Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Man Flu & Drinking While Running

Man Flu Noun: Similar in appearance to a normal headcold, however in the presence of testosterone, the symptoms compound exponentially.  This epidemic is often presented with “I think my body is rejecting itself”, “I have a case of the ouchies”, and “why won’t you just take care of me”-itis. 

I’m sick.  More specifically I have a case of the man flu (a head cold).  I will almost always admit that I am the stereotypical guy and I don’t respond very well to being sick.  I essentially piss and moan about how I am in the worst pain ever and no one understands.  It’s a pleasure to be around me, I’m sure (that is, more than normal).   Of course, since I can barely keep up with my own bodily functions (read: more discharge from my face than a weekend with Paris Hilton), I’m not running.  And that is getting in my head.

The “rulebook” says that you should run through a head cold and stop for a chest cold – but I’m being ultra cautious.  I caught it from my son who has since developed a pretty bad cough.  The reality is that, while a head cold will slow me down for a day or two, a chest cold might knock me out for a week.  I’ve missed two days thus far, so it is definitely time to get back on the horse and test it out.  Which I will, right after I check that this spot I have on my chest isn't ebola......


On my Turkey Trot 10K Race Report, JnetRuns commented on me carrying a handheld while running.  She said something like this:

So, I'm going to try to answer this with as little innuendo as possible.  (Who am I kidding, hold on, you’re about to ride the 7th grade maturity level bus. For brevity sake, I’ll mark all “that’s what she said” with three asterisks like this - ***)  The answer is yes, I can drink liquid at about any speed*** but it didn’t happen naturally, it honestly took a lot of practice***.  The trick for me is to get a bottle that you can squeeze vs one that needs to be sucked***.  You can generally squeeze into your mouth while still breathing through your nose*** and then swallow after your mouth is half full and taking in a deep breath***.  Don’t fill your mouth so full that you have to gulp twice*** otherwise you’ll need to breath in-between and the likelihood of choking is much higher***.

I will say that during my 17:59 5K, I tried to drink a cup of water at about the half-way point and totally spilled it all over myself like an idiot. What didn’t go down the front of my shirt certainly went up my nose***. :)


Running Through Phoenix said...

I missed it. Where's the innuendo?

Sue's Ramblings said...

I can't drink and run at the same time...the squeeze bottle does work if only I carry anything with me (I don't). So the only times I drink is at the start, finish, stop/walk thru stations.

Flaming June said...

oh... your talking about water. From the title, I thought we were going to get tips on an entirely different kind of drinking. :P

Sean - Team HRE said...

I had the Man Flu a month ago a week before a race, went to the pharmacist where my wife works and said "This is an emergency, I have the man flu and need your strongest drugs". Which I got from the male pharmacist. He "understood". Get some good drugs into you Adam and keep on rockin.

JnetRuns said...

Lol! Thanks for answering my question. Squeeze not suck (TWSS) and practice, practice, practice, right?

Hope you get over your man-flu and feel better soon.