radio show, it’s a “podcast”. It isn’t a tablet computer, it’s an "iPad". And yes, they’re not headphones, they are “ear buds”.  Well, turns out, my ears haven’t sprouted yet because those freaking buds don’t fit worth shit.  This is where the Yur Buds come in.  Yur Buds are rubber gibblets that fit over your normal earbuds to help them contour to your ear better. They are not cheap at $30, but they fit nearly perfectly and never come out.  NEVER.  Plus, they sell them at Best Buy now – win/win.
They have to be good if a bunch of douchy guys doing backflips endorse them!

Food.... ok fine, Nuun
I run to eat.  Period.  Next!

Also Nuun. Not to run with though, because it gets all foamy and makes me burp, but afterwards it is a great alternative to boring water.  Also, it hydrates, has lots of good stuff, and comes in a swanky tube.

Spi Belt
Yes, this is a fanny pack.  Yes, I used to make fun of people who wore them.  Yes, I wear mine now almost all the time – usually putting my phone and keys in it.  My one complaint is that even the waterproof one isn’t “Adam sweat” proof, so I have to put my phone in a ziplock.  I have the water damaged phone to prove it.  It doesn’t bounce TOO much which is the most important thing.

Clean Bottle Phone Carrier
Ironically, the reason I like the clean bottle phone carrier is because it means that I don’t have to carry my Spi belt!  Essentially, it combines the benefits of the Spi belt and the water bottle that I almost always have. 2 in 1.  The double threat.

Virtual Run Coach
Of course, I would be remiss without pimping out my very own coaching app. Or, really ANY plan. But, if you're going to have a plan, why not have it in the palm of your iPhone clenched hand?  Ok, I'll admit that I DO have ulterior motives with this one, but I honestly do believe in the plans that this thing spits out - so why wouldn't I also recommend it!?

Notable absent items?  Shoes. Gels. Booty Shorts. Running clothes.   For each of these, I have brand preferences.... respectively, Brooks, GU, any of them on any runner – including the guys...heyooo, pearl izumi.  But, the fact of the matter is that other than GU, I am not horribly brand loyal to many of these.  In fact, I’ve found that I do best to mix it up to keep from getting into TOO much of a routine.  That way, I don’t turn into one of THOSE guys who can’t run unless he has his XYZ brand shorts with his ABC brand hat and his 123 numbered shoes.  You know those people. Those people are annoying.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours
So, I asked on twitter what everyone else had on their fav list. Here is what I received!   They’re sort of a mixed bag.  In fact, a lot of these I wouldn’t have even thought to put on my list.   Which, just goes to show, that it is truly different strokes for different folks.

What is on YOUR list?

Bonus because I took the time to make it but then couldn't get it to fit in.... hehe


Chad Chisholm said...

You forgot my favorite running app. Virtual Run Coach

rundaddyrunblog said...

That Santa picture definitely puts an end to Christmas for me. Santa works hard, Santa parties hard...and those sexy eyes.

The Green Girl said...

Really? You like the Spi Belt over the iFitness?

Sue's Ramblings said...

Probably had the most wonderful Xmas to date - a weekend in Chiangmai (Thailand) and did the Chiangmai Marathon.

Yo Momma Runs said...

Wow, the first and last pictures in this post are two things I wish I could unsee. Thank you?

danny said...

The magic of effective advertising; I sure would like to know how Nuun got the world to equate a dehydrated powder with hydration. Miracles never cease in the sales world.

Flaming June said...

Since there is really nothing in the blogging world for me to read right now, I will put up my own list. Here goes:
1) Skechers GoRun shoes. Surprisingly, the best shoes I have ever run in. I now have 4 pairs (yes, I am hoarding them like Imelda Marcos!)
2) TriggerPoint X-Factor massage ball. Yes, it looks like the most expensive tennis ball ever, but once I discovered how to use it to massage my hip joints it took me from painful running to carefree running almost overnight. Seriously, this thing rocks!
3) CW-X tights. I have one pair. I wash and reuse every run despite the 1,492 other running bottoms I have in my closet. Enough said.
4) Feetures socks. As someone who has suffered from plantar fasciitis off and on for years, I found these to be the best for arch support.
5) Any brand compression recovery socks - really work! I have CW-X, Feetures and CEP and wearing any of them post-run greatly improves my ability to bounce back after a long run.
6) Headsweats run visor. They are comfortable, absorb sweat and wash up beautifully.
7) Garmin FR-60 (or 70) - Non GPS watch that I prefer over my husbands Garmin 305 because it gives me immediate feedback on my pace and can be calibrated to actually be more accurate than GPS devices. Also, I have never held us up on a run waiting for my Garmin to charge!

And there you have it. The 7 running items I love the most. :)