Saturday, November 24, 2012

Funny Foto Friday: Calories and Childcare

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving - and for the non-American blog readers, I hope that you had a good Thursday!  Since my last pre-turkey trot post I've turkey trotted (race report SOON!), ate my fill of turkey and wine, and battled all of the day after Thanksgiving shoppers. Read: I need a nap.

I saw the following on Facebook yesterday which attempted to walk through various activities that you could do to burn off the Thanksgiving calories.  The intent was great but as I look down the portion sizes they seem to be a little "off". ONE roll? Half a cup of stuffing?  I suppose that is valid if my two year old is trying to burn off what he ate!

If you only eat 6 oz of turkey on Thanksgiving you're doing it wrong
Basically take these and multiply by 3

Finally, since that wasn't "truly" funny, here is a little diddy about taking care of kids.  How do you think I've been able to manage all this time!? Although, I do have a lot of left overs....having a babysitter that would work for food would be pretty nice right about now. Happy Friday Saturday!


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Something is off on that first picture.

60 sets of 10 burpees plus 18 sets of 20 push ups = 960 moves in 48 minutes = 3 seconds per move (zero rest)



ikylilcrafter said...

ya, um, there's no freaking way I could do 20 pushups, nevermind 18 sets of them!

Sarah said...

I can't get past the healthiest part of the whole gig -- the turkey -- taking a whole frikkin' 5k to burn off. Crap. No wonder I'm lovin' my yoga pants...

Liz Hall said...

That is so hilarious. :) If only it was that easy.